Eristica: entertainment platform and source of income

Eristica: entertainment platform and source of income

About the project

Eristica is a young, modern and promising Russian project that is part of FunTech industry and entertainment group. The direction of our activities is connected with challenges. There are enough worries and problems in the world and in every person’s life, so every day we have to deal with lost of difficult tasks. How to learn y find a way out of the situation quickly, easily adapt to new circumstances and respond to changes adequately?

Our active participants will be able to choose any task both for its implementation and even submit ideas, if they are lack of strength and ability to cope with the task themselves. The main thing is that everyone should have fun; no one will be offended or upset. Blockchain technology will help to realize the idea, to act transparently and to avoid fraud in the payment of winnings. The participants’ number does not matter. Even two people can make a deal, as well as a large group of users.

  • Challenges are confirmed with the help of smart contracts
  • Video evidence can not be faked
  • Voting is decentralized and independent

Eristica offers to participate:
– In online games;
– Real betting;
– Mass competitions.

Project history

The idea appeared in 2014. The popularity of YouTube video was so impressive for Nikita Akimov, one of the creators of the project that he decided to create an alternative media version. The first start up was the mobile application Eristica, released in 2015. At the moment, the project is focused on the Asian market, where there is a demand for high-quality video content and the need for intensive development of Internet coverage. By February 7, 2018, the end of the ICO was held.

What is attractive about Eristica?

Eristica is not a bookmaker’s company, as someone might think. This is a platform with a minimum bet for all types of wagers, which is only 3%, when some intermediaries offer the rate up to 20%. The bet is meant to be an entrance fee for participating in cyber competition.

Our idea is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and financial situation. Eristica provides an opportunity to learn more about cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry, gives a chance to take an active part in the development of the project.

The large multimedia user John McAfee and Crypto Coin Connection Company gave Eristica the highest level of confidence 5.0. It was thanks to Mr. McAfee, who posted information on the ICO project on his blog and on Twitter. As a result at the end of January the financial component increased significantly.


The goal of Eristica is to create a digital financial system that could become the basis of the entertainment industry. On the Ethereum platform, ERC20 tokens were issued, which are planned to be made by an independent cryptocurrency, reliably protected against inflation. The number of participants in the platform is 1.2 million users, and this is a guarantee of the value of the tokens. Tokens will be the main unit of account for creating a challenge and paying a reward.