BlueOcean Ventures II - Volumina Medical

BlueOcean Ventures II  - Volumina Medical

Blue Ocean Ventures II is a VC project from Switzerland with a team of over 80 years of venture capital investment experience. Starting off as BlueOcean Ventures I, the company succeeded in investing in more than 30 successful projects related to the medical technology industry. Taking advantage of this success, the team began the BlueOcean Ventures II project in 2015. This second phase of the project will invest in Medtech (Switzerland), as well as in research and pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland and the EU. 

BlueOcean Ventures II offers a unique opportunity to invest in the form of security token offerings by creating a token platform called SwissVCToken. Through the STO platform, BlueOcean will sell its BOV Token, backed by real assets and based on the value of the existing 5 portfolio companies. Through this process, investors have the ability to participate in an already existing portfolio of outstanding ventures from the medical field.  

Volumina Medical, one of BlueOcean Ventures II portfolio companies, is an active project that is currently developing tissue reconstruction technologies for the reconstructive and plastic surgery markets. Volumina’s objective is to develop, manufacture, and commercialize highly innovative tissue reconstruction technologies, using the raised funds from the BOV token to further develop its technology. 

In today's cryptocurrency market there are not so many proposals that offer investment at a safe level of accommodation and real security of investment. BlueOcean Ventures II not only offers a safe investment, but also an investment in the highly profitable field of plastic medicine, which with a high level of probability confirms the seriousness of intentions, and is also easily proved by the company's previous experience. The startup closed its July 2018 seed funding round by raising the equivalent of $3.1 million. Blue Ocean Ventures ll led the financing round, which was joined by Zürcher Kantonal Bank and other private investors. Plastic medicine is a very promising direction, and BlueOcean Ventures II believes that Volumina is in a perfect position to capture a majority chunk of the booming $6.2 billion market. 

Yes, such conditions, of course, are not met every day. The minimum investment to purchase a BOV token is $1,000 USD. Investment access is carried out at any place with the help of a personal online profile, in compliance with the highest standards of reliability and security. Only the private sale is carried out with the possibility of performing cryptocurrency exchange transactions. Thus, limiting access for investments. 

All investments made are provided with real assets of 5 companies:

Ava Zurich, Switzerland

Luciole Medical Zurich, Switzerland

Rheon Medical SA Lausanne, Switzerland

Abionic Lausanne, Switzerland

Volumina Lausanne, Switzerland 

It is worth noting that the implementation of STO provides all the standards as for the ordinary initial public offering of shares, only instead of shares, domestic cryptocurrency assets are traded. The STO process started back in 2015, and at the moment, the volume of fiat funds is in the amount of $10 million. The goal of attracting a volume of equivalent funds is $ 75 million.

In 2019, BOV tokens will begin stock trading on various exchanges, and BlueOcean Ventures II will reach 6 startups, i.e. one more project will be added. 

The Blue Ocean Ventures II project team consists of seven people. The leader is Emmanuel de Watteville General Partner and Co-Founder, the general partner of Thomas Zehnder. The team has the appropriate qualifications and has already proved its competence and professionalism by real deeds and achievements.