Easiest way to make bitcoins: which one would you choose?

Easiest way to make bitcoins: which one would you choose?

Many people dream of easy money and with the advent of cryptocurrency such an opportunity looms on the horizon, but is there the easiest way to make bitcoins? Is it possible, in the case of virtual assets think of them as easy profit or you have to make some efforts? We are sure that there is no universal way to get a cryptocurrency, and the reasons for this will be presented below.

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Everyone who is even a little interested in cryptocurrency knows about the mining. If you half listened about it, we want to tell you the details of this fascinating process. To whom does it seem easy? First of all, to someone who owns a considerable amount to buy professional equipment, but not graphic chips for mining. In general, forget about generating bitcoins with the help of rigs made by own hands or especially with a home PC. A dozen ASICs will cost you the price of a good car, and the farm with the subsequent rental of the premises and technical nuances – in a whole fleet. Is this easy for an average user? We think no.

Cloud Mining

While others are flying in the clouds, the most adventurous treasure hunters conclude contracts with companies that offer cloud mining. Here, unlike the above-described way how to get easy bitcoins, you do not have to worry about the room or cheap energy sources. You should have a certain amount of money for renting remote capacities. Somewhere in a distant country, perhaps even in the Pamir Mountains or among the glaciers of Iceland, hundreds of ASICs are buzzing, while you, being in a comfortable chair and drinking tea, get bitcoins on your wallet every day. For those who have money, cloud mining is really easy. By the way, you can rent a very small part of the capacity, but the profit will be appropriate.


Pragmatists are sure that everything in the world is bought and sold. You can argue with them about the eternal values, but bitcoins may be bought and sold. That’s true. Where? - You ask. On the exchange, an exchanger, a special ATM and even from a person on the P2P platform, where the participants, interested in such transactions, gather. How? – Beginners may ask. Buying bitcoins for cash using a credit card, e-money or other crypto coins is not difficult. And again, this is the easiest way to make bitcoins for those who have money. Bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency, you know, and to get hold of not parts of this monetary unit, but a pair or three of ringing virtual coins, you will have to shell out a lot.

Bitcoin without investments: is it real?

All the above methods, we mean mining or purchasing, for the vast majority of people are quite expensive. Is there any sense to get into debt or spend the last savings to buy bitcoin? If you are not an investor or a cool trader, do not plan to establish an ICO project, but just want to know how to get easy bitcoins, then for such cases the answers will be found as well. Perhaps, we’d better start the article from this point and, in general, we should devote it only to simple and accessible ways. But is it a good idea to ignore the people who have sufficient capacity to buy hundreds of ASICs or trade on the exchange? They can probably also read this article! Why not? So, let's move on to the topic.


Bitcoin faucets are a great thing. Of course, you will not earn the whole coin. These are just tiny bits of bitcoin, called Satoshi, but virtual savings will appear on your wallet. In any case, you will have something to brag to your friends. Do not mix faucets and pay-for-click services. In the latter case, you will be required to view advertising, when the faucets are special services, visiting which and filling in captcha codes with a certain periodicity, you will receive a tiny income.

Online games

This category is similar to the previous one and along with the faucets games are available constantly, at any time of the day, without breaks and days off. Instead of a boring captcha, you will be offered some amusing quests. Game developers pay for the passed levels or for the time spent for the game. Earnings are extremely miserable in this case, and the time spent is disproportional to all those useful things that you can do. In addition, we believe that online games are the first step to gambling, where losing is much more likely than winning.

Reading books

Reading books is not the only easiest way to make bitcoins, but the useful pastime. Games, faucets, clicks - all these really kill the time when a book you can give your a lot of interesting and useful information and knowledge. No one will examine you on the content of a particular book. You simply flip through the book and keep each page open for 10 minutes. At this time, you are allowed to do your own things and not even read a book. However, there is a chance that some percentage of people will still look through the lines and get carried away by the plot. And this is a small victory of the mind over ignorance! And, of course, one’s little income.

Completing tasks

There are resources that offer for a symbolic payment in cryptocurrency, to do various tasks. It can be viewing video files, photos, pictures, answering the questions, participating in any quizzes. Unfortunately, the content is often not chosen by a performer. Is it worth to accommodate all this spam inside your head for the sake of 0.00000001 bitcoin? Each user has the right to choose the way of earning. In addition, no one guarantees that one of the resources you find does not offer to open a site with a malicious program instead of a task. In this case, one won’t care about easy-got bitcoins.


There are many ways how to get easy bitcoins, and everything depends on the financial situation, experience, technical capabilities and free time of a person. Some of our tips are useful for high-level users. The newcomers weren’t left unattended. Another question, how will your future proceeds be spent? If in good deeds - the purchase of gifts to relatives or charity - the help of the blog will be really useful!