Ethereum forecast 2018: the future of the most promising cryptocurrency

Ethereum forecast 2018:  the future of the most promising cryptocurrency

Ethereum forecast 2018 is important information for a wide range of people, because not only investors’ business is related to ETH, but numerous ICO teams, companies that are going to include smart contracts into their work system, ICO traders and many other financial professionals. In order to understand how one of the most popular cryptocurrencies will behave, some key points should be analyzed. So, what factors are crucial for the Ethereum future?

Table of content:
- ETH capitalization as the best evidence of the great future
- Functional opportunities of the crypto for business and society
- Mass media impact on the Ethereum reputation
- Experts’ opinions and their huge role for the ETH rate
- Rate graphs for the future predictions
- Challenges that must be overcome in the nearest future
- Conclusion: why is the ETH forecast still positive?
As of April 2018, the full capitalization of digital assets has increased significantly, which indicates that the market of cryptocurrency has come to life. As we know in January, the cost of Bitcoin and its altcoins began to drop. Bitcoin, in particular, increased in price in mid-April, and after it other coins started growing. Ethereum occupies the second place in the top-list, so it also showed the rapid growth. If at the beginning of April 1 ETH cost 370 USD, at the end of the month 700 were given for it. At the moment, the ETH capitalization is 71 billion USD, which is quite a lot. For a positive Ethereum forecast, it is very important to monitor the volume of capitalization, as its growth indicates that investors are being attracted.
Development perspectives
In order to attract the attention of investors and, therefore, to expect a favorable forecast in the future, now it promises a lot. In this respect, ETH is even ahead of BTC. When its founder Vitalik Buterin first presented his project, many immediately drew attention to his work. First, Ethereum is not just a cryptocoin, but an effective means of payment and a basis for smart contracts. Secondly, on its blockchain all sorts of startups are formed in the area of ​​the Initial Coin Offering, and such proposals already go beyond the financial sector and cover various areas of business as well as help new technologies develop.
Ethereum price and its future largely depend on the information that appears in crypto communities, social networks, forums, as well as in the media. The public reacts instantly to any news, regardless of whether it's true or not. It is an information event. If the news is good and positive, then you can expect the growth of the cryptocurrency, while the shocking information can negate all the previous results. The information background forms the public opinion and, therefore, sets investors in the right way. It's worth remembering the fake message about the tragic passing of Vitalik Buterin. Although it was a bald-faced lie, after that the rate of the crypto fell sharply, which was reflected in the graphs.
What news events have had a positive impact on ETH lately? So, there were data that in India Ethereum was ahead of BTC in popularity. All this is due to the fact that the number of inquiries regarding Ethereum in Indian search engines was much higher. NASA was interested in blockchain in order to explore the deep space. NASA experts believe that the technology of smart contracts will improve the maneuverability of the spacecraft. Another “information bomb” was a message that the UN World Food Program is planning to use ETH as an alternative payment system. The Bitrefill payment service offered its users to pay Ethereum for the services of mobile operators.
Opinion of the analysts
In the case of the fake news, you can quickly refute them. So, in the above situation, Vitalik did his selfie on the background of the screen, where the last transaction with the corresponding block number was displayed and people believed that everything was in OK. The experts' opinion is more difficult to challenge. As a rule, these are people who are well-known in the financial world, who undertake to analyze the cryptocurrency market. Any careless or deliberate negative utterance can lead to a collapse or, on the contrary, a sharp rise in the cryptocurrency rating. Investors and auditors primarily listen to the expert opinions, and only then form a strategy for their investing funds.
Rate graphs
Analysts, forming an opinion as for the certain cryptocurrency, rely on the graphs of their rate. This data is freely available and can be found on many exchanges, official sites, etc. The movement of a digital asset value is somehow connected with the events that occurred in the financial, political and cryptocurrency world. Comparing the growth or fall with a certain event, you can make a forecast based on the findings. As already mentioned the negative information guide, connected with the “sad” news about Vitalik Buterin, caused a sharp drop. Improvement of the market sentiment, legalization of the crypto currency by the governments of several countries or even simple promises to consider this issue in the nearest
future, in April 2018 became the reason for the growth. After the ICO conferences, Ethereum significantly strengthens its position as well.
Ethereum forecast 2018: what is worth to work on?
We have already mentioned above how expert opinion is important for the forecasting. What do the experts promise in reality? Let's pay attention to several opinions.
The independent consulting company DeVere Group predicts a significant increase in the value of ETH. This organization deals with the investment and capital management and their Ethereum forecast is trustworthy.
In the opinion of DeVere Group experts ETH will grow four times at least. The CEO's opinion is confirmed such facts that many platforms use ETH as a means of payment. Smart contracts are becoming more popular as well as the idea of ​​decentralization of the cloud computing. In percentage terms, ETH will become the leader of the list, because its rate will increase by 212% when Bitcoin takes second place with a 194% increase in price, and Bitcoin Cash will be the third with a 123% increase.
With all the bright prospects there is one big problem and this is the network scalability. This drawback is peculiar to both Ethereum and Bitcoin. New technologically advanced projects enter the cryptocurrency market, and this problem becomes more obvious. Let's take the game Crypto Kitties as an example. This blockchain application, built on the basis of Ethereum, has become very popular and brought a large income to the developer. However, at the same time, the ETH network began to work more slowly, and it again proved the inconsistency of the old blockchain. The developers seriously alarmed and began to eliminate the shortcoming.
Vitalik Buterin shared his plans for the early optimization of the Ethereum network. Specialists, who are the part of his team, are planning to use the method of sharding, with the help of which it will be possible to solve the problem connected to the scalability. Vlad Zamfir, answering the questions of the edition ForkLog explained that this principle allows you to divide the information in the blockchain
into managed segments. Nodes will store only a part of the data and in addition use the information contained on other nodes. Apparently, without ETH hard fork, it cannot be done, and this will already be a direct impact on mining. Ethereum operates on the basis of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm. If shading is applied, then it will be a question of a partial Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Analysts believe that t is a good background for strengthening the position of ETH.
In general, there is a consensus among the experts and mass media representatives that ETH is predicted a good future and Ethereum forecast 2018 is favorable. This cryptocurrency is always in a positive information environment, there are all chances for rapid improvement of the algorithm and network operation. Also, the number of successfully implemented ICO projects increases, which positively affects the reputation of the subject.