Best GPU miner: stop playing, start earning!

Best GPU miner: stop playing, start earning!

Not so long ago graphic processor units (GPU) were interesting for only two categories of computer users and now we hear about GPU miner. What’s used for? The first and most numerous group of GPU buyer is the gamers. The developers of the games are always in one step ahead, so card features had to be changed regularly, as well as other components of the computer. Graphic cards were also in the sphere of interest of those professionals who deal with graphics, video editing or perform other tasks related to image processing. Now the new powerful GPU are in a great demand among people who earn on the cryptocurrency.

Why a graphic card is useful for mining

A graphic chip is capable of a lot. Mining does not require a high-quality picture or something like that. To get cryptocurrency its power is much more important. To be more exact its “intelligence” is necessary for solving complicated mathematical tasks. Programming language of bitcoin-protocols is very similar to Java and Python, therefore standard computer equipment – in our case it’s a video card – is ideal hardware for mining.

There is another brilliant way of using a video card, and it means installing several graphic chips at once. Accordingly the volume of processed one-type operations will increase, productivity will enlarge and the mining itself will be much more effective. So, among the advantages of using a video card are:
• High speed data processing
• Less power consumption compared to the processor
• Opportunity to select from different models
• Installing multiple units to improve efficiency
• Universal mining of most types of coins

Mining on a personal computer

Many beginners believe that if a modern video card is installed in their personal computer they can receive passive income without much effort. There is a grain of truth in this, but it is unlikely that they will get cryptocurrency in industrial volume. For working one needs to register a bitcoin wallet, install a program for mining (CGminer or any other), make a couple of simple settings according to the instructions that will be found in thematic forums, and get down to business!

Ready GPU miners

In practice if someone wants to mine the devices that are specially designed for this purpose work much better than ordinary home or office PCs. That’s why advanced users prefer specialized asic GPU miners. Unlike PCs, this hardware provides the technical ability to distribute mining directly on several graphic cards, is designed for optimal power supply, has got cooling and convenient control system. The unit usually contains:

1 Motherboard
1 SSD-card reader
8 Risers
8 GPUs

Such an installation consumers of 1.2 kW / h and its efficiency is 2550 Solutions per second.
It becomes clear from above that GPUs play a big role in the choice of a miner. The most demanded models for today are:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

This is an excellent graphic card not only for games, but also for efficient cryptocurrency mining. The graphics processor provides a high speed hash 30 mh / s with relatively low power consumption. The cost of this card is quite high, but it fully meets the technical characteristics and capabilities of the product.

AMD Radeon RX 580

The second place in popularity is the AMD Radeon RX 580, which provides a hash rate of 29 mh / s, while the power consumption is also relatively small. This GPU is worthy of the competition of the above model. The Radeon RX 580 has also a lower cost, so consumers buy the card out i as soon as it appears in the shops.

AMD RX 480

This equipment can not be called out-of-date but it is going to be soon. The model is still suitable for cryptocurrency mining and ideal for those users who plan to start mining without significant investment. As for the characteristics the memory is 8GB GDDR5 and hash rate is 28mh / s.

MD Radeon RX Vega 56

This model will satisfy needs for mining. Moreover numerous tests show that its performance level in some cases equals and even exceeds the Nvidia GTX 1070! Unfortunately working in non-stop mode 24/7 can be very expensive for the rig owner. The GPU consumes a lot of energy and heats up very much. It will be necessary to install additional coolers, which will also flatten the user’s wallet.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

One of the most powerful graphic cards for the GPU miner, but due to its high cost even thanks to its advanced functions, it does not yet occupy a leading position in the market. Many potential users doubt as for the payback of the model. Hash rate is impressive and equals 32 mh / s with minimal settings. Gamers are also impressed with the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti.