Blockchain jobs: salary expectations and first steps to finding your dream job

Blockchain jobs: salary expectations and first steps to finding your dream job

As blockchain is on the rise, more and more people want to join the industry. For this reason it is essential to understand if salaries provided by blockchain jobs are worth the pain. Firstly, you need to choose the direction. Startup projects provide opportunities to express your creativity, allow co-founding as well as acquiring equity while jobs connected with large private sectors and governmental projects offer less freedom due to the strict regulations. The salary depends on your experience in the field. Entering startups with minimal experience brings no more than $55-80k. Large commercial organizations are likely to hire an experienced developer whose salary will be minimum $135K. It is also worth noting that salary level can vary depending on the country. For instance, in Russia developers can expect 3 and more times less.

To get a position of you dream in the industry of blockchain technologies, study our tips:

  1. Complete a list of organizations which you desire to work for. Write a letter describing all the benefits the employer can get hiring you.
  2. Try to contact to the right people. Visiting dedicated seminars and meetings can help in building a network of useful acquaintances.
  3. Take part in blockchain-related projects within GitHub. It may lead you to people who can help you.

Now let’s talk about the most interesting jobs offered by the companies operating on the blockchain market.

Position to be filled: Platform Developer

Organization: Blockchain
Location: London, the United Kingdom
Salary: Competitive

Requirements: Knowledge of Java and related data bases within the enterprise environment, working with big complex databases on the basis of financial format type. The applicant needs to understand special aspects of the use of custom frameworks, basic horizontal database partition. It is crucial to understand algorithms, be up to speed on object oriented analysis, types of data structures as well as databases and large-scale sites.

Position to be filled: Managing Director

Organization: CoinBase
Location: New York, the United States.
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: create a do-it-all team of developers, which will be responsible for managing transactional operations, risks, block trading. It will perform institutional trading together with GDAX customer support services. Establishing, measuring and administrating institutional exchanges with operate roundtheclock. Managing stuff, establishing the rules of team culture according to the Mission and Core Values of the company.

Position: Blockchain Engineer

Organization: Ford Motor Company
Location: Dearborn, the United States.
Salary: N/A

Requirements: the company is searching for a talented researcher with strategic vision. The main responsibility is leading and pioneering developments in the Blockchain field connected to mobility usecases which should help to enhance user experience. The company offers a possibility to become a part of extremely dynamic ecosystem encouraging a startup mindset together with transformational style of thinking most of all.

Position: COO of a blockchain startup

Organization: Blockwise
Location: London, the United Kingdom.
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: driving the direction, building the team together with product concepts which the company will develop and promote.
Requirements: experience in startups, information security area, biometrical researches, identity managing or cryptography field will be a benefit.

Position: Decentralized Systems Engineer

Organization: BigchainDB
Location: Berlin, Germany
Salary: 40-70 K

Responsibilities: designing, implementation, deployment, benchmarking as well as maintaining of distributive databases and software infrastructures. Co-planning and co-designing with the team in dynamic, transparent process of development. Experience in Python and distributed systems will be a plus.