Etherium mining: advantages and hardware

Etherium mining: advantages and hardware


What are the best etherium miners? Is there any sense to invest money into this equipment? Mass media, most experts and just interested in cryptocurrency people talk only about bitcoin without mentioning that there are other types of coins the list of which counts in dozens. Etherium is among the top three. This fact means that its mining is more than relevant today.

5 reasons to choose Etherium

  1. Etherium is a kind of crypto currency that was distributed in 2013, when its creators – Canadian programmer Vitaliy Buterin and Swede Gavin Wood – presented the corresponding blockchain project.
  2. Etherium is not a clone or a follower of bitcoin. It is built on absolutely another platform. For its functioning a unique programming language and a service complex are used.
  3. Etherium gives an important opportunity to protect transactions from all kinds of fraud and interference. The system is able to record escrows of chain partners and in strict accordance with fixed conditions transfers funds.
  4. ETH makes it possible for owners of ordinary computers even with low productivity to be fully engaged in the mining process. Moreover it is possible to work outside the pool and so far it remains real.
  5. Experts reasonably believe that Etherium has excellent perspectives. 2017 was a success for this type of cryptocurrency. The idea of digital smart contracts attracted many representatives of big business.

Hardware for ETH mining

Anyway in the ethereal world of cryptocurrency equipment plays a key role. If the crypto coins can not be held in ours hand then the tools for obtaining them are quite material. We are talking about mining machines. For each type of cryptomoney certain hardware models are developed. What about Etherium?

GPU-miners are widely used to receive ETH-currency as well as other types of cryptocurrency. In the matter of choice, the following criteria have value:

  • Cost of device
  • Hash Rate
  • Power consumption
  • Investment return

These are the most popular models of GPU:

  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 is rather expensive, its hash rate is 46Mh / s. Electricity consumption equals 420W-466W.
  • GTX 1080Ti provides 31.5Mh / s, consumes 250W. Its price is also very high, but it does not stop miners and gamers.
  • Radeon Rx580 8Gb with mining power 29Mh / s needs 225W. It comes complete a memory of 8Gb. Clock speed is 1450MHz.

GPU can run on a regular computer, when as a special device asic miner allows you to install a large number of graphic cards, provides full cooling and power supply for the entire device.

Dozens of companies produce asic miners for ETH and most of them are located in China. Power consumption, hash rate level, price and design vary and only after a thorough study of the characteristics, feedback, cost and expected investment return one can make a correct conclusion concerning which equipment is the best etherium mining hardware.