Bitcoin forecast 2018 and further: what’s waiting for the number one cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin forecast 2018 and further: what’s waiting for the number one cryptocurrency?

The most memorable period in the history of the cryptocurrency was in 2017, and many experts rushed to do bitcoin forecast 2018 and even took a swing at a more distant perspective. Of course, the three-time increase in value inspired the optimists. Was it the maximum, or will the astronomical take-off of the course be repeated in the future? This information is very important for investors and those going to buy mining equipment.

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What constraints the BTC rate?

Why is bitcoin so volatile? First of all, the cryptocurrency is an absolute novelty in the financial world. What boldness to release some value that will not be controlled by government agencies! Undoubtedly, the governments reacted immediately to this case, and as soon as information on the containment or prohibition appeared, the rate fell. Let's take November 2017 as an example. One bitcoin was equal to 7 thousand USD. It seemed that it was the end. Then there will be only a fall. However, demand among people allowed the crypto coin to regain its height again.

Even skeptics admit the idea that in 2018 the BTC rate will be marked by growth. Instead of intuitive assumptions, it is better to look at the statistics and analyze all the factors that influence the depreciation.


Trading at all times is a factor that influences the formation of prices. It's all about its speculative move. For example, a wealthy investor or holder of a large number of bitcoins unexpectedly sells his virtual asset; the rate will fall with a full guarantee. However, this is not a reason for panic. Bitcoin at a lower, therefore, attractive price will find its customers. And again, the fact will raise its value. In practice, such cases have been observed. During the year 2017, when the price fell, then it went up necessarily.


The generation of virtual values on a home computer has long lost its relevance towards bitcoin. The growing index of difficulty and a large number of new participants in the process led to the fact that now mining requires a special technique and connection to the pool. It is interesting, but true: all these processes, although they can reduce the cost of the cryptocurrency, but soon the monopolization of the market will still happen due to the screening of ordinary miners. And this will have a positive effect on the stability of the exchange rate.

Human factor

What is a cryptocurrency? In fact, it does not represent anything from the material point of view. If, in the case of fiat money, you can at least secure guarantees from the state, touch crunchy bills or shine coins in your pocket, everything here is based on people's interest in bitcoin. Their task is to earn on the course of this cryptocurrency. Until then, there has been and still will be a bitcoin taking out at the time of its fall and mass buying up with its growth. Stability only suffers from it, but over time large crypto amounts will be concentrated on the accounts of a small number of holders as an asset for the long-term storage and the rate will also stabilize.

Positive aspects for bitcoin forecast 2018

So, after considering the negative factors affecting the bitcoin rate in 2018, we can conclude: the value, if it decreases, will not grow for long and will enlarge. The popularity of the cryptocurrency is not only lost, but is also growing, and this is already a positive premise. Researchers from the Czech Republic came to the conclusion that the more search queries regarding bitcoin appear, the higher its rate is. What else strengthens the position of virtual gold?


Utopian ideas about the existence of money without the state still remain fantastic. Anonymous cryptocurrency will probably take its place in the financial niche in the future, but as long as the state exists and controls the situation, they are looking for their interest in the cryptomarket. The ban is not a way out, but the competent control in different areas and obtaining a profitable part within reasonable are very realistic goals. High level of capitalization of the top 10 cryptocurrency is a real dream of state funds. Harmonious interaction of the state and virtual finance can positively affect the stability of the latter.


Even the experienced financiers are throwing up their hands and can not give an exact long bitcoin forecast. And it is the advantage of crypto. An incomprehensible, indefinite and so mysterious bitcoin attracts attention. Lots of messages, news, and conversations on TV as well as at ICO conferences have a positive effect on the dynamics of the course. While there is talk, bitcoin will be the favorite. As soon as social media posts and news articles run out, the coin will fall to the bottom. Investors need to listen attentively to the media, to catch the bull by the horns, in time to determine both the top and the bottom, but most importantly - have time to earn on a profitable course.

Bitcoin forecast 2020

So, the reasons for the growth and decrease in the cost of bitcoin are defined, but, as the weather forecasters say, "It is easy to predict the weather for a week, but it is difficult for tomorrow." No one can say with certainty what surprises will be met on the way. In the long term, the growth of the cryptocurrency will be affected by:

Growing interest

Increasing the number of participants in the cryptosystem is crucial. Now only 0.5% of people are active users of virtual money. The more people work with BTC, the stronger and reliable it will become.

Independence from the state

The state does not affect bitcoin. It cannot denominate it, and the coin is protected from inflation in a special programmed way. Also, it is impossible to select or reduce the number of coins produced artificially.

Investment attractiveness

The attractiveness of investments does its trick. In Western countries, financiers give the advice to invest in bitcoin to save their assets in the future. And it means that they trust the cryptocurrency.


And again we will talk about legalization. BTC future largely depends on how much the coin will be accepted by the states. If it is approved as an equal payment system, then it will not go underground and never come out of circulation.



Most experts, and not even from among the crypto enthusiasts, give an optimistic bitcoin forecast 2018 and for a longer period. As a conclusion, we would like to appeal to those who still consider the crypto money as a pyramid scheme, on which many investors throughout the world badly burned one day. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, and everyone can become a participant with the help of equipment. The more power you’ve got, the more chances of making payments are. Every participant plays a role of a micro bank. But with cloud mining you need to be more careful and make a contract with a reliable company, otherwise there is a risk to take part in the imitation of the process, investing in this pseudo business a lot of money.