CryptoCurve ICO Review

CryptoCurve ICO Review


CryptoCurve ICO - based on the description posted on the official website of this project, the project is an online cryptocurrency wallet. We do not agree with this statement and have the opportunity to argue that this is primarily a huge blockchain multi-functional browser that allows non-professionals in the cryptocurrency world to get a whole range of services.

CryptoCurve incorporates the functions of a cryptocurrency exchange, an insurance automatic converter of cryptocurrencies online wallet (in case of fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrencies - the token can be quickly transferred to Fiat or other cryptocurrency assets in an automatic customized mode), the possibility of investing in various assets and resources, the possibility of cryptocurrency assets investment In WanChain projects, the wallet in this system will also allow you to participate and acquire tokens in the implementation of their pre-sales, contains tools for the analysis of investments made and forecasting mechanisms, conversion tokens into fiat assets. CryptoCurve includes two more packages - Curve SDK - which will allow development of applications based on blockchain technologies; Curve Labs - offers developers a whole package to promote and accelerate the development of blockchain projects, applications, etc. Other CryptoCurve applications and functionality are mentioned on the site - it’s just phenomenal!

It is worth noting that CryptoCurve is inherently an affiliated project of WanChain. CryptoCurve and all the above-mentioned functions, mechanisms are built on the said platform.

CryptoCurve includes features:

  • Votting - ICO vote.
  • Pooling - creating smart contracts
  • Discounts - investments and cryptocurrency exchange on the terms of special discounts
  • Burning - CryptoCurve will carry out the purchase of its tokens on special conditions and their removal from cryptocurrency turnover (this is planned to be done once a quarter)
  • Staking - the ability to freeze tokens and participate in CryptoCurve projects.

Thus, CryptoCurve includes the following applications: DEX (online cryptocurrency exchange); NUKE (an automatic, customizable converter that will ensure the user's cryptocurrency against rate hikes); KYC (investment opportunities); ICO Staking (investment opportunities in CryptoCurve and WanChain internal capabilities); ICO Pooling (built-in internal cryptocurrency wallet); Portfolio Tracking (analytics, wallet information and forecasting); IPC (graphic display of all information); Fiat (the possibility of cryptocurrency shredded funds in the wallet and their transfer to fiat funds).

From the advantages of the platform, it should be noted that CryptoCurve has a rather serious legal and documentary (including technical) detailed study. All documents are available and located on the site. A large amount of information where you can get answers to all your questions about the project.


As can be seen from all of the above, CryptoCurve is clearly and understandably focused on the work of the blockchain cryptocurrency technologies, in fact, it is itself a part of it. The project implementation scheme involves the use of the internal Curv token in all operations and in the performance of all functions in the platform. Based on the availability of official information on CryptoCurve, all cryptocurrency wallets and other functions will be automatically guaranteed by the internal token Curv.

Given that the CryptoCurve platform is targeted at the mass user, provided it is widely used and launched, the platform will be able to guarantee full use, cryptocurrency exchange and a stable exchange rate of the Curv token.

An additional advantage of the Curv token is the proposed redemption function and the removal of a token from circulation that can balance and control the level of the exchange rate and the capitalization of the internal token.


CryptoCurve has a publicly posted roadmap. According to this roadmap, the company began its journey in Q 3 2017, in Q 2 2018 - the sale of tokens began. At the moment, Q3 2018 - the operation of applications begins, the platform begins the public implementation of free quotes within the ICO.

The project will soon pass the Q4 phase - start a decentralized exchange, start the work of all applications. The roadmap also provides for step Q1 - Q2 2019 - the functional Nuke application should start its work, and the Curv to Fiat token exchange should also be launched.

Token Curv

Internal token is called Curv. Token type is set to WRC-20

Private sale is carried out in the amount of 37,000 ETH. The public sale of Curv tokens will be made in the amount equivalent to $ 6 million.

Maximum number of internal tokens: 415 million CURV

Private token sales: 4.175 CURV per ETH

Officially established course: 1 CURV = $ 0.20

Available payment methods are installed: Private sale (ETH) & Public Sale (WAN).

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

50% of tokens will be sold; 35% internal fund in tokens; 15% of tokens will be provided to the project team and advisors (team tokens are blocked for 2 years)

Project team and legal background

CryptoCurve Ltd. - officially registered company with an assigned number: 11027490

According to the documents, the official address of the company is: The Senate, Southern Gardens, Exeter, England, EX1 1UG; Email address:; Telephone number: +15712576498.

The CryptoCurve Guide consists of 4 team members. This is Joshua Halferty - CEO, Andre Cronje - Chief Blockchain Officer, Xander Yi - Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Wheeler - Vice-president of marketing. All of these entities have corresponding pages on LinkedIn and other networks. Competent normal team, which with its experience confirms the proper competence for confident implementation of all the declared ideas of CryptoCurve.

The main development team consists of 12 employees, who also with their profiles mostly confirm the presence of communication and work at CryptoCurve. These are mainly technical professionals, the placement of information about which confirms the existence of a serious technical base for the work of CryptoCurve.

In the project, partners are indicated - WanChain (the main partner structure); Pulse; Netki; Hosho; ICONO.1; Freedium; Wire; BlockMedx.

Of the minuses

Despite the detailed and well-developed policy of marketing CryptoCurve, it should be noted that the platform has a rather modest advertising and promotion in the network. It is easy to find out, having just studied the information in specialized online forums and communities, as well as on the Internet in general.

Also, it seems to us that the policy of reducing the turnover of the token Curv through redemption may give rise to the opposite effect similar to the inflation process. It is necessary to take this issue very seriously.


CryptoCurve platform is an excellent and necessary solution for the development of the market of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. High demand guarantees a successful start of work. The work platform is thought out in detail, professional approach. We advise you to consider the possibility of investing in the specified token and suggest starting to use the CryptoCurve features. Fortunately, the launch of this project will take place soon.

CryptoCurve Rating

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