Easiest way to buy bitcoins

Easiest way to buy bitcoins

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  • Which wallet to choose?
  • I started the purse. What’s next?
  • How to choose an exchanger?
  • Better immediately to go to the stock exchange?
  • Is it difficult to trade?
  • 1.Exchange CEX.io
  • 2.LocalBitcoins
  • How soon will I become a millionaire?

What is the easiest way to buy bitcoins? Everyone wants to know the answer. You can not buy bitcoin if you do not have a purse to store it. There are several types of such wallets: desktop, mobile, online wallets and hardware wallets.

Which wallet to choose?

Desktop wallets will work, if you have the opportunity to download the entire block to your computer – it’s more than 145 GB of data. Such purses have a high level of security, because they do not store keys to your wallet on the network, but they require constant synchronization. The most famous and popular desktop clients: the official Bitcoin Core client and the more secure version based on it is Armory.

Online purses are faster and easier, but not always more reliable. To start such a purse, you just need to register with one of the services that provide this service, and keep the private keys to the repository in a safe place. Services allow you to send and receive bitcoins, provide statements with transaction histories, and even calculate commission for you when sending funds.

Access to the wallet can be obtained from any device connected to the Internet, but you must remember that this is an online service – at any time it can be hacked or closed, and all the stored funds you can lose. The most popular online wallets: Blockchain, GreenAddress, Coinbase.

Many online wallets also have a mobile version for iOS and Android, such as Blockchain. Using QR-codes you can instantly send or receive cryptocurrency directly in the application.

Still there are hardware purses, they are also called HD-purses. These are special devices like USB flash drives, which store all the necessary information on one carrier, while they are seriously protected from hacking. But they also cost a lot: from $ 30 to $ 150, depending on the manufacturer.

I started the purse. What’s next?

The next step is to choose the method of replenishment. There are three ways to do this: ask a friend / stranger to send you bitcoins, paying him directly at the rate; buy coins on the exchange; buy bitcoins with the help of online exchangers. The easiest way for beginners is to buy bitcoins via an online exchange service. Typically, exchange services set their rate, which is slightly higher than the average for exchanges – basically such exchangers simply buy cryptocurrency on the same exchanges, and then profitably sell it to the users of the service taking into account their commission.

How to choose an exchanger?

There are also services that monitor the rate of online exchangers in real time and output a complete list of the specified filters. One of the popular services is Bestchange. Having chosen the necessary parameters for the exchange (what needs to be exchanged), you can quickly find the most profitable course at the moment. How to choose an exchanger?

There are also services that monitor the rate of online exchangers in real time and output a complete list of the specified filters. One of the popular services is Bestchange. Having chosen the necessary parameters for the exchange (what needs to be exchanged, for example, hryvnia from the account of PrivatBank to bitcoins), you can quickly find the most profitable course at the moment. Popular exchangers: BTCBank and Bitcoin24. Both combine in themselves and exchangers, and wallets – you can store and exchange currency in one place. But remember that you will always be tied to the service rate, they have rather high commissions, and the reliability of wallets can not be compared with analogues like Blockchain.

Better immediately to go to the stock exchange?

Yes, but first you need to figure out how to work with it at all. There are a lot of exchanges: some do not accept “foreign guests” (for example, Japanese or South Korean), some put forward stringent requirements for verification, and some even close.

The most popular exchanges: Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken. Previously, the BTC-e exchange was popular in the CIS, but from July 2017, it stopped work, and one of its leaders was detained by law enforcement agencies on suspicion of money laundering. There is also KUNA Exchange, which accepts the cards of banks to replenish the account.

To trade on the stock exchange, you need to pre-register your account and recharge your wallet: some exchanges allow you to do this directly (withdrawing money from a bank card), but some take only cryptocurrency on the account – you need to know in advance whether the exchange accepts funds through Internet banking.

Is it difficult to trade?

It is absolutely not difficult. Once the funds are credited to the balance, you can start trading. Just look at the proposals for buying bitcoin and set the optimal price, based on the schedule, the number of offers and the average price for them. This method of buying is not always fast, because your price can simply not be found by the buyer, if it is too low, so in the event of a rate increase, you will have to re-order or simply buy immediately for the price offered in the “Sale” section.

If your price was accepted, then the deal will happen and after some time the specified number of bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency) will appear in the wallet on the stock exchange. They are better to transfer immediately to your personal wallet: it’s safer and calmer.

On different stock exchanges, you can trade different cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitfinex is more suitable for trading the most liquid coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash. But it has a complicated interface in which it will be difficult to understand the newcomer. Bittrex, on the contrary, supports more altcoins – alternative bitcoin coins – and allows you to withdraw large amounts without verification of the passport with not very large commissions.

1.Exchange CEX.io

Deposit with VISA / mastercard. In rubles a commission is high, but for other currencies is acceptable. It convenience is a very important factor. It is easy to download the application on the phone in seconds and buy one or another cryptocurrency.

To replenish a bank transfer without commission, you will need to make a transfer to the European Bank (Poland). Then look at the commission of your bank, if in the end the transfer fee is less than the commission when replenishing the card, then choose the option by transfer, but remember of 1-3 days of processing your transfer.

If everything is done correctly, then within a couple of hours you will pass verification, and can easily and conveniently replenish. There is also the possibility of replenishing with a virtual card,

There is an opportunity to attach a card to the Revolut payment system, since it is possible to tie any physical VISA / Mastercard on CEX, as well as some other payment systems that issue physical cards – Payoneer, Advcash, Perfectmoney, Payeer, OKPay. And of course the classics are QIWI and Yandex Money, they can also get cards.


It has also a very simple method of replenishment. The only thing here, that the system is like an auction between the participants and the exchange rate is not like at the exchange. Everyone exposes the price at which he wants to sell or buy. When buying, be sure to compare the rate on which you plan to buy, with the current exchange rate.

There are a lot of ways of payment: QIWI, Yandex Money, bank transfers, etc.

After selecting the seller and clicking on the “BUY” button – be sure to review the terms of the transaction, and if they are not clear – you can ask clarifying questions in the Chat.

After payment, the money goes to your wallet in the LocalBitcoins system, so set the maximum protection, there are two-factor authorization: tie the phone and think up a complicated password.

When withdrawing to a personal wallet, or purse exchange – remember about the commission. Small amounts are not always beneficial to throw from your wallet to your wallet – you will lose more.

Miners are sometimes sold at a more favorable rate than you can find on the exchangers. They have no desire to bother with stock exchanges and trade.

How soon will I become a millionaire?

It depends on how much you intend to buy bitcoins – already now 250 coins are worth more than $ 2 million. And we described the easiest way to buy bitcoins and now your turn to understand the marke. We saw the price reached $20 000, however now it decreased to $ 9000 for one bitcoin, and Harvard academician Dennis Porto does say that the cost of bitcoin will grow to $ 100,000 by 2021.