Case Study: KICKICO

Case Study: KICKICO

Lesson from a Russian start-up that raised 19 $ million in 24 hours

Symbol: Kickcoin
Crowdsale period: August 29, 2017 – September, 16 2017
Funds raised: 84635 ETH  (mission – 50000 ETH, hard cap – 100 000)
Initial price: 1 ETH = 3000 Kickcoins
Country: Russia
Native token: Kickcoin.ERC20 based on Ethereum.
Time: project development started in 2015. In 2016, the alpha version of the platform was launched. In 2017 founders launched the beta version.


The team’s list includes over 20 people. The founder and CEO of the project is Anti. A. Danilevsky. He has extensive experience in the gaming industry and is the founder of the gaming company RFP LLC, he is also an expert in crowdfunding. The financial director of the project is Alexander Petrov, a professional in wholesale business. In 2011, he sold his retail trade system for $ 11 million. In KICKICO Petrov is engaged in running and creation of financial models. The development team also includes: technical director and solidity-developer Andrey Perepelitsa, back-end developer Peter Yakimchuk and Chief Business Developer Dmitry Raskladka.


A significant figure in the advisory council is Eyal Hertzog, the co-founder of Bancor, a platform for the instant exchange of ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum.  Key members of Qoin, Ithacash, Coinhills, News BTC are on the list of advisors too.

About the project:

KICKICO is a platform that enables business owners to raise additional funds for their projects using blockchain. In other words KICKICO is a platform for cryptocurrency crowd funding. KICKICO was created to solve problems of market fragmentation, the spread of cryptocurrencies on various exchanges, fraud and restrictions during token crowdsales across the globe. The platform is an aggregator of projects that enables creators and users to receive benefits and exclude risks. ICO founders can save time and money for advertising campaigns. The platform offers services ranging from moderation to smart contract creation. While users get the opportunity to participate in the life of the KICKONOMY community.

Why invest in KICKICO?

  • It is an Ethereum based platform, the project uses smart-contracts to exclude participation of regulators and third parties (banks, payment systems, etc.).
  • The project has low commission interest rate. Founders will get from 4 to 8% of Kickcoins distributed among the investors of the project.
  • Integration with the Bancor protocol solves the problem of insufficient liquidity. A smart token can be exchanged at any time for any ERC20 token.