Businesses that accept bitcoin
Businesses that accept bitcoin

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Most well-known companies that accept bitcoin

What companies accept bitcoin in Russia?


Today we will talk about companies that accept bitcoin.  Today Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency, which for many Internet companies and exchangers has become a worthy alternative to the dollar. Bitcoin was preferred even by such giants as CheapAir and Microsoft.

But most organizations that accept cryptocurrency as payment, do not directly work with it. They attract intermediaries who provide services for a certain percentage. Trading firms still perceive virtual money rather cautiously. But they see that more and more of their customers consider Bitcoins an alternative to traditional currency.

There are ten most well-known companies on the market where customers can pay with Bitcoins:

  1. Microsoft. The supporters of the cryptocurrency were enthusiastic about the news about the Bitcoin payment acceptance, because it opened up great prospects for the market. The process went without any difficulties, except for the commotion at the beginning of the year, when the company’s blog by mistake announced that it stopped accepting cryptocurrency. To implement the calculations, a special MicrosoftOnline account was created. Customers deposit it with a cryptocurrency, for which you can buy games, music and various mobile applications. However, there are restrictions on goods of a material nature, for example, equipment and copies of software. But, users hope that in the foreseeable future the situation will change.
  2. Dell. This company, in the past, Microsoft’s main rival, also saw the prospect in Bitcoins. As a result, customers can buy on its website any commodity with cryptocurrency, not excluding tangible assets. And buyers who have an account on Coinbase, can use it to make payments. So, they minimize their commission costs, since the reward of the miners is one percent of the payment amount.
  3. Expedia. It is a well-known tour operator which works through Coinbase. Anyone can pay for his services with the Bitcoins. If the client for some reason refused to travel, then the refund is made in US dollars.
  4. This company, the first of the giants of online trading, began to take the cryptocurrency. Her leader is known as an active supporter of virtual money. The peculiarity of the Internet giant is that it does not translate all receipts in cryptocurrency into fiat money.
  5. Newegg. The company positions itself in the market as a hot supporter of electronic money. Its specialization is the implementation of computer and other electronic equipment. Until recently, the company gave all customers using Bitcoins a 10% discount on the goods. Currently, such an action has already been completed, but the firm continues to promote the cryptocurrency.
  6. DISH Network. The organization is one of the leaders in the market of satellite television and content services. Already for two years, customers can pay Bitcoins. And the organization generously provides various bonuses to customers, which are calculated in cryptocurrency. Acceptance of payments is through Coinbase.
  7. Rakuten is also one of the companies that accept bitcoin. The Japanese online trading company actively supports Bitcoin. In 2015, it offered cryptocurrency holders an extremely favorable terms of cooperation. Customers using Bitcoins to pay for the goods automatically receive a discount of 30 percent for any product presented on the resource. At the moment, such an action is no longer valid. In the past month, the company’s management announced its intention to purchase Bitnet. This firm is an intermediary that processes payments received in the cryptocurrency. While organizations are negotiating among themselves, it is too early to assess the consequences of such a step. Users have reason to believe that the giant of online trading plans on the basis of Bitnet to create a platform for the implementation of new loyalty programs.
  8. TigerDirect. It is a new company, already well-known on the market, specializing in the implementation of electronics. The company made a bet on Bitcoin and its calculation was justified. During the first year and a half of its work, half of its buyers were users of virtual money. The resource has a special section, which details how to make a payment using a virtual currency. The calculations are carried out through an intermediary – the BitPay platform. The option of partial payment is available to customers. So, if there is not enough cryptocurrency to make a purchase, the customer can withdraw the missing amount from the credit card.
  9. CheapAir is another tour operator, who started taking Bitcoins back in 2013. Today, calculations can also be made in the Dogecoins and Litecoins. To proceed payment is very simple, you need to do just two clicks. As an intermediary, the Coinbase Exchange enters.
  10. Sacramento Kings. It is a famous in America basketball club, a member of the NBA, was the first of the major market participants who started using Bitcoins. This is very convenient for users who do not need to take cash with them to make bets. Just a few months later his initiative was picked up by a football club called San Jose Earthquakes.

What companies accept bitcoin in Russia?

  1. Of the recent news – a network of fast food restaurants Burger King has released in Russia, voppercoin, it’s cryptocurrency on the Waves blockchain platform. The coin was named after the most popular burger “Vopper”. Emitted 1 billion voppercoins and plan to transfer to customers one voppercoin for one bought “Vopper”. Customers can pay in voppercoins for orders within the loyalty program. The exchange rate of voppercoins has not yet been named, but the company’s management allows access to the crypto-exchange in the future.
  2. Again about food and at once a few catering establishments:
  3. Novikov Group in Moscow is testing payment in bitcoins at the Valenok restaurant. In June, the first visitor to the restaurant paid lunch in about 3000 rubles in BTC.
  4. In the south of the country, the restaurant “Rostov-papa” started taking bitcoins in payment. A cup of coffee was bought as the first order for bitcoins. The company predicts an increase in payment by the bitcoins in 2018. This is associated with the holding of matches of the World Cup in Rostov-on-Don and the growth of foreign visitors in the city.
  5. Mobile coffee house “Headquarters” in the lobby of the head office of Sberbank on the street Vavilov in Moscow started accepting bitcoins for payment about a year ago.
  6. In cafe-bars at the space “Key 10”, at the “Three-mountain Manufaktura” and at the “Red October” in Moscow, you can also have a snack for cryptocurrency.
  7. Continuing the theme of nutrition, it is important to mention the farm cooperative LavkaLavka, which takes as payment bitcoins for food and also produces its own cryptocurrency – a symbolic biocoin. Due to the receipt of the cryptocurrency, by the way, the company attracted the attention of the prosecutor’s office, but the department did not find any violations and everything turned out to be a warning.
  8. What online stores accept bitcoin? The large Russian online store “Yulmart” also states that it is about to start accepting payment in cryptocurrency, namely bitcoins. In this case, according to the management of the company, they will begin to sell goods for bitcoins more expensive (used cars and apartments).
  9. In Krasnoyarsk there is a store (a supermarket of electrical goods), which takes the cryptocurrency as well. You can pay for the goods with litecoins, bitcoins and dash. The list of types of coins in the company is going to expand to 10 most popular.


In general, while customers do not massively seek to pay off the cryptocurrency in the offline market. There are not much of such examples, and today another offline project that takes bitcoins or emits its own tokens is an object of interest. Companies use this fact to attract attention.

It can not be said that Bitcoin fully justified the hopes placed on it. After all, on his way there were many different obstacles. Nevertheless, it is impossible to underestimate the importance of the appearance of a cryptocurrency. And although not everything is obtained from the first time, but Bitcoin further develops. The number of its users, as well as companies that accept bitcoin, is increasing every day. And this once again vividly demonstrates the desire of people to use funds that are beyond the control of the authorities. From all of the above, a completely logical conclusion suggests that the number of companies accepting virtual money will only increase.