Buy bitcoin instantly

Buy bitcoin instantly


Table of content

  • Why Bitcoins?
  • Why is it worth buying Bitcoin?
  • Where to begin?
  • Options where to buy bitcoins instantly
  • What is better not to do?
  • How to do it right?

Just a few months bitcoin was estimated at 8 thousand dollars, then rose to 10-11 thousand, then fell sharply, and then – rose again, as a result, such jumps attracted huge attention to cryptocurrencies: according to Google Trends service, three percent of all queries related to cryptocurrency account for “purchase bitcoin instantly”.

With the advent of cryptocurrency, its active introduction to the masses, and the growth of popularity, many people decided to invest in Bitcoin. This rapid growth in popularity is easy to explain. The currency opens unlimited opportunities for earning, saving, investing as well as paying for goods and services in a global marketplace. The only question is how to properly buy cryptocurrency, and which purchasing options would be best for prospective investors .

Why Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency, which differs favorably from paper “bros”. Its appearance opened a lot of perspectives for users – the ability to make a quick transfer of money anywhere in the world, no restrictions, a minimum of commissions and so on. Special popularity of the cryptocurrency was found in the CIS, where everyone could learn the subtleties and advantages of financial freedom.

Why is it worth buying Bitcoin? – It’s simple

– All transactions committed within the system are anonymous. To make a payment, you do not need to disclose personal information, which allows you to act incognito. For this reason in many countries cryptocurrency has faced many restrictions and even bans.

– Bitcoin can be easily convert into fiat money and vice versa. You can find a lot of services on the Internet

– Bitcoin is an independent cryptocurrency that can be used to bypass any restrictions and sanctions. Even if the property is confiscated for one reason or another, cryptocurrency will remain in use and can be cashed at any time.

– Cryptocurrency has the ability to be divided in many small parts, which opens up new business opportunities. For example, you can get a ten- or a hundred-thousandth share of fiat money.

– Minimal commissions or their absence. When making transactions on the network, the commission is minimal or there is none at all. In addition, there are no restrictions and the need for subscription fees. Commission fees are most often levied only when making small transfers.

– Irreversibility. After sending the cryptocurrency, it is not possible to return it. The operation can not be challenged or frozen.

Where to begin?

To buy Bitcoin, you need to start with the main thing – to create a purse where the accumulated currency will be stored. Here you can choose one of two options:

– A classic way. It means visiting the official Bitcoin site, selecting the appropriate storage type, downloading and installing the program on the computer. After that, it remains to obtain the necessary address and use it to accumulate funds. Advantages of this method are simplicity and high speed of registration. The disadvantage is the need to take care of the security of the storage personally and protect it from attacks by intruders. In the purses of this type, a set of keys for accessing the cryptocurrency will be stored off-line on your computer or hard disk. And even better – on a separate carrier, which is now called a hardware purse. They cost from $ 100 to $ 130, look beautiful, but you should think about the “cold” purse only if you have a lot of currency. Next, we will consider the “hot” type of purses.

– A way for beginners or “Hot” way. People who do not want to spend time on the security of their PC and the safety of funds, use another way – create an online wallet. To do this, it is sufficient to use one of the existing services (for example, Blockchain), to undergo the registration procedure, to confirm it and to receive the Bitcoin-address. In such wallets your bitcoins will always be available online, you can at any time spend it. The leader among such wallets is, it is also convenient to use Jaxx. In both cases, immediately after registration, you will be asked to choose the currency that you are going to store. Click on “BTC” – this is bitcoin, like the dollar is USD or ruble is RUB. If you register with a computer, then do not forget to install the application on the phone after that.

The received figures can be used further for registration of transactions and payment for services on the Internet.

Options where to buy bitcoins instantly

How to buy Bitcoin? There are several options:

  1. Purchase of cryptocurrency on Webmoney. To complete the transaction you will need a registered account in the payment system and receive a certificate (not lower than the formal one). The advantage of the method is that you do not need to make out the Bitcoin purse separately – it is created in the personal cabinet of Webmoney. It’s about the purse WMX, which is the equivalent to Bitcoin. You can store funds in it and later use the cryptocurrency.

After completing the WMX purse, it can be replenished in two ways – by exchanging to Bitcoin any other currency that is in your wallet, or through website exchanger.

The main advantages of buying Bitcoin on WebMoney – simplicity, high speed of operation and reliability. Minus is the availability of commission for conversion, as well as the inability to purchase another cryptocurrency, except Bitcoin.

  1. Purchase of a currency on the exchange. Experienced traders and just connoisseurs of Bitcoin recommend buying at one of the many exchanges. One option is BTC-e. Initially, the site was created only under Bitcoin, but over time, other cryptocurrencies appeared on it. To buy the necessary amount, it is enough to go to the section of trades and open the order. The main advantages of the method are the minimum commission. Disadvantage is a small number of ways to replenish accounts in US dollars and rubles.
  2. Purchase of a cryptocurrency through a Forex broker. To buy Bitcoin in this way, you should do the following:

– Pass the registration procedure on the relevant site (in the brokerage company);

– Open a trading account and set a suitable margin (trading leverage). Once the operation is completed, it is necessary to download the trading platform for work;

– Deposit funds to the terminal account. There are many options for replenishment (it is enough to choose one of those that fits most);

– Acquire the necessary amount of Bitcoins through the trading platform.

The main requirement is to give preference to proven companies that have proven consistency and reliability. Plus this method is reliability (with the right choice of the broker), no need to create an offline wallet, as well as the possibility of leverage, which allows you to receive more revenue with a minimum amount of funds on the account.

But there is a drawback: this option is hardly suitable for beginners, who find it difficult to understand the nuances of the platform and its secrets. Do not forget about another minus is a high level of risk.

What is better not to do?

Many users of the crypto network prefer the “ancient” way – buying Bitcoin directly. The principle is simple. One user, who plans to exchange cryptocurrency, finds a person ready to buy it at a certain price. Once all the details are agreed, a transaction is made. The advantages of such an exchange are obvious – the minimum commission. But this plus is more than offset by the risk of being left without money, because various schemes of fraud have not been canceled. If you choose such a method, it is important to carefully consider the choice of the second party of the transaction as well as examine the available feedback and terms of exchange.

How to do it right?

Portal Localbitcoins is suitable for those who want to buy bitcoin instantly, anonymously and without further obligations. This is not a stock exchange, but a bulletin board for buying and selling bitcoins. Unlike other exchanges, trade here is anonymous. Plus this approach is that you do not need to open an official account on the exchange, confirm your documents and make a deposit, as well as pay a commission fee to the exchange. You pay for bitcoins directly to the seller, and the set of payment options is huge – you can transfer money through PayPal, transfer from card to card, by bank transfer. You can even change the bitcoins to an Amazon gift card or transfer money personally.