Bitcoin successfully continues not to pay attention at all skeptical opinions. What can we expect from crypto-currency in 2018?

Bitcoin successfully continues not to pay attention at all skeptical opinions. What can we expect from crypto-currency in 2018?

One of the most important recent news in the world of the digital economy is the announcement that in October a plan for the creation and implementation of a futures contract was made public. This system actively uses the blocking system.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin joined the fight in the trading about 8 years ago, it is still suffering from people’s distrust and rumors of suspicious fraud.

It is a turning point for Wall Street, including institutional investors and high-frequency traders, who sought to play on sharp fluctuations of the crypto-currency. As early as December 18, the Chicago CME Group can start trading bitcoin futures.

This is an additional push, a signal to institutional investors that digital money is a normal, healthy investment asset.

“Bitcoin Futures” is the brainchild of a successful businessman and former the CEO of the Chicago Exchange — Mr. Deffey. It can be safely stated that the attraction of bitcoin in work is the best solution for Deffy at the entire period when he was the general director.

At that time, there were different rumors and bad gossip about the CME Group. And in secret, the company was already actively engaged in the development of the system and planned the launch in the near future.

The CME said that futures will be tied to the existing price index, launched in 2016.

Not so long ago, CME discussed with the main investors the system of interaction of smart contracts with people. So, at the end of the spring of this year, at the conference in New York, the question of “fork” was raised — the possibility of creating another version of bitcoin by programmers who separated from the general company.

Given the more than 600% increase in the rate of bitcoin relative to the dollar, it may seem that such a decision was not made by chance. However, Terry Duffy explained that the decision was not due to the price change.

The general director said that he decided to launch urgent futures contracts for bitcoins in the wake of the growing interest of clients to the evolving market of crypto-currencies. Being the world’s largest state-regulated currency market, CME Group will be able to provide investors with transparency and the opportunity to insure risks in such transactions.

Skeptics are sure: this is a bubble that is ready to burst, but the apologists believe that for bitcoin this is just the beginning of a new way.

Terry Duffy himself admits that he is not sure at 100% in the success of this project, but he sincerely hopes that there are be people willing to participate and that’s why he launches the platform. Futures for Bitcoin is not as unambiguous as it might seem at first glance. This tool is only planned to be introduced to stock exchanges, therefore, after implementation, everything will depend on the behavior and attitude of institutional investors and major players.

If the result it will be really successful, then the bitcoin prices will already will increase in 2018.