Bitcoin credit cards overview

Bitcoin credit cards overview

Though cryptocurrency has emerged as an artificial digital unit – a zero worth mathematical code, to date the price 1 BTC is 13 863 USD. It is only natural that with its development users felt the need for bitcoin credit cards. Last year has clearly shown that restaurants, shops and cafés are open to accept cryptocurrency. Obviously transferring cryptocurrency payments with card offline is the easiest and most efficient way to make purchases. In the blockchain fintech industry 2017 has truly become the year of cryptocurrency startups in banking and trading – all seeking the right solution – the best bitcoin credit and bitcoin debit cards to offer to public.

We’ve made a short overview of bitcoin debit cards that are convenient to use and easy to get! Here is the Top 3 cards that you can’t miss!

# 1 Shift VISA debit card

This card belongs to Coinbase company and has U.S. origins. So it is known to be one of the most popular bitcoin credit cards for residents of America. The good news is that it’s free for use and requires no hidden commissions or other unnecessary fees. There is only a 3% fee on international transactions and a 2.50 USD cost of ATM withdrawal. To purchase the card one would need to pay 10 $ though. Taking in regards that the card was issued by Coinbase, users would need a Coinbase account that would be tied to the card. So far shift is accepted by 38 mln companies across the globe.

# 2 Xapo debit card

The best bitcoin debit card for European markets. Now this is a complete opposite of Shift: it is generally used in Europe and not running in the U.S. at all. This card would cost 20 USD to get and one would need to wait for over 20 days to get it. Xapo suggests itself as not only a convenient wallet, but a good and secure place for storing bitcoins. The bitcoin credit card also enables users to withdraw fiat money from the wallet and gives a detailed track record of spendings.

#3 CoinJar bitcoin debit card

This one is really the most popular bitcoin wallet in Australia and across the globe. With CoinJar you can send money in 196 countries and this operation will take you only six minutes, while the exchange between currencies will be worth a standard 1% commission. The company has 950, 000 ATM’s where anyone can withdraw cash with no fees! It suggests users to wire transfers with the CoinJar just in the same manner they would do with their normal credit card. This is really one the best bitcoin debit cards, because it enables easy, safe and transparent exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency through a special App called the CoinJar touch.

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