Calendar for October: Blockchain events you can’t miss

Calendar for October: Blockchain events you can’t miss

Let’s look through five most exiting events dedicated to blockchain technologies of October from all over the globe.

ICO Event London

When: October 11, 2017
Where: London, United Kingdom

ICO Event London is considered to be among the range of the largest events in the blockchain world where the most fiercely debated topics in ICO were brought up. Among the discussed issues were the processes of ICO launching, the most profitable blockchain projects for investment or how to start own blockchain-powered business. The most respectful specialists, venture contributors, lawyers and the most successful project founders of the blockchain and cryptocurrency field offered insights into the most recent market reports and analysis. Eric Benz Managing Director at CryptoPay; Lex Sokolin, Partner at Autonomous Research; David Siegel, Business-Agility expert at Twenty Thirty were among the attendees of ICO Event London.

Blockchain Summit Amsterdam

When: October 17, 2017
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The main objective of the Blockchain Summit which took place in Amsterdam was practical information interchange with the focus on experts of the ICO and blockchain environment. The main substantive items on the agenda were the use of distributed ledger solutions, implementation of infrastructure of smart contracts into the blockchain-powered projects, the provision of protected and fast transactions. The program of the event also included meetings with the most authoritative government officials with the aim to introduce solutions to peculiar government issues and problems.

Blockchain for Finance Conference

When: October 3-4, 2017
Where: Dublin, Ireland

Blockchain for Finance Conference hosted twenty-five most qualified and experienced speakers who shared their unique experience and knowledge in the form of analytical presentation materials. Panel Discussions and Workshops were also the part of the program. Over 250 attendees of the event had pleasure to enjoy more than 8 hours of efficient cooperation and networking. Among the speakers of the Blockchain for Finance Conference were Hyperledger leaders, including the Executive Director of the company, Brian Behlendorf, David Dalton, working for Deloitte, Moiz Kohari and Swen Werner from State Street, Chris Mager, the member of BNY Mellon together with Jean Devambez of BNP Paribas.

Crypto Economics Security Conference

When: October 2-3, 2017
Where: Berkeley, USA

The Crypto Economics Security Conference was devoted to issues of blockchain protocols economic protection, among which are game theory, incentive, algorithms and market design. The list of event speakers included Leemon Baird, the Chief Technical Officer of the Swirlds Incorporation, Joshua L. Boehm, Associate Attorney of Perkins Cole Limited Liability Partnership as well as Benedikt Bünz, the Doctor of Philosophy of the Computer Security department of Stanford. The program of the event covered topics such as token economics, the solutions to Escrow Protocols for Cryptocurrencies, the issues of Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin-based Ecosystem and many others.

M0: The First Swiss Blockchain Conference for Asset Management

When: October 17-18, 2017
Where: Zug, Switzerland

Participation in networking events hosting the path-breaking companies and experts of the blockchain world is the fundamental principle of the blokchain industry development. The conference lasted for two days with the program including panel discussions, particular case studies as well as audience sessions. The main objective of the Swiss Blockchain Conference is contact establishment where developers, founders, managers and other experts of the industry can efficiently cooperate for the common good of the field. Johan Gevers, the Chief Executive of Monetas, Dr. Gavin Wood, the founder as well as the Chief Technological Officer of Parity Technologies together with Sam Chadwick, Director Risk and Innovation Thomson Reuters were the most respectful and authoritative performers of this conference.