Best ethereum wallets

Best ethereum wallets

Table of content:

  • The main official purse MIST
  • Easy Wallets: MyEtherWallet and MyEtherWallet CX
  • Cryptonator – multicurrency online wallet
  • Exmo – the largest exchange of crypto-currencies and a purse in one

It is important to find out about the best Ethereum wallets. Ethereum is the next-generation crypto platform for creating smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApp).
As the facts show, the Ethereum platform is gaining popularity. With each passing day, more and more people are using this cryptocurrency in everyday life.

The main official purse MIST

The main official purse for the Ethereum is MIST. It needs to be downloaded from the official source, which is the page for developers of Ethereum on Github. Downloading it from other sources means to expose yourself to great risk, as a result there is every chance of losing all of your funds stored in this purse.

On the Github page, you will find the required file for installation under your operating system. It supports Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. If you are using Ubuntu, you can use a file with the .deb extension. It should take into account the bit depth of its operating system (32 or 64-bit). Installing a wallet is no different from installing other programs for your operating system.

After the installation and the first run, the program will start downloading the Ethereum blockchain. For this you need a high-speed internet. But even so, the synchronization of the block can take many hours. Therefore, you should be ready for this.

After the synchronization is over, the wallet is almost ready to work. The interface is intuitive and there are no difficulties with using the program. You can create multiple addresses or Accounts, or you can use one. The choice is yours. One or several contracts can be issued one or several contracts for one address.

It would also be appropriate to say that MIST is not just a purse from which money is sent or received. It is a very flexible tool that can perform many functions. It is able to perform a lot of tasks, especially when it comes to smart contracts. They can be used both by beginners and professionals.

Pros of the MIST wallet

  • Official Purse Ethereum
  • High level of security
  • Easy setup of the purse. A good option for beginners.
  • Loads a blockchain on your computer
  • Private keys are stored locally
  • Can be installed on different platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • A special avatar is generated for each wallet. It always helps to check the correct address of the recipient.
  • Any number of wallets is supported.
  • Open source


  • Initial synchronization is required, which takes a very long time
  • High demands on computer resources
  • Blockchain takes up a lot of hard disk space
  • Difficult to download a full block of computers to a computer with a regular hard drive (HDD). A total of 5 attempts were made (each more than 24 hours).
  • On two computers of three, the purse loads the system so that it is impossible to work.
  • After two hours of keeping the wallet offline, the synchronization of the last blocks can easily take 20 minutes!
  • Once the computer hung with the included purse. After the restart, the wallet stopped running. Saved the removal and downloading again of the blockchain.

Ones of best ethereum wallets are easy Wallets: MyEtherWallet and MyEtherWallet CX

It is worth mentioning immediately that MyEtherWallet and MyEtherWallet CX are not “web purses” in the traditional sense. This is a very flexible tool for working with ethereum tokens. You should understand that using this application, you do not create an account on this site. You also do not transmit your broadcast for storage. All the data is in the locker, and this tool only helps you to interact with it. Data is not transferred to this site or to any other and never leaves your computer / your browser. All actions occur exclusively on the Client side.

Remember that if you do not save your private key, as well as a password, then you will not have any opportunity later to restore access to your wallet or the funds that it contains. You will completely lose them. In a consequence, you can only look at them, and nothing more. Therefore, always back up your private keys in several physical locations. Do not store them in one place only. For example, in your computer!

If you are very worried about your security, and do not trust this site, you can download the version for local use on a personal computer. This version is no different from the version of the purse on the site.

  • MyEtherWallet – Online Wallet
  • MyEtherWallet CX – Extension for Chrome browser
  • MyEtherWallet v3.6.3 – For local use on a personal computer. (Go to the program folder and run the index.html file


  1. Creating an Account (generating a new key)
  2. Importing existing keys into the MyEtherWallet (JSON from presale / geth / MyEtherWallet, Encrypted or Unencrypted Private Key.).
  3. Backup private keys. It is possible to print information about the keys on the printer.
  4. Tracking any Ethereum Wallets Accounts

Important Reminder
Do not forget to save your secret key/password when creating a new wallet account. Keep them OUT OF THE PC – not just on your computer!
Always check and make sure that you are sending funds to the correct address.

Pros of the MyEtherWallet purse

  • A time-tested wallet for the etherium
  • High level of security
  • Easy setup of the purse. Very good option for beginners.
  • Does not load a blockchain on the computer. Work in online and offline mode.
  • Private keys are stored locally
  • Ability to save and restore private keys
  • There is no binding to the Operating System.
  • Open source

Cons of the MyEtherWallet purse

  • Not detected

Cryptonator – multicurrency online wallet

Multicurrency Online Wallet. First, the developers created it for storage Bitcoin, but after the service has significantly expanded. It can not be said that the Cryptor is an exclusively cryptocurrency purse, as it contains so many different types of coins, as well as useful for users functions.
The most popular cryptocurrencies are: Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Emerkoin, Dogecoin, Ripple. A full list of the types of crypto currency is available at the purse website.

Among the advantages of Cryptonator we note:

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies to choose for users;
Maximum security of funds on the account;
There is a mobile application (working with a smartphone is very convenient, there is no limitation in terms of functionality);
There is a currency converter and a calculator;
Users can use the “General Balance” function. If you have several altcoins in your account (bitcoins + airwaves + monero and so on), you can see their total cost in a fiat currency (for example, in US dollars).

What are the drawbacks?

There are practically none disadvantages. Someone talks about the service commission, but it is minimal. Each user will have to pay a commission in any exchange or online wallet.

Exmo – the largest exchange of crypto-currencies and a purse in one

It is the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies in the CIS countries. Today offers the functions of an online wallet additionally. It allows not only to store Ethereum, but also to trade them if necessary.


All the most popular cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on (full list on the site);
Fixed currencies: Euro, UAH, dollar, ruble;
Commission for each transaction: 0.2% of the transaction;
Exchange and a purse for storing coins at the same time;
Orders are executed instantly;
Maximum security;

Website in Russian, cabinet in Russian, support is appropriate.
Today EXMO offers the largest turnover of trade in cryptocurrency.
You do not need a stock exchange? No desire to trade coins? That is unnecessary. Simply replenish the purse with fiat money, exchange them inside the system for the Ethereum and expect the moment their rate grows.

We examined the best wallets for the Etherium. The rating is built from security factors and the availability of tools necessary for the work. This is the most high-quality services. Pay attention to them, if you want to invest in Ephiriums.

Now that you know a little more about the best ethereum wallets, you can make your own choice and start using any of them. These wallets have a simple interface and do not cause difficulties in use. Please do not forget to back up your private keys or secret phrase. This will save you from losing control over your funds and keep your emotional state good.