Best litecoin pool

Best litecoin pool

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  • What not to do when you are mining?
  • Pools for Litecoin Mining
  • Multiple pools

To date, it is known that there are innumerable types of cryptocurrencies in which even experts can get confused, for example, best litecoin pool and others. For every beginner, this topic is more difficult, but still, you want to know which is the best? What is the most profitable cryptocurrency today? What are the prospects for this or that species?
Every miner, not only a beginner but also an experienced one, from time to time have questions about how better to mine, using the pool or independently. How to find the best pool for Litecoin? It is worth considering the fact that each of the ways has its advantages.
If you are alone, then the final profit is charged only to the one who mine, but the extraction process can take much longer than in a collective mining pool. If this is a method which uses a common pool, then the final income will be divided among all participants. Thanks to a larger number of participants, the cryptocurrency will be recruited many times faster. For those who like the second option, it is necessary to understand what they want to receive and which pool for this can be better.
Having made the decision in favor of collective extraction, it is necessary to understand in details selection parameters which will be the most favorable for Litecoin pools.
The minimum advantage of using cloud-based mining is that you do not need to configure the equipment before the process begins.

They exist in several forms:

  • for the extraction of profitable coins;
  • extraction of only a certain currency;
  • extraction of several different currencies.

Also, the difference is in the ways of paying for pools, there are 3 of them, which are the most popular:

  • payment through PROP;
  • Payment through PPS;
  • Payment through PPLNS.

What not to do when you are mining?

Beginners are advised to adhere to a list of tips that are key at the beginning of Litecoin mining. There are a lot of pools now and all of them are engaged in only one thing – they provide a farm for cloud-earning of cryptocurrency. After all, one desire is not enough.

  1. The choice should be made in favor of the 64bit system. The advice is that the 32bit operating system simply can not cope with the process of earning coins and will run idle. The differences between Linux and Windows are not particularly significant, since this is considered a matter of habit. A special difference in the end is not visible. hence “iron” is the main tool of the miner, his strength and power, “hands” and “heart”. The entire effect of cryptocurrency mining depends on the capacity of the farm. 5 video cards – this is, perhaps, already a minimum for a good process, we need more, and the cost of them should be in dollars.
  2. It is necessary to take good and high-quality components. Effectiveness and final outcome of the profit depends on this. It is advised to buy a minimum of 5 video cards per set to a good processor. Only then you can see a tangible increase in the number of Litecoins.
  3. For high-quality operation of all components, you need a motherboard with an increased number of slots. Five graphics cards are by no means the only requirement, you need a really good motherboard with an increased number of slots compared to simple ones. If the budget is limited, a processor should be at least i5, however, i7 or i7-3930k, will be much more efficient. You should buy a power supply unit with a power of at least 750 W and capacious hard disk, and preferably three of them. And the size of the RAM should not be less than 4 gigs.

Pools for Litecoin Mining

It should be mentioned, when choosing the best pools for Litecoin you need to consider those that work only for the production of one type of cryptocurrency. At a minimum, this method will be the most convenient. Here a feature exists. While the number of miners is small, and most importantly stable, everyone will receive a stable income. If the number has increased, the amount will decrease, which will prevent you from recouping investments in purchased equipment (especially for beginners it will become problematic).
In addition, some pools are capable of mining several types of coins at once, or only the most profitable cryptosigns, based on trends. But there are those which specialize solely on the extraction of one cryptocurrency. For miners who decide to produce Litecoin exclusively, the optimal solution will be to use the following services.

  1. – one of the earliest pools for the production of Litecoin. It began its existence shortly after the creation of the cryptocurrency. Payment is calculated using the PPS algorithm. The statistics are absolutely open and updated every few seconds. The withdrawal of earnings is carried out in automatic or manual mode.
  2. A method of payment for capacity works on the PPLNS system. There is no payment for the pool. Miners working through this service can count on the round-the-clock support. The service was created by ordinary miners to simplify extraction.
  3. is one of the largest Litecoin pools. It separates a production between miners in three accrual systems: PPS, RBPPS, PPLNS. Payments are made automatically every two hours. It has a reliable system of protection against DDOS attacks and a long history of stable payments.
  4. It takes 2% of commission fees for its services, but offers users a convenient personal cabinet, open statistics and permanent payments. This pool is closed, you can join it only by invitation, which is not so difficult to obtain. It can be generated directly on the site. The profit distribution system is PPS.

There are other pools. Let’s consider the most famous:

  1. AntPool is a Chinese system. It accounts for 18% of all units of measurement of computing power with the Russian version. Payment is made in different ways. Withdrawal can be made without commission.
  2. Bitfury is one of the best pools. Centers are located in Iceland. Pool earns a digital currency, there are no unauthorized access to the system. It controls 15% of Bitcoin system.
  3. BTC China is a chinese development without the Russian language version, ranges from 10 to 13% of all units of measurement of computing power. This system is used very rarely by users.
  4. BW pool is a server from China, allows you to earn a digital currency on the Internet, accounting for 9% of the system. Payment is made by PPLNS network, there is no commission

Multiple pools

These kinds of tools work on the extraction of several types of currencies at once, switching automatically, depending on the profitability of possible production. In case of switching to another mining of cryptocurrency, power indicators may decline for a short time. These pools have an advantage: mining always brings a positive result, since the power of the equipment is used exclusively with maximum benefit.

  1. is probably one of the most well-known services offering various cryptographic products with the help of all known algorithms. Has a strong protection against hacker attacks and minimal loss of power when switching to another currency.
  2. has a similar working principle and is also popular among miners. It differs from the previous by lower fees.
  3. The service charge is 3%. Payments take place automatically every day, provided that the minimum amount is accumulated on the internal account.
  4. we can place in a separate category. It is interesting by the fact that the currency, earned by its help, can trade within the system depending on the profitability. This type of service is suitable for those who are well versed in the trends of crypto exchanges and like to take risks.

Of course, this is not all existing litecoins pools. There are still a great many of them, both huge and very modest. There are many pools of miners based in the CIS countries, which makes extraction easier, but it is recommended to give preference to pools tested by time and payments.
Also, there is no standard complexity in the Litecoin system. The complexity is the same as in Bitcoin, but because the hash, an algorithm in Litecoin is much more complicated (and, correspondingly, slower), best litecoin pool needs to use complexity below.