Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018

Navigating Through a World of Uncertainty & Innovation

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018

Cybersecurity is about humans, skills, and knowledge. So is the KuppingerCole's Cybersecurity Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany (#CSLS18). Discussing face-to-face with your peers about trends, hypes and evolving threats, getting trained in thinking the unthinkable to be better prepared for disaster, or even avoid the worst of it. The summits represent the new thinking that really matters for a secure digital transformation of your enterprise. At the Berlin summit, you will find an impressive line-up of world-class keynote speakers, panel moderators, panelists, best practice presenters and professionals facing the same challenges as you do.

#CSLS18 will consist of two parallel streams. The keynotes, single presentations, and panel discussions will focus on the future of digital business security, increasing social engineering threats and innovative ways and strategies for mastering various security challenges. The speakers and panelists will discuss the current state and the future of IoT security, effective endpoint management, security requirements for governance and privacy and other relevant topics (see below). In our Berlin summit, you will get guidance for decisions critical for the security of your organization, interact with an engaged audience and enjoy an unparalleled content depth. Participate in the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit and navigate through the world of uncertainty and innovation!

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Key Topics

  • The Future of Digital Business Security
  • Social Engineering: Threats and Prevention
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: Importance & Effective Use
  • IoT and Industrial IoT: Risks and Concerns
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Application Security, Agility & Development
  • Endpoint Management & Security: Getting It Right
  • The Role of AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Blockchain & Cybersecurity: What Does the Future Hold?
  • Security as a Requirement for Governance & Privacy

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