C3C Network: a new concept in the advertising industry

The Internet is a source of information, but first of all this environment is used for business and advertising. Companies that prefer modern advertising tools, that is announce their products and services on the Internet urgently need the creators of content. To copywriters, designers, the authors of video presentations and other specialists of this direction could effectively cooperate with advertisers, and the latter with consumers, a reliable system that would meet modern requirements is needed. 

Blockchain perfectly fits the standards of the advertising industry and allows you to unite all three links - creators of content, advertisers and customers - into one continuous economic chain. Interaction in this triangle does not require the third-parties. Consumers can award authors, tokenize their data and provide personal records only on their own initiative. Thus, new technologies make the way for the future, where information is under reliable protection and no one is able to change it. 

The new platform will optimize the financial interaction of all ecosystem participants, which is very important, since the traditional scheme is much outdated and does not correspond to the realities of the present day. First, the need for online content is growing, and publishers cannot compensate for subscriptions or paid material. Secondly, according to statistics, advertisers overpay at least 50% due to fraud in the system due-to-click. 

Token C3C 

The project cryptocurrency is C3C token. Initially, this asset is issued based on the ERC20 standard, i.e. has a direct relationship to Ethereum, but after the launch of MainNet digital coins will be transformed to the native, C3C blockchain tokens. 

As for its peculiarities, C3C does not belong to the speculative group of cryptocurrencies. It is a tool for cooperation within a system in which players from all three groups (content creators, advertisers and consumers) interact actively. The token is used: 

  • As a reward to authors of content from consumers
  • As a fee for participating in campaigns from advertisers to consumers
  • For consumers to receive their fees for providing access to data 

To get tokens C3C, one is able to use the following ways: 

  • Buy them during ICO
  • Take part in Airdrop
  • Purchase for other currencies
  • Pay for them with cash 

C3C Wallet and the principle of data exchange 

Storage and management of virtual capital in the project tokens is carried out on the basis of a special C3C consumer wallet designed according to the features of the network. The assets are at the disposal of the owners and can be transferred during the transactions without intermediaries. 

Info exchange between consumers and suppliers also made without the participation of third parties. Data profiles are created and controlled safely and easily. At any time, you can choose in favor of the most attractive and profitable offer and do not waste time on unnecessary views and comments. 

As a framework for the operation of the C3C Consumer Wallet, MIT's proprietary openPDS9 technology is used. This database allows you to collect, store and provide on a third party request the amount of information that is necessary for a particular purpose. 

Requests are made using the SafeAnswers system. This function reliably protects metadata and helps receive a certain amount of information. Also the method is aimed at solving the problem of complex anonymization: the system is intelligent and asks the questions and counts the answers on its own, excluding the leakage of confidential records. 

How the protocol of interaction works can be shown on the example of the case when the advertiser plans to conduct a survey. For participation in it, the consumer will get a certain reward. The consumer wallet receives a message, and as soon as the task is completed, the amount will be transferred to the account. The same system works with other tasks, for instance, video views, post on social networks, etc. 


The first stage of the road map was implemented in September 2017. Namely then the launch of CryptoCoin.News took place. In 2018, the strategy began to be implemented more dynamically, and in June the C3C Airdrop was announced and held. The ICO started in August, and according to the C3C plan the blockchain and wallet will be presented in April 2019. At the final stage, i.e. by December 2019, the integration of the C3C with 100 partners will take place. 

The team 

Rafael Vieira, Tobias Ratschiller and Simon Cocking are co-founders of the project. The team of technical specialists includes young and ambitious Md. Al - Amin, Basit Raza and Pawan Panwar. They perfectly know the structure of the blockchain and are actively working on launching the revolutionary C3C Network. 

The crew of CryptoCoin.News Anchors includes ladies - Hellen Moss, Maria Vovchok and Idy Tanndy as well as a gentleman Stan Przhegodsky. Anton R. is a video editor, Sergey K. deals with illustrations and Bob S. works as the studio director. 

The list of advisers is rather large. Among them, you can see David Drake who founded LDJ Capital, Hrish Lotlikar, famous of being a chief of the numerous successful business projects, Andrea Taini, known for the founding of Multiversum, and the fourth generation blockchain and many others.