Esprezzo ICO Review

Esprezzo ICO Review

Key Information


Esprezzo - a platform that will provide an opportunity for Web developers and mobile applications to implement their development, and integration their work with blockchain. Esprezzo will offer develop a variety of softs&applications, including for Iphones. Esprezzo will work directly without involving the chain and the block. Those. the platform will offer developers of various applications, a whole set of tools that should make application development easy, and their use will by users is safe and convenient. How? Esprezzo will solve the problems of development projects based on the blockchain. The essence of the question is that for the development of application blockchain, no use traditional of C ++, JavaScript programming languages is required, and use of many common other programming languages for use in blockchain is impossible. It should be borne in mind that when developing applications on a conventional non-integrated with a block-based basis, the data will be mixed, access templates will not be flexible and can not be effectively integrated into the API, and access and use of data will not have stable access. These applications will not become decentralized. Esprezzo is a platform integrated with conventional functional, for example, Ethereum C ++, Python, Node and others. 

Espezzo offers:

  1. Data store
  2. Smart contracts (application development environments)
  3. SDK & libraries (integrated with conventional functional and blockchain). 

Esprezzo should be in demand among developers, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in various institutions and government structures. Creation of blockchain application is becoming an increasingly popular service, because the possibilities of blockchain are cheaper, safe and effective. Because all the created applications will be based on the blockchain system - this will be the main security element. 

Therefore Esprezzo has correctly chosen the market segment, which is in demand now, and in the future the demand for services of such a platform will only grow. 

Project Tokenisation

Esprezzo ICO provides for the use of its internal EZPZ token for internal settlements when acquiring, developing or selling created products. In plans to implement crypto-exchange EZPZ on other tokens and monetization. Esprezzo offers developers and consumers of all kinds of applications a new internal market. Offers tools for developing, selling and consuming. Despite the presence of competitors in this niche of services (incl. blockchain) Esprezzo focuses its efforts on creating a simple, but effective development environment. In our opinion, all this provides prerequisites for a high rate of the internal EZPZ token and its liquidity. 

Esprezzo Roadmap

The processes envisaged by the Q1-Q2 2018 Esprezzo roadmap are already practically completed - the internal test network is deployed, UI / UX for the SaaS middleware developed, smart contracts, the KYC platform integration in Esprezzo. A private sale is launched.

According to the WP roadmap, Esprezzo has already come a long way and is currently at the Q3 stage of the roadmap, namely: creates a preliminary version of the EZPZ marker, creates and tests an intelligent interface for creating / managing contracts, launches an EZPZ smart contract with Esprezzo on VeChainThor, announces strategic partnerships, conducts educational activities. Esprezzo will strarts in Sep.2018 public sale of EZPZ tokens. 

In plans Esprezzo will achieve the following goals (roadmap).

Q4 2018

  • Beta access (independents developers incl. Esprezzo)
  • Explore additional network interlocks
  • Generation event token


  • Public launch of the main and advanced portal Esprezzo
  • Launch of the third party Esprezzo Marketplace
  • Interface with additional leading blockchain solutions
  • Development of SDK for additional programming languages
  • Add support for Oracle to create an interface for external data transmission systems

EZPZ token

The first round of private sale with private financing has already been held. The round was launched - 06.22.2018. VeChain CommRound - started in 07.2018.

For the EZPZ token, the nominal quotation rate to VET is set.

The maximum number of issued tokens - 5 000 000 000

Max. tokens for sale is 1,500,000,000 or 30% of the total volume of emissions.

VET - EZPZ - 1:270

Hard Cap - $ 15,500,000

Public sale will begin in September 2018.

Stage of private sale finished, Esprezzo sold tokens EZPZ on $ 6,200,000 with мaximal discount - 25%. This volume is 6% of the total. 

Sale policy based and build on WP Esprezzo - for private sale - 6%, for pre-sale - 9%, for an independent public - 15%. 

It is worth noting a small amount of tokens for sale ... only 30% of the total.  General structure distribution tokens:

  • Additional EZPZ - 70%
  • Staff - 15%
  • Partners Esprezzo- 10%
  • Co-developer - 10%
  • Development business strategies - 10%
  • Researches - 10%
  • Reserve Find and Treasures - 10%
  • Esprezzo Advisors - 5% 

Project Team and Advisors

The Esprezzo ICO team consists of 8 employees, headed by Remy Carpinito - a graduate of Suffolk University - Sawyer School of Management. Remy is also the CEO of CampusTap.  These a help development successful careers students and graduates. It was during the creation of the CampusTap platform that the idea of creating Esprezzo appeared. The technical side of the project is decided by Alan Wilhelm. Igor Baldyga provides a blockchain solution. All the other employees of Esprezzo, in our opinion, are highly qualified, their functions are quite obvious, understandable. Esprezzo has a very competent team.

The advisers of the project include such authoritative personalities as Sanny Lu - CEO VeChain, Rob Dolci - President & CEO AizoOn USA, David Fragale - Co-founder & Chief Product Officer Atonomi, Eileen Quenin - VP Strategic Partnerships Dragonchain, Margaret Rosenfeld - Legal Advisor, Dr.Mihaela Ulieru - Blockchain Expert & Chief Alchemist Endor. 


Unusual is that Esprezzo did not post partner structures. This is will disclosure to the Q3 stage - i.e. in the near future this information will be opened.

Despite the obvious attractiveness of the Esprezzo platform being created and the demand for products offered by this platform, we still needed financial and economic calculations put out. 


There is absolute certainty that Esprezzo will be starts and will sucessfull work. The product Esprezzo is very demanded. Demand for the functional platform is huge. Accordingly, the domestic market Esprezzo (where there will be users and application developers) will function. The EZPZ token will have a good course, guaranteed by supply and demand, created in Esprezzo applications, the acquisition of the Esprezzo functionality. For crypto-exchange operations and investing, this token is also very interesting.

Our Rating


More on each indicator Esprezzo rating read here.