Crypto Cartel To Host International Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO Conference

Crypto Cartel To Host International Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO Conference

Today, the news from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is dominating the mass media, spurring further debates. It’s on everyone’s lips, from regular people to the CEOs at major corporations and government executives.

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and distributed ledger (blockchain) are currently sparking a great deal of chatter. In order for this market to grow rapidly, for investors to invest money in startups and for the blockchain to be integrated into the business processes, we need large discussion platforms designed for an exchange of the best practices and closer cooperation.

The International Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO Conference hosted by Crypto Cartel, a club that unites professionals will serve as this very platform.

Crypto Cartel has picked a new format for this type of event: maximum helpful information, detailed all-around examination of all matters on the conference agenda with tons of hands-on examples, solutions and figures.

The format of the International Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO Conference ( is a week-long online marathon, in the course of which the conference attendees will have a Q&A sessions with the speakers and a chance to participate in the general discussions and learn what the representatives of the expert community think of the key matters of the crypto industry.

The crypto marathon will be opened in Kyiv on April 28th. The speakers are going to talk about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. A teleconference with live streaming worldwide will be available. Participation in the conference is charge-free. Speakers of the conference will go on air from the studio based in Kyiv and in online mode from different countries.

After that, the cryptocurrency marathon will be taking place from May 14th till May 19th. For 6 days straight, the attendees will be diving into the specifics of the crypto market key niches:

  • Blockchain in the business sector;
  • Law and order in crypto world;
  • Blockchain-based IT solutions;
  • ICO: from idea to implementation;
  • Mining;
  • Crypto world - look into the future.

The conference attendees will learn about innovative solutions based on blockchain, how to implement this technology in practical terms effectively, what is waiting for the digital currencies in the long run, how this market will be legally regulated, how to arrange and run an ICO, how to earn with mining, how to become a crypto trader, how to invest in cryptocurrencies etc.

The best experts, having extensive experience in working with digital currencies, blockchain and ICO, successful traders and investors will dissect the aforementioned topics.

Speakers of the crypto conference:

  • Ivan Kroshnyi, CEO at Gerchik & Co brokerage company, President at Cartel Traders Club and a mastermind behind Crypto Cartel Club.
  • Nikolay Yermakov (the Russian Federation), Executive Director at Nakamoto Capital Foundation, expert at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on matters relating to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, successful investor who cooperated with Citibank, Deloitte and Rosatom.
  • Ilya Yegorov (the Russian Federation), ICO promotion expert, founder of Rusmarketing Internet Agency Network.
  • Vasiliy Sumanov (the Russian Federation), ICO and blockchain expert, member of Arbidex Supervisory Board.
  • Alex Traush (the Russian Federation), expert on blockchain project marketing, “ICO Marketing from A to Z” course teacher at the British Higher School of Art and Design.
  • Timur Musin (Kazakhstan), financial expert, blogger at CryptoCartel Club with 10 years of successful experience in holding executive positions in brokerage and banking authorities in the area of compliance and control.
  • Yaroslav Lunev (the Russian Federation), tokensale manager, trader, marketing expert, analyst, partner at Merklion Agency.
  • Dmitriy Igolnikov (Ukraine), Technical Director at eXion.IO cryptocurrency exchange, IT expert.
  • Aleksey Vinogradov (Ukraine), experienced in implementing successful business projects in the Silicon Valley, owner of IXC Softswitch.
  • Aleksander Bespalov (the Russian Federation), General Director at Cryptocompany Group of Companies, one of the founders of BeEasy blockchain ecosystem.
  • Vadim Grusha (Ukraine), Founder and Head at BlockSoftLab, having 10 years of experience in cryptocurrency coding.
  • Malik Murzashev (USA-Kazakhstan), Owner and Co-Founder of one of the largest Apple retailers in Kazakhstan.
  • Sergey Novoselskiy (Poland), General Director at BCM Capital, data center for mining services.
  • Vladimir Zhiganov (Russian Federation), expert in the law, financial audit and economic analysis in the field of investment, blockchain and financial projects.
  • Viktor Dordiiev (Germany), Head of Operations & Business Development at Shelf.Network, one of the founders of Blockchain Influencer.
  • Artyom Dubrov (Ukraine), Vice President at Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association, advisor of the People's Deputy of Ukraine.
  • Aleksander Fedotov (Ukraine), one of the executives at Olshansky & Partners Ukraine, marketing expert.
  • Dmitriy Goncharenko, has experience of working in the leading law firms of Ukraine and the CIS, experience in doing business with multinational enterprises, venture capital funds, startups, state authorities and NPOs.
  • Kristina Nemchinova, has experience of working at the US House of Representatives and the New York City Police Department, was an advisor in the Ukrainian-American state working group at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and worked at one of Ukraine's leading law firms.
  • Stanislav Podyachev, Partner at, founder of Blockchain Art-Hackathon.
  • Alexander Gerchik (USA), President at Gerchik & Co brokerage company.
  • Sergey Skabelkin (Ukraine), one of the founders of FinTech Cluster, Vice President at UELBU, expert in mobile banking, online services and mobile wallets business architect.

The speakers will cover the changes that are coming for the digital economy and will discuss what impact this will have on the world’s financial system.

The cases of successful blockchain usage in business projects will be featured.

The International Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO Conference provides an expert insight into cryptocurrencies and blockchain, professional evaluation of the industry’s prospects, its impact on society and reaction of the business to these processes. The Conference will reveal practical aspects of the blockchain integration into today's economy and daily life and how to build a successful business in this industry.

This event is geared towards everyone who wishes to become a full-fledged member of the new cryptoeconomics and learn about the opportunities unlocked by it.

Partners of the conference: Gerchik & Co brokerage company,, Invest Foresight online business magazine and