Crypto-Con Will Celebrate Power of Crypto Community

The cryptosphere will descend on San Diego for Crypto-Con 2018's 3-day event over Memorial Day weekend.

This inaugural Crypto-Con event held May 25-27 will celebrate blockchain tech’s incredible momentum, share the latest developments in this industry and the dynamic regulatory landscape of this sector, and aims to connect successful cryptocurrency innovators and enthusiasts from around the world.

Event creator Paul Krause of Krause Wealth Partners says, “This is going to be much more than another industry event. It will become an annual cult classic due to the deep relationships formed and epic experiences along the way!”

Founder of the Bitcoin Center in NYC and Nick Spanos is just one of the many CEOs scheduled to speak at the event. Bringing his 30 years of tech and political experience to the table, he is a wealth of information - and is just one of the inspiring walking encyclopedias who will be in attendance.

This event will unite knowledgeable resources and revolutionaries for unprecedented opportunities to reshape the monetary matrix. Bitcoin ATM - just one of Crypto-Con’s world-class sponsors - is drastically changing the face of cryptocurrency by making it as familiar, accessible, and convenient to the mainstream as depositing and withdrawing from kiosk vending machines in locations across the globe.

The fantastic lineup of blockchain pioneers and crypto visionaries confirmed to speak and sponsor the event include disruptors in the healthcare field, established asset management experts, and even a women’s panel, ensuring Crypto-Con will be far more than your average crypto conference sausage fest.

More speakers and sponsors are being added every day, with just a few slots left for involvement.

On top of the plethora of knowledge and skill the presenters bring to the table, the most valuable aspect of Crypto-Con will be the incredible networking opportunities provided in after hours socializing events like a Yacht Cruise, Pool Party, and Crypto-Tank for pitching new ICOs to investors.

President & founder of Live Truth Productions and Eden 2.0: Blockchain City Quinn Eaker adds, “Don’t miss the first Crypto-Con! This is going to set the tone for years to come.”

Crypto-Con is a unique event intentionally designed to build community, and the social events are the chance for attendees to directly interface with the doers shaping the cryptosphere, where like minded people with priceless knowledge and opportunities can share for compounding success.

Presentations will be held at the beautiful San Diego Convention Center overlooking the bay, with after hours events held throughout the city. The conference can accommodate thousands, but spatial constraints on the yacht and other venues limit the full spectrum, all-access experience to a handful of Influencers and VIPs.

More info, speaker bios, sponsorship opportunities, and tickets available at

- Krause Partners is a boutique wealth management firm pioneering management of digital assets alongside traditional assets in a balanced asset allocation approach. Learn more at or send a message to

- Nick Spanos is a pioneer in the bitcoin and blockchain technology space. In 2013, Spanos founded Bitcoin Center NYC -- the world's first-ever cryptocurrency trading floor, which initially opened directly across from the NYSE in 2013. Spanos is also CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., which patented VoteWatcher, the first-ever blockchain voting platform. He is the co-founder of, which solves one of the biggest challenges for blockchain smart contracts, by allowing real-world data and events to trigger smart contract provisions for the first time. Spanos was featured in the recent documentary Banking on Bitcoin and is a sought after speaker at blockchain events worldwide.

-Quinn Eaker is a renowned author, speaker, and activist. Live Truth Productions is the multimedia creation agency from the Garden of Eden sustainable community he founded in Arlington, Texas. Quinn is now leveraging his unparalleled success in free living, humanitarian outreach, and the power of cryptocurrency to serve more people than ever on an even grander scale in Eden 2.0: Blockchain City. See for more info. 

If you would like more info about Crypto-Con, please contact Team Crypto-Con at or (442) 777-3095.