Bitcoin future price prediction for 2018

Bitcoin future price prediction for 2018

We interviewed leading experts in order to find out what bitcoin future price prediction to expect in 2018. “The start of trading in futures on the CBOE and the CME exchanges allows investors to swing the instrument and make it very volatile, and it”s entirely possible that hedge funds decide to play and bring significant new money to the market. As for ordinary people, the money they have not yet ended, in addition, the US stock market is now on the rise, and as yet no one gets rid of the shares of Apple and Google to move into cryptocurrencies.

Pessimistic bitcoin price predictions

So, at present, there are still resources to increase the bubble, “the analyst of the Finam Group, Leonid Delitsyn, wrote. He believes that the pessimistic forecast of the head of JPMorgan Jamie Daymon, that the cryptocurrency will pull by $ 20 000, and then collapse with a crash, will come true this year. According to the expert, this year bitcoin will grow to $ 25 000, although by the New Year it will drop to $ 18-20. “The first collapse of the bubble, 25-30 percent in January, is a fairly typical phenomenon, starting with the real estate boom in Florida in the 1920s, but most likely bitcoin predictions show that it will survive for some time at $ 15-20,000 and new year “, – says Delitsyn.
Co-founder and partner in Nakamoto Capital Nikolai Ermakov, too, as a key factor in the growth of bitcoin, highlights the early launch of futures on him on US exchanges.

This will bring a lot of capital from institutional investors from the US such as investment banks and funds, large trading companies into the cryptocurrency market. “I believe that with a high probability of a rate of more than $ 20 000 for bitcoins, we”ll see in the first months of 2018, closer to the spring you can expect a cryptocurrency crisis that may happen because of the bankrupt of a huge number of ICO projects that of course will affect bitcoin price predictions. One and the crisis of the ICO market can affect positively the bitcoin rate, when from the ICO token market investors will run into bitcoin in digital gold, by analogy, as in the stock market in a time of crisis, investors are going to gold. Given the widespread legalization of the Crypto-currency, we are also more likely to see a $ 100,000 exchange rate as early as 2018, “he writes.
By Thursday lunchtime, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is about $ 405 billion, and bitcoine capitalization is about $ 260 billion with a price of $ 15.5 000, said analyst “Opening Broker” Timur Nigmatullin.

“Apparently, the market is finishing its development within the initial stage of the financial” bubble “and will turn into a real bubble in the foreseeable future. Based on the analysis of commodity markets and numerous bubbles in the history of mankind, the maximum size of a “bubble” of cryptocurrencies may be in the range of $ 0.9-2.5 trillion, and now it approaches the lower limit of these values. How accurate will bitcoin price prediction be at the end of this year or the beginning of the next, it”s hard to say. Extrapolating the dynamics of the last month, I will assume that about 2 times more expensive if the bubble does not burst, “- the expert predicts.

Passing the psychologically significant mark of $ 10 000.

Bitcoin reveals an interesting trend: any drawdown of more than 2% immediately redeemed, saw the senior analyst of IC “Freedom Finance” Vadim Merkulov.
“This trend is clearly traced after reaching the mark of $ 11 000. Passage of a psychologically significant mark of $ 10 000 has removed all barriers for investors to purchase cryptocurrency, “the analyst said “.
I believe that large players buy bitcoin as a hedging asset on short positions, which they will open with the help of futures for this cryptocurrency. Since December 10, this instrument will exhibit high volatility. However, the purchase of bitcoin will attract mass investors, who will use the bursts of volatility to obtain super-profits. Unfortunately, institutional investors have more experience and resources to manipulate the bitcoin course, and the imperfection of cryptoinstruments will only enhance this inequality. Thus, it is very difficult to make bicoin price predictions at the end of the year, “he explains.
In Merkulov”s opinion, it will be possible to make an adequate assessment after December 18 – then the movement of the course of this cryptocurrency and futures on it will become clear. “At the same time, based on information available at the moment, I assume that bitcoin at the beginning of the year could sharply reach $ 17-19 000 or fall to $ 7-9 000, if the market will receive news on the regulation of the cryptocurrency market,” suggested the expert .

Sharp correction, up to 40% does not exclude the managing partner of Tokenbox and The Token Fund Vladimir Smerkis. “The convergence of the cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets, so long awaited, can both inflate the bitcoin rate, and set both communities on a wave of caution. Secondly, at least five hardcore bitcoins are expected in December. December 17 – Super Bitcoin, on December 23, scheduled two, Lightning Bitcoin and Bitcoin Platinum, on Christmas promise the next advent of Bitcoin God, and on the eve of the New Year, December 31 – Bitcoin Uranium. Since forks are already proven, but very controversial way to do, as they say, a quick buck, it”s hard to say whether at least one of them will be worth attention. The New Year fuss, certainly, has already begun, “the manager explained.
Old analytical models don’t work anymore

Giving bitcoin price predictions at the end of 2017, according to the managing director of BCS Ultima Oleg Safonov, is almost impossible, at least because the usual analytical models for cryptocurrencies are inapplicable. One can only assume that the introduction of futures on the cryptocurrency will support the growing trend in December, while the fact of launching derivatives in the second decade may reduce the growth rate or even a small correction. Presumably, by the end of December, bitcoin could cost in the range of $ 16-19 000, that is, exceed one million rubles, says the expert.

He emphasizes that there is still no consensus that, in general, such bitcoins are currency or goods, the trade in cryptocurrencies remains largely unregulated, in some countries it is limited or prohibited. This week, South Korea”s financial regulator banned the trade in bitcoin futures, recognizing them as illegal.
“Also, it is not yet clear how the bitcoins will behave after the launch of the futures for cryptocurrency. Some hold the view that the launch of futures can lead to a smoothing of volatility, cooling speculative demand and, accordingly, to correct bitcoin. But there is another opinion, according to which the actual recognition of bitcoin by the investment community in the form of the launch of derivative instruments may, on the contrary, further spur the demand for bitcoin, as globally confidence in the cryptocurrency may increase. Moreover, when it comes to bitcoin future price prediction in the next year cryptocurrency can cost up to $ 40 000, and its current market capitalization soared to $ 250 billion, “the manager says.