Biggest litecoin exchange

Biggest litecoin exchange

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Everybody knows that the cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges, including the biggest litecoin exchange, are developing very quickly. And if every person knows about bitcoin, they also should hear about litecoin. But in fact – it’s the same cryptocurrency, which has huge prospects for its growth.
Litecoin has already received the title of “digital silver”, so it is at the second place in popularity among coins. And the indicator is very important, as it builds the attitude and, of course, the demand from the audience. That is why at the moment we will note Litecoin exchanges and its online sites you need to pay attention to.
To date, Litecoin can be traded on many exchanges, but we will build our useful rating, which is based on the reputation of companies, work experience, the availability of tools necessary for the work.


EXMO appeared on the market for the first time in 2013. In just a few years it was able to turn into a huge project, with a “transparent” reputation and a huge number of satisfied customers.
The creator is Ivan Petukhovsky. He is a programmer from Canada with Russian roots. At one time the specialist was engaged in searching for bitcoins in Russia. At that time it was almost impossible to exchange bitcoins for rubles. Only a few online sites offered such services, but at a very unhelpful rate, while the process of exchange seemed to be very uncomfortable and painful. That is why he decided to develop his own service, which will allow each user to invest in cryptocurrency, if necessary.
Today EXMO is the market leader in the field of cryptocurrency! Exchange No. 1 in the CIS countries with the largest capitalization and the number of clients. In Russia, it has no competitors.
The fee for EXMO is 0.2% for each transaction. The number of currency pairs – 29 (among them there are US dollars, rubles, euros and even hryvnia).
The online platform offers to work with the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Dogecoin and so on. Developers are constantly working on the exchange and adding new, more promising types of cryptocurrency.
If you have a desire to invest in the cryptocurrency, the best option, than EXMO is not found! It is a rapidly growing company, which is already the leader of the cryptocurrency market.


Yobit is the second most popular exchange for trading Litecoins. The site and technical support can work in Russian (that is, initially the project was calculated for the Russian-speaking audience). There is still a whole range of services for traders and investors, which can become very useful in the process of work.
Separately it is necessary to say about the convenience of trading cryptocurrency in Yobit. It is very convenient to place pending orders if necessary, to forecast using the provided graphic elements. In addition, there is an opportunity to view the history of the trader’s transactions (all transactions). It has a very convenient statistics.

Why should I work with the exchange of Yobit cryptocurrency?

  • Wide opportunities not only for investors of cryptocurrency, but also for traders;
  • Offers to work with more than 400 currency pairs;
  • Minimum commission for input / output of the cryptocurrency;
  • Instant replenishment and withdrawal of funds from the system;
  • Convenient and simple interface of the personal cabinet;

If you are a beginner who is just trying to start working with the exchange, you should pay attention to Yobit.


Livecoin is quite a young, but popular project on the network, which has the status of a “cryptocurrency exchange”. To date, it offers about 200 currency pairs for work.
It was developed by Livecoin team based on errors of other exchange cryptocurrencies. That is, the development team tried to implement all the tools to improve the effectiveness of trade in cryptocurrency.


  • Very simple and convenient exchange;
  • Full security of funds that are stored in the accounts;
  • Replenishment of the account is possible with the help of other cryptocurrencies WITHOUT COMMISSIONS;
  • Commission from each transaction: from 0.02% to 0.2% (and depending on the volume of trades that were made within 30 days);
  • In the case of small financial turnover (up to $ 1000), there is no need to pass verification (confirmation of identity).

Livecoin is a very convenient exchange for beginners. All the conditions for starting are created here. In the process of work there is nothing complicated. All the essentials are in visible.


HitBTC is an Estonian project that was launched in 2014. Substantial support during the start was provided by entrepreneurs from Israel. The exchange is not limited to work with bitcoins. Already today, it shows about 2 dozens of types of both cryptocurrency and fiat money.
Service is very convenient and safe for work. But the most important thing is that the crypto-exchange HitBTC is absolutely easy to master. In order to view charts, a stock cup and other analytical data, you must go through a simple registration and authorization. As soon as you enter your private office, you immediately understand what function is presented to.

Advantages of working with HitBTC:

  • large selection of currency pairs;
  • Possibility of input / output of funds in a fiat currency;
  • the possibility of trading without passing a verification procedure;
  • high level of security of funds on accounts;
  • An experienced development team that continues to innovate in the project.

Also, the service is convenient because it does not require verification of the user for performing cryptocurrency transactions. All that is necessary is the availability of a minimum limit on the trader’s personal account. In addition, the exchange does not charge a commission for replenishment of the crypto currency – only the minimum deductions for the withdrawal.
In case of any questions or problems, the user can use the ticket system or find the necessary information in the FAQ section. HitBTC is an interesting cryptocurrency exchange, which you should pay attention to.


The Polonix Exchange ( has been on the cryptocurrency market for more than 3 years, and constantly attracts new users to mutually beneficial cooperation. Working conditions will satisfy the most demanding traders:

– trades are conducted with more than 80 varieties of cryptocoins – new forks are added, if necessary;
– the minimum commission fee, in some cases even is zero;
– an interface in which it is easy to navigate the beginner;
– the ability to conduct margin trading and provide loans to colleagues;
– high degree of safety.
It should be noted that the Russian version of the site is not provided, but the English language menu is easy to learn in a few hours or days, and then freely use the tools. To replenish the purse on the exchange it is possible only in cryptocoins, in the absence of start-up capital in cryptocurrency, you must first make money exchange on specialized services, it is also desirable to choose a purse for cryptocurrency, for long-term storage.


Lokalbitkomes is a trading platform, which has been working steadily for 5 years. Specializes in exchange transactions with more than 70 currency pairs, and the intermediary does not participate in transactions – transactions occur directly between users. In order not to run into a fraudster, you first need to check what reputation another participant has.
Experienced traders love this exchange for the opportunity to earn additional revenue on referral links. The site has the mirror of the same name: if the .com domain is unavailable, has bugs, you can continue working on


In this material, we examined the biggest litecoin exchange, where is possible to trade not only with this cryptocurrency, but also with other coins. Each of the exchanges has its own characteristics, so it is important to determine your skills. In general, these are the most suitable options for beginners as well as for more experienced traders who already have trading experience, if not with crypts, somewhere in the Forex currency market or binary options.