Exodus review: the best storage for your virtual savings

Exodus review: the best storage for your virtual savings

Cryptocurrency is a new generation of monetary units that can not be stored at home under the mattress, and in this article we will present a detailed Exodus review – a description of a convenient, modern and reliable wallet. This development allows you to work with a whole list of cryptocoins, starting from bitcoin and ending its altcoins. These are 15 cryptocurrencies in total! Quick installation, simple interface and advanced functionality make Exodus the “number one choice” for those users who are involved in mining or engaged in trading.

Origin of Exodus

The Exodus project, which will be reviewed below, was launched relatively recently, namely in 2016. Increasing interest in the cryptocurrency from day to day not only from the part of professional traders, but also newcomers has become a determining factor in the popularity of the service. It should also pay tribute to investors. The amount of 330 thousand Euros that was invested in the platform bnktothefuture.com, played a significant role.

6 reasons to choose Exodus.io

  1. Soft for everyone
    The Exodus program will be useful for a wide range of users, from curious beginners in the field of cryptocurrency and finishing with professionals in mining or trading who use in their work different types of coins.
  2. Private keys autonomous storage 
    A desktop application is installed on the PC, while private keys are kept on the hard disk.
  3. Save your time and disk space 
    Exodus is a thin wallet, so there is no need to receive the entire blockchain.
    A few minutes pass and the application is ready to go.
  4. Simple and intuitive interface
    Colorful design, a choice of styles, clear functions and tabs – the service makes it possible to quickly master its usage.
  5. Modern exchange platform
    Exodus operates on the basis of ShapeShift. The platform is integrated into the wallet, which speeds up and simplifies the execution of transactions and exchange.
  6. Partially open source code
    This information will be relevant for developers. The Exodus code is found on the most popular GitHub resource.

Downloading and setting up

Exodus is a desktop wallet that is why it is installed on the computer. To do this, visit the official website exodus.io and download the installation file. The resource offers several versions of the program for a specific operating system. The wallet is created to work with Windows (64 bit), Linux and MAC. After downloading the archive, unpack, run the installation wizard. 
Before starting the process, you should make sure that there are no malicious programs or spyware on the computer that can allow attackers to access private keys, passwords, or even intercept the code phrase generated by the program after the wallet account is replenished.
After installation, which lasts 1-2 minutes, the corresponding tab appears on the desktop. Immediately after starting the program and greeting, you can see a list of cryptocoins that can be kept in the wallet. Apart from BTC they are Aragon, Augur, BAT, Dash, ETH and ETH Classic, Golem, LTC, SALT, etc. That is, one application allows you to create 15 wallets! All of them are created automatically.
In the Portfolio section, not only all the cryptocurrencies are presented, but under each of them you can see the amount currently present at your disposal, as well as the percentage of the amount of the cross-currency in the total amount is indicated. Useful information is the equivalent of each cryptocoin in US dollars as well.

Financial operations

To make transactions, go to the Wallet section. In the launch of operations there is nothing complicated. The Send and Receive buttons speak for themselves. Do you want to send funds? Just select the cryptocurrency in the list and click Send. If you need to get funds from another user, click Receive and copy the address.
In the Exchange directory, you are able instantly exchange one currency for another. And all this is done without the participation of third-party exchanges. As it has been already noted, this function is a consequence of the introduction the exchange platform ShapeShift into the wallet structure. For exchange operations it is necessary to pay the fee. Frankly speaking it is too high.


Log into the program is done by using a password. The password can be entered only after the wallet is replenished in the Backup tab. In exchange for the password, the program will give you a code phrase of 12 words. Both the password and the phrase should be stored in a place inaccessible to outsiders.
Also, to protect the data, a backup copy of the wallet is provided. There is a corresponding option in the program’s functionality. You just need to specify the email address, and the recovery file will be immediately sent there. In case of emergency, you will quickly get access to your finances. 
One thing is to read the Exodus review, and quite another is to test the capabilities of the popular desktop wallet yourself. Just a few minutes, and this useful and functional application to work with the most popular cryptocurrency will be installed on your computer.