Bitcoin faucet: easy money or hard work?

Bitcoin faucet: easy money or hard work?

What is a bitcoin faucet and how to put money there? People from time immemorial have been searching ways how to make their labor easier. Hand on heart, the greatest part of them doesn’t want to work at all. Nowadays it is possible for an ordinary man to receive income without any efforts with the help of new digital technologies. For this purpose one must have a computer or any other gadget with internet connection, free time and…keep money faucet open! Just imagine that money leak from the faucet in the kitchen. It can be reality for very rich people who don’t know what to do with their huge wealth. Faucets that we”ll be discussed below are virtual and give cryptocurrency within certain periods of time. You shouldn’t think about large profits from the first minute. Faucet is a special web service that helps to collect small parts of bitcoins which are called “satoshi”.

How to make bitcoin faucet If you are going to make a faucet you must have a bitcoin wallet first. Users of bitcoin faucets register and after that one get an account. The procedure of registration is not difficult. You should create a login and a password. E-mail is necessary as well. It is a good idea to register several faucets to enlarge the income. It is also convenient to open all these pages in the browser and control the situation in the whole.

How do bitcoin faucets make money Experienced miners use professional equipment to mine bitcoins or any other types of cryptocurrency. To get much sums of money one should take part in the exchange tenders and it demands large expenses. As for the faucets the process is much easier. Cryptocurrency appear here due to the online advertisement watching. In some cases a faucet owner has to fill in captcha. That’s all!

To crown it all let’s see the algorithm of faucets usage:

• Register a bitcoin wallet
• Register one or several accounts on the special faucet sites
• Be online and within certain periods of time press “Claim now” and fill in the captcha
• Convert your cryptocurrency into real money through the exchangers There are many services in the internet that offer such an opportunity. Some of them even promise millions of satoshi. Be careful! It is unreal to monetize such amounts.

The most reliable resources are:

• Bonus Bitcoin
• BitFun
• MoonBitcoin
• Daily Free Bits Popular exchange service BestChange contains an optional BTC Faucet.
Faucet is a good idea for those internet users who to earn their first bitcoin or just have an additional source of income. But don’t make it your main goal and don’t look for the best bitcoin faucet of your life. Many other interesting variants of earning money exist where your talent, knowledge and skills will be used.