Best Dogecoin Wallets: hot and cold storage of your DOGEs

Best Dogecoin Wallets: hot and cold storage of your DOGEs

While the whole world has rushed in pursuit of bitcoin, the most calculated users are betting on other currencies and actively mastering the best dogecoin wallets in particular. According to experts, DOGE is well placed to become one of the world’s leading cryptоcurrencies and to evolve into a convenient, simple and affordable payment system. It would, of course, continue to be extremely attractive for startups. Using DOGE all payments for goods, services, hosting, etc. will be made. Where are dogecoin holders keeping their funds nowadays and how reliable are these services?

What is DOGE and why should we trust it?

It is one thing just to create an account in one of the best dogecoin wallets, and quite another is to entrust a pretty yellow dog with your money. In order to become the owner of these coins, you must first purchase them on the stock exchange or seriously deal with the mining, investing a lot of funds in equipment. Dogecoin, created by American Billy Marcus in 2013, attracts not only by being a member of the top list of crypto-currencies, but also by the following advantages:

high user confidence;
relatively affordable cost;
the possibility of amateur mining;
a real chance to be got on faucets.

It should also be noted that DOGE has a clean reputation, i.e. it has never been involved in various scandals or associated with criminal business. Moreover, this coin is actively used for charity events and sponsorship programs.

As for the technical side of this cryptocurrency, its algorithm is based on the popular litecoin, but Billy Marcus made some adjustments to maximally remove DOGE from the BTC, although the latter remains its ancestor. On average, the confirmation of the block takes 6 minutes, which is ten times faster than bitcoin.

So, from all the information received, we can conclude that DOGE is a friendly cryptocurrency for both solid investors and newcomers. Hence, it’s time to create a convenient and reliable wallet of all the best dogecoin wallets.

Types of DOGE wallets

Speaking about resources for operations with dogecoins, we will not reinvent the wheel here: the developers have done nothing new for this type of cryptocurrency. As much as the “yellow dog” wants to distance itself from its “grandfather” bitcoin, it has to use the same technologies that the powerful BTC does. Hot and cold storages are at DOGE holders’ disposal as well.

Hot wallets are connected to the internet so there is the lowest but a quite real opportunity for hackers to get a private key. Cold wallets provide completely offline storage of keys, that’s why crypt currency owners prefer this method for storing theirs assets. Hot wallets for DOGE are PC programs, mobile applications (e.g. Dogecoin Wallet from Google Play) and online services. As for the cold ones there is a dogecoin paper wallet and special electronic devices.

Computer programs are in the official sites and you will be able to install them on your hard disk. The only problem is a space. Thick versions of wallets take a huge place because the total history of blockchain must be downloaded. Dogecoin Core is a thick wallet, so after installing the program file on your computer you will have to perform a full synchronization of the history for almost five years of existence of the cryptocurrency. After all processes have been completed, it is highly desirable to make a backup copy of the wallet in case of emergency recovering. The function of creating a copy is in the settings tab File.

In order not to deal with the full version, you can use the thin wallet MultiDoge, which allows you to perform transactions almost immediately after installation, but the security of such a client is lower compared to the full version. The simplest option is online wallet at You need to follow the prompts to fill out the form, enter the password and your email address. Web wallet is the most vulnerable, so after creating the wallet identifier, you must save it in a separate location. There is also a function for printing a key on the client’s main page. In this way, you can create a reliable and easy-to-use dogecoin paper wallet.

Nobody will argue about the reliability and security of gadgets for generating, storing keys and making transactions. All them are called hard wallets. The Trezor supports several popular cryptocurrencies, including the subject. You can also use Leger Nano model and KeepKey as well. Being a relative of bitcoin is not really bad, is it? In any case, the possibilities of DOGE would not be so wide, if it wasn’t a BTC “grandchild”. Device configuration is extremely simple, and bitcoin holders have long used these gadgets for transactions. So we can say with certainty that hard cold storages are the best dogecoin wallets as well.