Cryptocurrency mining software

Cryptocurrency mining software

The article is about:

  • Process Mining
  • Required Devices
  • Software
  • List of common programs for mining
  • How to choose equipment for mining
  • Video cards or nuts
  • Motherboards and other components
  • Where to buy equipment for mining?Efficiency

In order to get bitcoin or other electronic currency, it is used cryptocurrency mining software. Bitcoin is the founder of the direction and undoubted leader. Here there are two inseparable concepts: the same electronic monetary unit and payment system for encryption and data transmission.
Mining is an important part of any crypto currency system, it allows you to maintain a network, and this is a good way to use your computer for making money. For this purpose, programs for mining on a home computer have been created. For those who have problems with the English interface, there are Russian programs for mining.
The actual process of obtaining crypto-currency is processed by the software, therefore, to connect the equipment for mining and the intellectual property pool, it is required to install a program for mining the crypto currency.
Earn money that has become so popular bitcoins can be using a PC. The programs developed for the process of calculating given algorithms paid by bitcoins are called miners. The only condition for the effective launch of such a program and – registration of a virtual bitcoin-purse.

Required Devices

People who came professionally to mining use ASIC devices. It is designed specifically for the production of bitcoins. No other currency can be digested with it. This super-processor works on a special algorithm SHA256, proposed by manufacturers bitcoin. They did not expect that such a processor would be invented to extract their coins. With the help of ASIC, mining went at an accelerated pace. Team Satoshi took into account the error. And for the following types of crypto currency the algorithm has significantly complicated.


In addition to iron for carrying out the mining process, software is needed. There are many utilities on the market for connection to the pool, i.e. a group of bitcoin miners. To build the rigs, the best operating system is Windows 10. For successful running of the installation, the installation in the operating system must be changed. That is, disable sleep and updates.
The programs for mining are presented not only with a graphical interface, but also with the launch on the command line using the BAT file. But we must understand that if the computer is not equipped with a hardware graphics adapter, then it should not be used for mining. The bill for consumed electricity overshadows the good intentions to earn. Intel / AMD graphics cards for mini game also do not work because of low efficiency. Generally, it is desirable to allocate a separate computer for the mining. Most services and antivirus utilities perceive software-miners as malicious software. Because the calculation process can work in the background, without the involvement of the user. In addition, some of these programs contain hidden code.

List of common programs for mining

Programs with a console client for mining are provided for advanced users. Beginners are encouraged to choose applications with descriptions in clear language. Not all programmers insert Russian into the software development. Therefore, the person who first took the path of digging bitcoins, it is better to choose an accessible program. The rest of the principle is the same, you can orient and rebuild. The table shows the most common free applications for mining bitcoins.

Name of the program WINDOWS 10 Russian language Recommended for beginners Other crypto currencies
CGMiner compatible no no no
BFGMiner compatible yes no yes
NiceHash compatible yes yes yes
MinerGate compatible no no yes
GUIminer compatible yes yes no
MinerGate compatible no yes yes
Awesome Miner compatible no no yes
EasyMiner is not compatible no yes yes
MultiMiner compatible no yes yes

How to choose equipment for mining

For the mining of thousands of types of equipment are offered and this is an excellent space for choice. Mining is a commercial activity. The equipment should be profitable, otherwise it will become useless, therefore the main criterion of how to choose equipment for mining is efficiency. Efficiency refers to performance in relation to energy consumption.
To select the best equipment, calculate the efficiency. Different models of video cards and ASIC-miners (other types of equipment for mining do not exist) efficiency is different. At the same time, with the efficiency, you will calculate the payback and energy costs. These are related operations.

Video cards or nuts

This is the first question to be solved before choosing. The most effective equipment for mining is asics. ASIC is a specialized integrated circuit. Its efficiency is unbeatable, but there is no universality. Asic does not change the algorithm of work. On ASIC, you cannot perform other calculations. Fork cannot be changed (for the same algorithm – you can). With the video card – on the contrary. It is universal. CUDA processors on thousands of thread-streams are suitable for any computation. Finally, video cards are suitable for use for their intended purpose.
Crypto-currencies of the second generation (ethereum, golem) do not have asics. Their mining is solely on video cards. Analysts suggest that this is not an accident. The future of mining is universal processors, and not highly specialized ones. Neural networks are built from them, the technology of blockage comes to other spheres. By the way parallelization of computations (CUDA technology from NVIDIA) is proposed for calculations in molecular biology, and not the search of passwords in crypto-currencies. All this – the arguments in favor of buying video cards.

Motherboards and other components

These components do not significantly affect performance, but they must also be up-to-date. The processors are set to average power, so as not to increase power consumption in vain. The operating memory is 8-16 GB. Hard disk – up to 1 TB. To speed up the mining, rainbow tables are not used, so a large amount of RAM and hard drives are not required.

Where to buy equipment for mining?

Mining is a commercial activity. Here, as in other industries, it is advantageous to purchase equipment directly from the manufacturer. The production capacity of even European electronic firms is in China and Taiwan. Equipment there can be purchased very profitable. Unfortunately, video cards cannot be purchased on the sites of manufacturers. And the price is made a commercial secret.
Theoretically, the most profitable option for acquiring equipment (only ASICS) is the purchase of chips in bulk. One asic-miner contains 100-500 identical chips. Having equipment for BGA mounting and micro-soldering it can be made independently. Price benefit it will bring a huge, but it is appropriate only for farms, where tens and hundreds of asics.


Efficiency is understood as energy efficiency. How many lines on the cryptographic algorithm will have time to sort out the equipment. For the asics calculation of the parameter is simple. They work in one algorithm, so they have a permanent hash. It is specified in the specification and does not change during the operation. It should be considered for video cards separately for each algorithm. On the farm this will add versatility.
To scan by SHA256 encryption is the simplest. ASIC-miners work more slowly. In practice, this is all taken into account in the amount of the premium unit of the crypto currency. For mining on video cards (where there are no asics), the Ethereum is the most profitable crypto currency. Mining Ethereum – for him, top-end video cards have the following meanings:

1050 Ti 12.6 MH / s

1060 20.2 MH / s

1070 28.5 MH / s

1080 27.6 MH / s

1080 Ti 35.0 MH / s

Further on these data, the value of energy efficiency is derived. MN / sec multiply by 3600 and divide by the power consumption of the video card in watts-hours. Calculate for multiple cards. The result is the ratio MH / W. Those. – direct value of efficiency. The chip of the video card consumes 100-300 watts. Asics can already have a power of tens of kilowatts. Read on the calculator normal or in the browser, write down the values in the table, find the best option. This is simple arithmetic, and the savings (even on a farm of up to 10 cards) will be tens of thousands of rubles.
Сryptocurrency mining software has the notion of efficiency. To calculate the efficiency of video cards and Asics, you need an accurate performance value. For ASIC equipment, get this information in the store. For video cards – on the forums of the miners. Check the information from several sources for each algorithm.