Crypto market calendar for September

Crypto market calendar for September

In connection with the lightning-fast development of the Blockchain industry, events on this subject are held in all corners of the world. We picked for you top 5 the best events, in our opinion, that were held in September this year.

Blockchain Live

Place: London, United Kingdom
Date: 20/09/2017

One of the main sponsors of this event is the famous British company EOS Group. All actions took place within 1 day. It is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs and businessmen, and this year it was attended by about 700 participants. There were representatives from both private and public sectors. The event was also attended by 75 speakers, which are located on 5 different stages. The invited speakers were not the last people in the world of Blockchain. Among the famous people was the chief executive officer of — Brendan Blumer, the chief manager of the strategic department of Thomson Reuters — Sam Chadwick.

The event also provided for an exhibition where the latest achievements in the market were represented, for example, the development of innovative blocking technologies, transparent and safe business management systems, various solutions for state purposes, and the latest research in software.

ICO Summit 2017

Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 15/09/2017

Another successful country in the field of financial achievements is Switzerland. It was there that the ICO Summit was held, which was remembered not only because of the global scale, but also in a peculiar color. This event has become a wonderful opportunity for new startups to find their investors. The world famous William Mugayar, the author of the book “The Business Blockchain”, opened the event. Among the speakers were such well-known representatives as the chief executive director of Shellcoin and Skyledger Jane Zhang from China, the chief executive director of the Transform Group Michael Terpin from the US, and the chief executive director and founder of Waves Plattform from Russia, Alexander Ivanov.

Genesis Moscow Conference 2017

Place: Moscow, Russia
Date: 22/09/2017

The Genesis Moscow Сonference in Digital October Center brought together the most influential experts to discuss the current trends in the world of detachment. Within 8 hours, specialists and the remaining 500 participants dealt with the use of blockage in various areas, which allowed to form a view on the future of the technology.

Speakers include Michael Perklin, the head of information security from ShapeShift, Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist and active bitcoin investor, Alexander Chepurny, the founder of the Ergo project and a research blockbuster, Vlad Zamfira, a developer from the Ethereum Foundation, previously mentioned Alexander Ivanov, director of the Waves platform.

In the role of the moderator of the conference was Justin Hallsell — technical evangelist, hacker-researcher and Developer Advocate from IBM, spoke.

Blockchain Middle East Forum

Place: Dubai, UAE
Date: 25/09/2017 – 26/09/2017

The current heir of the United Arab Emirates intends in the next 2 years to conclude transactions at the level of government needs with the blocking companies. This is a real boom for all Arab companies that work in this area. Therefore, for the ICO, which would like to work in Dubai — this was a unique chance to show oneself in the best possible way. The event lasted for two days. On the first day, according to plan, conferences were held, and in the second — seminars. The discussions touched upon topics that directly affected the market of the Middle East. Among all the speakers are the following persons: Talal Tabbaa, Ravi Kumar, and Marloes Pomp.

Digital Asset Summit

Place: Shanghai, China
Date: 17/09/2017

And China will be the final country on our list. And it’s not surprising, because it takes the leading place in the virtual money market. This Summit was attended by more than a thousand experts in the field of block technology. About a hundred speakers have taken their opinions about the future. Among them there were also successful people, such as creators of different projects, heads of digital money funds, venture capitalists and company executives who are engaged in Fintech and Blockchain. Among influential people, we can mention the following: Ryan Tsurrera, Paul Savchuk, and Gaius Benartzi. For all those who wish to work in the Chinese market, this Summit has been a very good opportunity to achieve the desired.