Case Study:

Case Study: the company offers complex approaches to implementation of blockchain solutions into businesses providing end-to-en support starting from the development of strategic plan to the deployment of product.
Symbol: EOS
Crowdsale period: June 26, 2017 – June 1, 2018. Crowdsale was divided to two periods. First period was lasted from June 26, 2017 to July 1, 2017
Funds raised: $185 million (651.902 ETH) which bring the project the glory of the second biggest initial coin offering in the market of cryptocurrency.
Country: Cayman Islands registered company
Native token: EOS (ERC-20)y

Time: There are no details about the investment process and history. was introduced in May 2017.

Team: The developing staff consists of 21 people. Brendan Blumer acts as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been acting on the cryptocurrency market since 2014 with invaluable experience in digital currency trading within a large variety of MMORPGs in the United States, Hong Kong as well as India. Daniel Larimer performs as the Chief Technical Officer. He is known as the founder of the distributed exchange BitShares, co-founder of Steemit. Inc. He also has the experience acting as the Chief Technical Officer in Steemit as well as the Chief Executive in Cryptonomex, Inc.

Among the partners of the Block.One startup is Brock Pierce – an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, Bitcoin Foundation Chairman, one of the most respectful co-founders of Blockchain Capital together with Ian Grigg, Ricardian Contract creator as well as the Triple-Entry Accounting co-inventor.

About the project:

The key objective of is to develop innovative EOS.IO software. The essential aim of such software is support of decentralized blockchain-powered apps of the similar look or feel as web-supported apps, but providing the opportunity to utilize all the opportunities of blockchain solutions. It means the software offers a transparent, secure, integral, fast and cheap way for business development. opens the possibilities of blockchain for any businesses.

EOS.IO is supposed to be accessible for anybody which means third parties will get the opportunity to utilize the software while developing different own blockchain platforms and modifying it depending on the needs after the launching. The most valuable characteristic of EOS.IO software relies on its ability to solve the problems connected to exaggerated fees for participants and limited computational power. Those holding more than 15% of project’s tokens will get the capability to create new blockchains based on the existing software. Now the Block.One project remains on the stage of development and doesn’t offer any finished product.


EOS.IO software doesn’t charge any transaction fees from users meaning the developers of projects relying on the EOS.IO get the opportunity to imbed own monetization schemes without demanding participants to pay.

The EOS.IO offers effectiveness and usability ensuring fast transactional processing (up to millions of transactions per second), simple upgrade as well as parallel operation. relies on the principals of Proof-of-stake idea. It means that every tokenholder will be able to produce blocks and choose block producers through the system of voting. The production of blocks can be predetermined by the received votes.

The last but not the least feature lies behind the project’s nature. doesn’t offer one more blockchain platform: it provides the tool for tokenholders who will utilize it to launch own blockchains with due consideration of their demands and needs. ICO features: became the second biggest initial coin offering in the history in terms of the amount of collected funds despite some ambiguous claims, contained in the Whitepaper. Investors made a decision to contribute to the project even taking into account the fact that the ICO revenue will be the property of and will be used at the company’s sole option. You may stumble at the credibility as well as the intentions of the founders as the company has the Cayman Islands registration. Despite names of the Chief Executive and Chief Technical being available to the public, the actual staff of the company remains unknown.

What are the key secrets of success?

  1. One of the essential reasons of being able to raise $185 million in 5 days is the introduction of revolutionary software solution. EOS.IO offers unique and exclusive solutions with no rivels on the market.
  2. One more reason of contributors’ concernment is the dependence between the amount of tokens owned by the tokenholder and the computational power as well as storage for blockchain network based on the EOS.IO software. It means the more tokens you have, the more storage capacity you get.
  3. One of the interesting facts about the Block.One ICO is its duration. While most ICOs offer short term tokensale, Block.One is supposed to last a year which means the users can purchase tokens when they want. During the PR campaign the founders used this feature as the strong advantage of their project claiming Block.One to be one of the fairest token distribution startup.
  4. 90% of tokens will be distributed among the contributors, while Company will get 10%. Thanks to the long sales period the potential contributors get the possibility to estimate the Block.One project. But it worth noting that the token price is not fixed and depends on the correlation with the prices on the market.
  5. The intention of the project is to spend collected funds for development of blockchain consulting business and introduce other open source software products with the focus on decentralized applications.