Case Study: SingulaityNET

Case Study: SingulaityNET


Project name: SingulaityNET

Case specification: a platform for AI solution creation, exchange and trading

Project target: the hard capitalization is 36 mln USD

The team:
The team members of the project are highly professional. These are rather passionate researchers and scientists driven by idea than businessmen. The head of the project is Ben Goertzel. He founded OpenCog AGI and is one of the most well-known scientists from across the globe. Dr. David Hanson is the Co-founder of SingularityNET, his company Hanson Robotics is the place where Sophia has been developed.

About the project:
Founders of the project dream of creating a global blockchain working platform that will bring together AI developers, merchants and consumers from all over the world. They want to create a digital home for projects that may not be of commercial use but may have impacts on scientific development, as well as a home for computer scientists from developing countries – to give them the real chance to launch their developments and present them internationally. And that is about the philosophy of SingularityNET.

Now lets talks about the project business wise. A special algorithm of the project will wrap AI and make it easier for performing communications, while automation tools will help to link together different AI developments. The platform will be used for trading too. Any developer will be able to find fast and easy the right company for selling his AI applications build with SingularityNET. The smart contract system will ensure safety of all transactions across the globe.

Features of this ICO:

Let’s discover how SingularityNET managed to reach the full capitalization in less than one month.

The project has a very strong marketing, since this summer founders of SingularityNet have presented the world the first humanoid robot called Sophia. This was in all the news from Russia to Emirates. One can imagine that the company that stands behind such innovative developments surely is an expert in AI and can be trusted.

The target of the founders was rather modest for high end level goal they have put up for SingularityNet. We consider it fair that the token generation campaign didn’t set up sky-high targets – this is another key selling point that proves credibility of the project.

It is worth mentioning that several big IT companies have already pronounced that they are supporting the project. Huawei and Intel are in the list of the past customers.