Global Disruptive Innovation Summit

Global Disruptive Innovation Summit

GDIS: Global Disruptive Innovation Summit (GDIS) aims to bring state-of-the-art innovations to 3000+ investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and researchers from all over the world. Gathering brilliant and inventive scholars, scientists, and industrial leaders in different vertical fields from China, America, and worldwide, we aim to share information and experiences to form a heated discussion on the most controversial topic today.

Blockchain Investment: Blockchain is the most prevalent subject nowadays; we will continually have profound presentations and viewpoint discussions about blockchain applications to benefit individual’s growth, company’s development, and boost global business collaborations at this event. We will not only bring strong networking opportunities between global leaders, but also deliver significant insights and oversea investment opportunities.

The subjects will include blockchain applications in financial, commercial, game digital, healthcare, confidential, security, etc. More important, this will be a stage for blockchain developers seeking exposure to the newest technologies, recruiting, and present their projects.

In addition to covering every aspect of blockchain, this year's conference will include a designated subtopic: Blockchain + AI. Blockchain and AI are two of the major technology trends that are catalyzing the pace of innovation. And while each has its own degree of technical complexity, many believe the joint use of the two will give away to an explosion of AI systems that make our lives richer, safer, and more convenient. Together, we usher in a new era of innovation that will shape the future.

Special Features: - 3000+ attendees, 1000+ Companies, 500+ Partners, 200+ Media - Leading cryptocurrency experts to share blockchain experiences and investment sagacity - Exhibitors from world-wide industries, emerging business opportunities, and on-site recruiting - VIP reception, networking with global investors, entrepreneurs, and top-tier technology leaders

Objective: Establishing a substantial innovative ecosystem, by exploring and converging insights, to promote and boost the growth of blockchain technologies, as well as building an international networking/investment stage to shape economic prosperity for everybody around the world.

Our Speakers include:

  • Dongyan Wang, Chief AI Officer, DeepBrain Chain
  • Tim Draper, Founder, Draper Association & Draper University
  • Eric Ly, CEO, Hub (LinkedIn Co-Founder)
  • Matt Oguz, Founding General Partner, Venture Science (Ripple Investor)
  • Shoucheng Zhang, Founding Chairman, DHVC (Stanford Professor)
  • Neo Ge, Co-Founder, IPFSMain
  • Charles Liu, Co-Founder, PE Chain
  • Dr. Yanqing Wang, Founder, ScopeX
  • Keith Teare, Executive Chairman, Accelerated Digital Ventures (Founding Shareholder of TechCrunch)
  • Kavita Gupta, Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys Venture
  • Miko Matsumura, Founder and ICO Advisor, Evercoin Exchange
  • David Haimes, Blockchain Cloud Application Leader, Oracle
  • Chandler Guo, Founder, Bitcoin God (Bitcoin Angel Investor)
  • Aman Johar, Blockchain Tech and Investment Strategy, Proteum
  • Reese Jones, Associate Founder, Singularity University (Facebook Advisor)

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Tentative Agenda:
7:45 – 8:30 Gathering and Signing In
8:30 – 9:00 Host Welcome Speech & Opening Remark
9:00 – 9:20 Keynote
Topic: Investing in Blockchain - Advantages on How to Evolve in This Decentralized Technology
9:20 – 9:35 Keynote

Topic: Institutional Crypto Asset Investments
9:35 – 9:50 Keynote
Topic: Crypto Payment & eCommerce
9:50 – 10:05 Keynote
Topic: Blockchain, ESports, and Gaming ecosystem
10:05 – 10:20 Keynote
Topic: Adorable Intelligence - Sizing up the Promise of Technology
10:20 – 10:35 Keynote
Topic: Innovate, or Reinvent?
10:35 – 11:30 Panel
Topic: Institutional Investing in Cryptofunds, ICOs, Crypto Angel/VC, and Direct Placements
11:30 – 11:45 Honor Speakers Award
11:45 – 13:15 VIP Networking Lunch
13:15 –13:35 Keynote
Topic: In Math We Trust
13:35 – 13:45 Keynote
Topic: Filecoin Mining and IPFS Ecosystem Building
13:45 – 13:55 Keynote
Topic: Sustainability Concept - Ecological Capital
13:55 – 14:05 Keynote
Topic: ScopeX - AI + Blockchain
14:05 – 14:20 Keynote
Topic: Tokenizing Silicon Valley - Reinventing Venture Capital
14:20 – 15:10 Project Launch
15:10 – 15:30 Keynote
Topic: ConsenSys Venture - What We Are and What We Do
15:30 – 15:45 Keynote
Topic: How Crypto Assets and Open Source Money Transform the Global Economy
15:45 – 16:40 Panel
Topic: True Net Neutrality in Blockchain Industries
16:40 – 16:55 Keynote
Topic: Blockchain's Evolution
16:55 – 17:10 Honor Speakers Award
17:10 – 17:20 Project Award & Ceremony

*Special Section* Project competition with professional rating system from renowned blockchain experts. Win a significant award and media exposures.

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