Calendar for November: the best blockchain events of the month

Calendar for November: the best blockchain events of the month

In this round-up we’ve collected TOP 5 most exiting events of November in the ICO and blockchain world. China and Portugal, Canada, the United Kingdom and Cyprus hosted the most interesting events you cannot ignore.

Web Summit 2017

the Summit took place in the capital of Portugal during 6-9 November. Forbes, one of the highly respected and authoritative weekly magazines of the globe covering business and financial events, says Web Summit 2017 is among the most prominent events in the digital technologies world. It claims to be among of the best technical summits and conferences. Above 60 thousand participants from all over the globe became attendees of the meeting. Around one thousand speaker meetings were included into the program list of the Summit. Among the attendees were Margrethe Vestager – a Danish politician, serving as the European Commissioner, Stewart Butterfield, an entrepreneur and businessman from Canada, known as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Slack, Steve Huffman acting as Chief Executive Officer of Reddit – one of the most popular news platforms in the web. Representatives of Oracle, Intel corporation together with other market leading organizations also took part in the event.

2017 Asia Blockchain Application Congress

The Congress was held in Shenzen, China between 9-10 November, organized for Government organizations involved in researches, providers of services using blockchain solutions, data collectioning centers together with risk management establishments. The opening day of the event was dedicated to the analysis of blochchain technologies policy. During the second day application technologies were reviewed. Among the speakers were highly regarded activists such as BD Director Hoqu, UnionPay’s Electronic Payment Research Institute director, and Head of Global Partnerships of Brickblock.

Fintech World Forum 2017

The UK capital – London became the home city for the forum dedicated to the latest financial technical developings on the 21th and the 22th of November. Over 300 llisteners participated in the Forum. 25 speakers from KPMG, CapGemini and IBM covered different essential topics of the industry such as

  • Latest tendencies in interntional financial technical market
  • Innovative functions of financial technologies in digital banking services
  • implementation of crowdfunding as the next stage of financial technologies
  • Regualtory difficalties facing financial technologies organizations and banks

Blockchain EXPO North America 2017

The event took place in Canada during 29 and 30 November. It is considered to represent one the largest events devoted to the blockchain technology in the North America. During the event interactive panel discussions together with various solution-based case researches were involved with the main focus landing on analyzing and enhancing partnership relations within Blockchain environmebt. The program included a round-up of the most promising fields for blockchain implementation, including legal industries, financial services, medical and healthcare areas, insurance field, energy, musical, governmental, real estate etc.


Decentralized conference became the first dedicated events in Europe with the main focus on the methods and ways of blockchain solutions implementation into business and political sectors. The event took place between the 2nd and 3rd November bringing together the most authoritative leaders, executives and qualified professionals. The existing trends and upcoming researches in the area of blockchain technologies were among discussed issues of Decentralized.