Cex.io review: the best from the west

Cex.io review: the best from the west

Table of content:

  • Cex.io is the biggest exchange;
  • some facts of Cex.io history;
  • cryptocoin GHS;
  • Cex.io advantages;
  • financial characteristics;
  • legal aspects.

Сex io review contains important information for the companies and people who deal closely with cryptocoins. They are miners and traders, beginners and professionals. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized monetary units: governments, banks, and other regulators are not their issuers, supervisors and legislators, but special services like Cex are necessary for exchanging operations. The subject performs several important functions at once. Its main feature is an online exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat money. Until 2015 it provided cloud mining.

History of Cex.io

At the very beginning of bitcoins history, everyone who was mining gold virtual coins often provoked misunderstanding and criticism from the part of others. BTC mining was often thought to be a game. As time went on the most active Internet users got to know about such an interesting, new and quite profitable business. They started many to do the same.
The number of miners increased, and with it, the mining process became more and more complicated. By 2014, before the peak of the BTC popularity, the usual graphics chips and CPU have lost their relevance. Expensive and powerful equipment called ASICs came to the fore, but not all could afford such a luxury. Cloud mining remained an effective solution to this problem.
The company Cex.io began its work with cloud mining in 2013. It was interesting not only from the technical side but also from the history of the service. Users from all corners of the world used GHash.IO pool. In 2014 this resource covered almost half of the total mining capacity, to be more exact 42%. Even such a success did not stop the service owners from stopping their cloud mining activities in 2015.
An interesting fact is that Cex.io launched its own cryptocurrency. By the way, everyone can do the same at any moment, since the BTC code is available and open. This coin was GHS. The abbreviation means “GigaHash in a second”. Also, the company undoubtedly helped those users who had problems with the purchase and delivery of ASIC. It was enough to buy a certain volume of hash power and enjoy all the benefits of digital civilization.

Cex.io: review of the main features

Nowadays, Cex.io remains one of the most powerful and actual web platform BTC traders. The possibilities of the service allow you to sell and buy cryptocurrency, exchange it for fiat money, and cash them out on payment cards, make bank transfers and use the Crypto Capital system. Special mobile applications for Android and IOS were also launched. Below we describe all the Cex.io features in details.

Advantages of the exchange

Why do many traders prefer Cex.io? There are several reasons for this, including a simple and fast registration, an understandable interface of the resource itself, the ability to immediately acquire a cryptocurrency at any time, observe the history of transactions, a calculator and so on.
The advanced functionality of the terminal is provided. Long expectations are not for Cex.io: the function Fill-or-Kill allows you to make a deal immediately after the offering placement, so the process of buying and selling will not take much time.
Can I trade on the exchange without verificatiDashboardon? Sure, but the withdrawal amount will be limited. For verified users, two-factor authentication is provided which indicates a serious level of security. Cold storage of coins is used to protect the service.

The exchange supports several languages at once. In addition to Chinese and English, you can use Russian, Italian, Spanish and even Portuguese version. However, the most of the documentation is in English, but as practice shows, this does not cause any inconvenience.

Financial characteristics

Service Cex.io allows you to work with such types of cryptocurrency, as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash. In the list of fiat money, euro, US dollars, and rubles are listed. The most preferred pairs are BTC / USD, BCH / USD. The fee is from 0.16% to 0.25%. If you decide to work with this exchange, you should know that the demo account isn’t provided as well as training. It is necessary to replenish the balance with fiat money or bitcoins and start working.
As for the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal, Visa and MasterCard, SWIFT and SEPA payment systems are used for this purpose. The binding of one or more cards is done with the help of the card manager. All information is reliably protected by the PCI DSS certificate; the Exchange also offers to use its own payment system called Crypto Capital.
In the days of the exchange functioning as a pool for cloud mining, it was possible to transfer funds through the vouchers Cex.io. The voucher allowed purchasing a certain amount of pool capacity for mining. Owners of vouchers can now compensate for the cost. To this purpose, you need to enter the code in a row on the finance page. Do not purchase Cex.io vouchers at the sales and third-party sites!

Legal Aspects

Headquarters Cex.io is located in London at 1-5 Clerkenwell Road on the second floor of the office building. The company is registered in the UK. Its registration number is 08757996. Several financial institutions with a serious reputation have issued their licenses to Cex.io, for example, Kyte Consultants Ltd. In the section “Legality and Security” you can learn about it.
In its work, the exchange follows strictly the principle of KYC (Know Your Customer). Its idea is in confronting to money laundering and scrutinizing the personality of each participant in the system. The behavior of users, their transactions, amounts of payments are constantly monitored, and in the case of the slightest suspicion of prohibited activities, the client is denied forever or until the proceedings on a particular issue are completed.
In the article, only important issues of Cex.io review are highlighted. As it has been already mentioned, the exchange provides full information about itself in several languages, therefore, more details about its functioning can be found on the official website. There is feedback via email. Also, Cex.io has got accounts on the most popular social networks and 24-hour technical support.