Decentralized companies and communities from Aragon. The era of freedom has come ... (

Decentralized companies and communities from Aragon. The era of freedom has come ... (

Aragon - creates and helps manage digital decentralized autonomous companies & communities


Project Description

Yes, to be honest, I have not yet seen such an unprecedentedly large-scale and high-quality project. The ideas set forth in the Aragon project documentation found a lively response in my heart, thoughts, ideas. Frankly, I recommend carefully to look at this project.

 All of us very often speak and write about the fact that any form of power suppresses, selects and does not provide full protection and services, their quality. Power and a limited circle of people, in absolutely all states, owns resources and controls our every step. Others, such as the very well-known and popular social networks, controll our data and activity in the network. The total capitalization of such global corporations has reached trillions of US dollars. And what is provided in return? Control, suppression, huge taxes, low incomes, arrogance, arrogance and rudeness of the bureaucracy, bureaucracy, controlled chaos, etc. This limited circle of people sets the agenda for us and limits our activity and opportunities for growth. All of them, without exception, are set to stimulate consumption and suppress our economic and social freedoms.


Aragon DAO

But a blockchain appeared, and now everything will inevitably become different. A couple of years ago, as part of the SlockIt project, the idea of ​​DAO was developed - a new type of organization that, as the abstract shows, is decentralized and autonomous, i.e. operates in a virtual blockchain jurisdiction. These projects were developed and had content like decentralized venture capital structures. It should be noted that BitCoin uses the DAO form, i.e. is a decentralized company that exists in the blockchain sphere, in virtual jurisdiction. Ethereum has exactly the same character. The attitude of individual states to these cryptocurrencies is different, some recognize them, some impose restrictions or even prohibit them altogether.


In 2016, Louis Kuende and Jorge Isquierdo, in Silicon Valley, began developing a platform, later named Aragon. This project, on a decentralized basis, proposes the introduction of blockchain technologies into the real business. Creating global, bureaucratic free organizations, companies and communities - easily, with the help of Aragon. At the same time, Aragon points to a democratic approach to the management, implementation and implementation of the administration of the platform, the communities and participants of the platform who will manage this ecosystem.


Aragon has already developed an operating system for business, which allows you to implement a real business in the blockchain, create a decentralized autonomous organization, organize management, accounting, calculation, payroll and payroll taxes and a huge number of functions. This is an extremely active living environment that will facilitate the functioning of the business, its start and development. The Aragon platform is already running, which is an important factor.


Decentralized autonomous organizations in Aragon will turn the economic and social possibilities of people to interact with each other, work and earn on completely different conditions and principles.


As stated in the platform’s description, the Aragon decentralized autonomous organizations created cannot be censored or closed. They function and operate only in the electronic field. Unite people around ideas, allow them to achieve their goals. Aragon and created in the platform DAO function on the basis of Ethereum, protected by special mechanisms and cryptography. No one will ever be able to take away from you a decentralized autonomous organization created in Aragon.


For the protection of interests and the consideration of various disputable situations among the DAO, within the Aragon platform, an arbitration court has been established that deals with cases on the basis of mediation.


I will mention that relatively recently, Aragon conducted ICO, sales results for which amounted to 25 million US dollars. Aragon Tokens (ANT) were sold in 15 minutes (!!!). This amount of time underlines the degree of investor confidence in the Aragon platform. ANT tokens are traded on exchanges and already exceed 100% of the initial face value by which they were offered at the initial quotation. Aragon severely limited the emission of ANT tokens, which will lead to a reliable, stable and high rate of this cryptocurrency. Demand is big. As I understand it, this cryptocurrency will develop and sooner or later will become an internal means of payment that will allow you to create a domestic market for goods and services in the Aragon platform and among the decentralized autonomous organizations of this platform. But it’s better not to talk about the ANT token, but about the platform, the Aragon product.


Aragon Platform Description


Aragon is built on a modular basis. The platform consists of freely written and developed applications that complement and develop the ideas described above. So, in the base case, the usual AragonOS wallet for tokens transactions is loaded and provided.


Because The source code of the platform is placed in GitHub, to the base module, additional applications have already been developed for creating decentralized autonomous organizations, for joining a real business to the blockchain, for organizing and maintaining accounting, calculating and paying salaries, taxes. In other words, customizable additional features and functions can be connected to the Aragon base module, based on the tasks and functions facing the businessman.


At the same time, no bureaucracy. No bundles of papers, licenses, approvals, fees and charges. No extra members of your team, only those who are needed for the implementation of a project. Everything is simple and ingenious.


Due to the fact that all processes are transparent and understandable, employees of decentralized autonomous organizations can view and evaluate the financial situation of the organization or any other participant, determine the reputation. This is indeed a correct and wise decision, better than any accountability, audit or anything else. We looked, estimated and made, for ourselves, the decision - is it worth working with such a DAO or a counterparty.


All processes between counterparties and transactions are based on smart contracts, which are somewhat similar to conventional contractual documentation, but are written in Aragon code and are processed and stored in the blockchain. Smart contracts are executed automatically, very simply, safely and quickly.


Today, Aragon consists of the following elements, which ensure its functional purpose and operation:

AragonOS - the main element, account management and profile in the Aragon platform, allowing to use the platform and download additional applications (modules).

AragonPM - provides an update of all elements and applications modules.

AragonAPI - provides interaction with dapp.

AragonUI - allows you to customize a beautiful interface to work in Aragon.

AragonCLI is a complex that allows you to participate in the development of additional applications for Aragon.


Road map

The roadmap of the project is practically completed, now only the development and continuation of positive processes in Aragon.


The project team


The main developers of the Aragon platform are Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. Quite famous personalities in the environment of IT technologies, with a positive reputation and authority. Although Louis Kuende is a crypto-anarchist, he was the founder of quite successful companies in the IT sector Cardwee, Stampery, Asturix, Unpatent, Telefónica, and Holalabs. In addition, he wrote the book "Business", which is included in the top sales on Amazon. According to Forbes, he is a top person in the IT business for up to 30 years.


Jorge Isquierdo is also a representative of the IT industry. He developed applications for iOS, Pebble and macOS. Inspired by the possibilities of the blockchain and decentralization, it is now engaged only in this theme, namely the Aragon platform. The achievements of this team member include many awards in the IT industry.


Quite a professional team, in my opinion, worthy of trust and having authority in the IT industry.



Aragon platform does not allow to cancel the transaction. There are other risks that, however, are inherent in almost all cryptocurrencies (the unpredictability of the token rate, the difficulty of tracking transactions, the risks of a ban on Aragon activity).



The project is excellent. The practical embodiment, the actual functioning, and the ICO quite successfully implemented - add credibility to the Aragon platform. Allows you to predict that the platform will function successfully in the near future. High demand for products offered by the Aragon platform.



Beautiful, ready and really functioning project Aragon, which provides the blockchain and cryptocurrency capabilities for almost everyone. Creates its own internal ecosystem to promote and sell any products and services. Functioning blockchain businesses in the DAO format.



The team is professional. He has high prestige and qualifications in the field of IT and blockchain technologies.




The project has already been implemented. Everything functions successfully. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the concept of partners. Partners at Aragon are available. High qualification, professionals and specialists.


Road map


All the main is almost implemented.


Website and partners


The site ( does not describe and does not clearly provide information about ALL the obvious benefits of the Aragon platform. 







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