Best free BTC wallet for beginners and business sharks

Best free BTC wallet for beginners and business sharks

To start working with the cryptocurrency – mine, buy, sell and, of course, spend virtual gold coins – you need a special service, and many users prefer a free bitcoin wallet for this purpose. If there is such an opportunity, why not use an online resource or program? Moreover, much money will have to be spent before starting the mining process, cryptocurrency related business or taking part in exchange trades. Even if you have decided to deal with bitcoin for the sake of interest a free wallet is more appropriate than quite expensive hardware devices.

So, in order to make transactions, store keys and addresses software (desktop) and online wallets are used. Also for carrying out operations with the cryptocurrency, mobile applications developed specifically for Android and IOs have worked well. At the moment all of the mentioned services are free, but how things go further the forecasts are difficult to make.

Thick and Reliable

If you use a software wallet, it’s better to get a product published by the developers of the cryptocurrency with which you are dealing. As for our subject bitcoin it is optimal to download the Bitcoin Qt client. Satoshi Nakamoto personally put his hand to its creation at the very beginning of the cryptocurrency era.

All you need is to download software from the official site of This wallet guarantees a high level of security. Is it worth to be considered a negative but one has to download the entire blockchain which is more than 100 GB and this volume is constantly increasing? Of course not, as this is another factor of operations reliability and security and private key storage.

Another official and proven wallet for BTC is Bitcoin Core. The download process is completely uncomplicated, but as with the above wallet it will take a lot of hard disk space and time. Maybe not even one day! To crown it all in addition to loading the history of all transactions both Bitcoin Qt and Bitcoin Core need to be synchronized with the network.

After installation, loading of blockchain and synchronization, simple setup procedure is performed. The program interface is intuitive and designed for the average user. In difficult cases you can always use hints or FAQs. In Bitcoin Core settings there is a special option Encrypt Wallet. You can also make a backup copy of data in the File section.

You have probably heard about Armory wallet, have not you? This program is popular with active and serious bitcoin holders, so they unreservedly consider this the best free BTC wallet. Its options include the ability to print a paper wallet, additional use of USB key in offline mode, etc. However, in fact it is not a stand-alone product, but only a patch over the above-described Bitcoin Core, requires considerable disk space and time to install.

Thin and Easy

Bitcoin Qt, Bitcoin Core and Armory are so called thick wallets. They are based on the whole blockchain. While speaking about thick wallets why not mention thin ones? For some people they are quite attractive and in spite of the comparatively lower level of security. Let’s take the Multibit as an example. Can it be the best free btc wallet or not? It depends. This soft like other similar (Electrum, MultiBit HD) is installed partially and does not need the whole blockchain for functioning. It uses only the latest blocks. But every time the program refers to the net to get the information from the full history of transactions. Both thick and thin wallets keep keys in the file wallet.dat which can be copied and even replaced.

Online and Useful

If you need a free bitcoin wallet online, welcome to Blockchain, CoinKite, BitGo, Coinbase. All of them have got mobiles versions for iOS and Android. Depending on the service, your keys will be kept remotely and in the mode of cold storage. Online services are also free. There is still no payment for their usage and it’s great for newcomers who are not going to invest much money into the affair or deal with low-value amounts. All you need is to register online, follow easy steps to set up your virtual wallet and start making transactions. Perhaps in the future you will use more reliable and serious suggestions, paper versions or even buy a modern hard wallet with advanced features.

Mobile and Smart

Do you want your bitcoins to be always at hand? Then the best solution is a free bitcoin wallet which offers Google PlayMarket. Yes, this is a normal application, which is called Bitcoin Wallet. Needless to say, this is not the only offer from the Google or the App Store. The functionality of the applications is incredibly simple, and the actions are confirmed by scanning the QR code. For sellers, this method is convenient for quick and reliable receipt of payments. However, using such wallets, pay attention to the commission, as its amount varies and does not always suit users.