Bitcoin wallet Apple: the best solutions for today

Bitcoin wallet Apple: the best solutions for today

Many iPhone and iPad owners are interested in what bitcoin wallet Apple to choose and install on their gadgets. Mobile devices are not actually just a means of communication. They perform various functions, including operations with financial assets. Cryptocurrency is accepted in many shops, it can be used to pay for various services, buy and sell other digital assets, and for this purpose it is enough to have a reliable application at hand.


Blockchain for iOS is the most popular wallet. The application is designed for making transactions, and more specifically it allows sending and receiving Bitcoin and Ethereum. Personal accounts are under constant control. Two-factor authentication is used to protect the wallet. PIN code is also provided. Blockchain is multilingual and provides 20 rates of cryptocurrency. There is a support for QR code. If necessary, you can find peer network participants who want to sell their bitcoins.


Coinbase is in great demand along with the above-described application. This program for the iOS operating system allows you to pay and buy not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin, as well as Ethereum. The wallet is used by more than 10 million people all over the world. The application has a convenient and intuitive design, allows you to constantly monitor the account, there is a support for QR-codes. Coinbase is often used to pay for goods and services. You can apply the PayPal payment system, as well as pay for crypto with your credit cards and use your bank accounts.

Checking the balance and transaction history on Coinbase is made immediately. The system allows not only tracking the rate of cryptocurrency, but also uses the notification system if changes occur. QR code is available for sending by email. The password protects the application, and if it happens that the iPhone is stolen, access to the Coinbase wallet will be disabled instantly. According to the version of 2017 Coinbase became the most reliable and convenient bitcoin wallet Apple.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a wallet app for the iPhone. This service was the best solution for those users who need a reliable store for cryptocurrency with the same name. As we know, Bitcoin Cash is one of the most successful forks of bitcoin and is actively used on the exchanges. You can replenish the storage in different currencies and then receive the BCH for it. For protection there is a PIN code.

Cold storage ensures access to assets in non-stop mode. The wallet can be registered on the basis of a social networking account, by the phone number or by an electronic mailbox. QR code support exists. You can access the application from any Apple device. The interface is multilanguage, convenient and very attractive. It is possible to buy the cryptocurrency using your credit card.


The name of the BitWallet application should be understood as Bitcoin Wallet, i.e. everything is very simple. The wallet is very convenient for storing Bitcoin and for displaying invoices, exchange rates, transaction history, etc. Apple Inc. recommends this program as a mobile storage for those who use Bitcoin Crane, engaged in investment or mining. The wallet is attached to the phone, so it is not necessary to register and report your personal data. BitWallet makes it possible to create several wallets at once, which can have different addresses.

Checking the balance will not only done in the main coin, but also in other cryptocurrencies. The application is based on the new AES-256 encryption technologies. Its memory does not store information about transactions and other data, because it is cleaned every time. Before the transfer, the information is encrypted using iCloud Backup. You can send payments from your phone. For saving transaction costs, you can create a SegWit address.


GreenAddress is a multi-platform wallet. Its advantages are confidentiality, security and convenient usage. Data backup is possible due to Mnemonics BIP39. The server and user share multi-address addresses, which greatly increases the level of security of virtual assets and personal information.

Transactions are confirmed quickly. However, developers of the Green Address have more work to do. For example, users see a not very user-friendly interface, and the mnemonic phrase must be still entered manually. But it is nothing compared to a good level of security and basic functionality of the application.


So, we've reviewed some applications that work like Bitcoin wallet Apple on your iPhones and iPads. Every day more and more new products appear in the App Store, new encryption technologies are being introduced, and security is increasing. But, despite all the innovations, experts advise storing large amounts of cryptocurrency in cold storage, for example, on the hardware wallets or at least use popular desktop applications with a full load of blockchain. In these cases, the access to your private keys for the third parties will be as limited as possible, when, like the most mobile applications, even popular and reliable ones provide storing keys on a remote server.