Blockcloud ICO analysis

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Blockcloud ICO resume


Positive sides

Negative sides

Academic scientists and experienced start-upers in Blockcloud project team

Early stage of development without any proof of existence

Good hype rating showed in 30K Telegram followers

Roadmap is finishing on testnet launching; looks like there is no plans on further development


Internet of Things is a popular theme on crypto market; there are many project having their tokens and mostly clear roadmap (most successful of them – IOTA with development start in 2015).


Blockcloud ICO  has clear only technical whitepaper; there was  no presentation of marketing plans, financial plans etc.


Blockcloud ICO  tokenimics looks stable only on growing market. But on bearish market like actual it will probably has a collapse


Blockcloud ICO  launched in 2017-2018 had token price fall on market

How to participate

Conclusion: Blockcloud ICO has an interesting idea and strong team, but unclear development plan, strong competition from early-started IoT projects. And let’s note that projects started token listings in 2017-2018 had no market price rising. So, our recommendation is neutral/negative

Blockcloud announces only private sale without any dates. For participation investor must send a letter to email [email protected] ; this is only way.

Finished ICO’s of equivalent projects


Dates of ICO

Number of tokens

ICO Profit



12 Billion HDAC, total, 840 million investor supply; USD 20 Million raised (23% of hard cap)

Not listed yet?


December 2015

2,779,530,283,277,761 Iota



No ICO planned

25K ETH raised on private sale


10,000,000,000 IOTX


2,400,000,000 IOTX

Token was started trading from USD 0,03 and now it costs USD 0.03 with lower trend just from listing start.


Jan 01 2018- Jun 30 2018


50,000,000,000 MATE


15,000,000,000 MATE

No information yet


ICO ends 24th Jan 2016


288,765,852 CPC



No ICO information. Listing starts Feb 07 2018


921,800,000 RUFF

x1.55 from starting trading to the highest price levels

IoT Chain

No ICO information. Listing starts Jan 09 2018


60,204,425 ITC

Only lowering trend detected



Blockcloud is a project which presented by its founders as a hybrid of SCN (Service-centric networking) solution and blockchain technology in the TCP/IP-like protocol applied in Internet of Things (IoT) field. According the opinion of the Blockcloud team, their project can solve issues of many actual blockchain solutions - “frail connectivity, poor scalability, absent trust, cracked security and broken business models.”.

The Blockcloud solution consists from 5 components:

  • a layered that structure which will be allocated for blockchain integration,
  • Service Access layer for communication needs,
  • proof-of-service for the verification of servicers on the network
  • Compacted Directed Acyclic Graph (CoDAG) mechanism to make a log of transactions
  • a pricing mechanism called Truthful continuous double auction to account for fair distribution of services.

Blockcloud ICO has detailed technical whitepaper, but the testnet will be launched only in Q2 2019, and there are no GitHub links for project checking

Blockcloud ICO Roadmap

Roadmap is starting in Q1 2018 from concept preparation and finishing in Q2 2019 on testnet launching. So, there is no information about final release date – looks like project team has no clead plans of development

Blockcloud ICO Business Plan

Blockcloud ICO has no clear business plan, only token economics description. Total token supply will be 10 Billion.

Number of tokens plans to issue for release is 1.5 Billion, 20% (15% on private sale, 5% on ‘other sale without any information) of them will be released before including in exchanges’ listings, and two months after starting of exchanges’ listings, 10% will be sold every month. Release of tokens will be finished during 8 months.

A hard cap from private sale (15% of all token supply) equals USD 15 million. Full cap after all the sales was estimated as USD 80 million, but this estimation based on current token price.

The descripted tokenomics has one weak side – it can work only is the project will be popular during all the 8-month period, token price will grow and increasing token supply will not lower token price. In any other cases, 10% of token issuing each month will collapse tokenomics. But, because project is on early stage of development, and cryptomarket has now more bearish than bullish trend, according our opinion, this risk is sufficient.

Blockcloud ICO Marketing Strategy

Blockcloud ICO marketing plan is based on increasing Internet of Things value in our world. In 2022, there will be more than 22 Billion devices using Internet of Things, according founders’ opinion – and all their owners will be potential market participants for the project. Unfortunately, founders didn’t described how they plan to conquer all this market – despite of pack of competitors on the ICO market.

On the other side, there are 29K Telegram followers on the official channel, despite of the lack of any announced airdrops or bounty – so, the project can be named famous on the market.

Understanding the Target Audience

Target audience of the project consists from owners of devices with usage Internet of Things options – from fitness bracelets to smart homes etc. Founders believe in great potential of this market and they are forecasting 22 billion IoT devices in the world.

Competitive Advantage

Brief lookup of the ICO market can find more than 26 projects on the market in IoT segment which are close of far competitors of the Blockcloud ICO. Mostly interesting of them is HDAC which is supporting by Hyundai and raised USD 20 million during pre-sale and public TGE. HDAC will launch its first applications in 2018 and full launch was planned to 2019 – the same time with Blockcloud testnet launching.

Another IoT project – IOTA – launched in 2015, had x250 increase of token price, but now has not completed product yet.

Blockcloud ICO Team

Core team consists mostly from Chinese academic scientists from Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Other team members have a great experience in startup launching. Unfortunately there are no cryptocurrency/blockchain famous gurus neither in core team nor in advisors board.

Blockcloud ICO Verification

There were no answers in LinkedIn on project relationship verification questions

Project is associated with Oudmon company but there were no information in open sources about its management company.