Many analysts have stated that the traditional approaches to marketing and advertising products or services have become outdated and do not provide an adequate level of efficiency. Very rarely, small or medium startups are able to go beyond the region or community where they work. 

Startups make a big effort to search for investors, in today's conditions of excess information and accessibility to information and advertising on the internet. It’s almost impossible to advertise on leading or even mid-level internet resources, and advertising in social networks and the full use of all the opportunities provided by Internet technologies only exacerbates this issue. Add in the limited funds and budgets for marketing and advertising that small and medium startups often have; very often, startups generally start with no marketing resources, budgets or a clear understanding of how to promote their product or services. Of course, all these factors prove the validity of the statistical data that more than half of new startups close within the first year of operation.

INFLEUM offers a solution to the above problematic issues. Naturally, the source of the solution is based on blockchain technologies. INFLEUM is the blockchain platform of the ELSOL company, which will offer 8 products (online applications) that will allow any company or individual to place available advertising, carry out marketing and, most importantly, earn money for this advertising. This opportunity has not yet been provided by anyone. For structures and individuals engaged in advertising and marketing activities, the INFLEUM platform, will offer effective opportunities to attract advertisers and generate income from them. Accordingly, the INFLEUM platform mutually benefits both the efforts of advertisers, as well as individuals who are engaged in advertising and marketing, thus creating an ecosystem.

The INFLEUM platform offers its users online wallet capabilities. With this online wallet, users will be able to carry out payment services, store internal and external tokens, and perform crypto exchange transactions. The platform uses the most modern and sophisticated security standards for access to the wallet.

The INFLEUM platform includes eight decentralized applications: Redito, Redink, Retteb Redinero, Redichek, channeljoy, Socu, and Reditail.

These applications support advertising and marketing, including on social networks, content publishing, posting, advertising spaces, inverse processing functions, etc, on the INFLEUM platform. 

It is these decentralized applications of the INFLEUM platform that will allow advertisers and users to earn money for advertising and marketing their products and services. The white paper details the functionality for each application. Based on the description, provided that all the above applications are fully created, small and medium-sized startups will for the first time receive an effective mechanism for modern and effective marketing with small investments.

The entire turnover of advertising and marketing in the INFLEUM platform will be carried out with the internal token IFUM. Based on the description, which is posted on the INFLEUM website, during the ICO sales period, the nominal internal token rate is set at 1 IFUM = 0.02 US dollars.

The IFUM token is bound to the ERC20 standard.

INFLEUM platform’s soft cap will be $ 3,000,000 and the hard cap $18,000,000.

BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, ETC will be accepted for the purchase of IFUM tokens.

The white paper indicates that ICO sales proceeds will be used as the following: 30% will be directed to growth. 14% for partnerships with cooperation for the development of the platform INFLEUM. The project reserve will remain at 13%. The platform team will be allocated about 10%. Project consultants will be provided 2%. INFLEUM provides a bounty program for which about 1% will be sent. 

The INFLEUM platform team is represented by South Korean citizens. 12 advisors to the INFLEUM platform are also citizens of South Korea. They are mainly the leaders of South Korean IT companies and blockchain companies.

Given the obvious huge demand for the functionality and services of the INFLEUM platform, it is possible to predict its future popularity. Moreover, the platform has already started its activities, which is an important factor for the ICO project.