Best cryptocurrency to invest

Best cryptocurrency to invest

Table of content

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Blocknet (BLOCK)
  • Dash
  • Stratis
  • Conclusion

The topic of the cryptocurrency is gaining momentum and everyone is interested in the best cryptocurrency investment. On the basis of the blockchain, new technologies are developed, which in the future promises to give excellent results. Well, for example, there is such an initiative – to transfer diplomas and workbooks to the blockchain. Surely, this will help to make them harder to forge. And so on and so forth.
One of the main reasons for the emergence of the cryptocurrency is the huge resentment of people to the banking system with all of its rules, which are promoted under the auspices of a mythical struggle against scammers and other scoundrels.
The subject of cryptocurrency has not yet been properly pumped up and people believe that there is still room to move and grow. Cryptocurrency is a profitable saving for the long term. Therefore, if to speak in this format, then the cryptocurrencies are also entered as a means of saving and as a means of multiplying money.
Cryptocurrency is an electronic monetary unit that is not tied to a bank or state. The system develops independently, so the issue of coins occurs without internal or external control. Find out how to buy altCoins. If you have a powerful computer, you also can join the network and start mining (cryptographic currency).
And if you earn money and they spend some time lying on the purses of EPS, then much more profitable place of their storage in terms of their preservation and multiplying will be cryptocurrencies.
Today we will observe the limits of trust in various cryptocurrencies and the best cryptocurrency for investing

Bitcoin (BTC)

The oldest asset, which is based on the blockchain. Bitcoin is a kind of Dow Jones index for all cryptocurrency. If the cue ball grows – all the cryptornics grow. Officially legalized in Japan. That is, has the status of legal tender. Many countries are thinking to go the same way. From the latest news – Amazon is going to start taking bitcoins as payment, and Google embeds them in its billing API. In general, it has the maximum of the trust and prospects.
Bitcoin is a deflationary tool, as the total number of Bitcoin is 21 million. It is a high volatility tool, but also very stable in terms of the prospects for long-term investment.
Bitcoin is not only buns in the long run in the form of profit, but buns of a different format. For example, when on the 1st of August bitcoin forged, ie. split into two chains, all owners of Bitcoin, where they lay on the purses, get free coins fork Bitcoin Cash, the price of which shot above $ 700 per unit. Approximately the same perspective looms at the present time because predicted a new fork from the cue ball – Bitcoin Gold.


In contrast to the creator of Bitcoin, who nobody has ever seen, a cryptocurrency Ethereum have a creator – a Canadian of Russian descent – Vitaliy Buterin. He can often be seen at various Russian economic forums. The presence of the creator gives an incentive for investors to believe in the growth of this cryptocurrency.

The potential of the ether is that:

  • it has a specific developer
  • ethereum – is not just a way to transfer monetary value, but a platform that allows you to store and transfer money in a safe way with various valuable information. Such operations are called “smart contracts”.
  • the ethereum, like bitcoin, is also an extremely volatile cryptocurrency, but globally its value is constantly growing

By the way, Buterin himself believes that the cryptocurrency is not suitable for investment. He talked about this in one of his interviews.


Cryptocurrency Ripple for a long time keeps the third line on capitalization. To date (January 2018 ), the capitalization of Ripple is almost $ 112 billion.
It’s hard to explain in a nutshell how Ripple works, but it’s something like the all-known Hawala system. So, Ripple follows SWIFT, and their XRP token can completely change the way money is sent internationally. Why?
It’s simple. Because to transfer money abroad, you will need several days, plus – you will need to pay a commission. And with the help of XRP you will transfer money to any country in the world in 4 seconds and a commission of a couple of coins. The system is revolutionary and I am sure that it has a huge potential. Ripple, as result, they think, is a promising cryptocurrency.

Monero (XMR)

One of the main specialities of bitcoin is anonymity. But transactions in the chain are anonymous until the specified address is associated with a particular person. After that, bitcoin for such a person will cease to be anonymous. So, Monero, on the part of anonymity, is one of the leaders.
Every time you make a translation, Monero classifies your address. Therefore, Monero becomes popular among those who need anonymous transactions.
Accordingly, its value in the future can grow substantially.

Zcash (ZEC)

It  is important to note that Zcash is still undervalued. This project offers its users a high degree of anonymity, is carefully designed and has a limited number. The lack of price advancement suggests that investors are accumulating this coin.
The level of security is also high. For example, Mason Borda wrote on his twitter page: “The digital currency Zcash is the only altcoin designed and implemented by professional and academic cryptographers”. In response, the well-known Edward Snowden wrote that he agrees with this and that Zcash is the most interesting alternative to bitcoin.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is the second cryptocurrency, created after bitcoin. Litecoin is the most reliable blockchain, it is several times faster than bitcoin, it has a public creator – Charlie Lee (@satoshilite). I think if something happens to the bitcoin, many will switch to litecoin.
If we look at the graph of litecoin, we see that it does not have large drawdowns at a price. This means that investors do not sell this asset, but consider it as a means of accumulation. Accordingly, litecoin can be considered as a good asset for investment.

Blocknet (BLOCK)

Speaking in the simplest form, Blocknet is an inter-block network. This means that, conditionally, you can directly exchange Litecoin for, for example, Ethereum, without the need for third party participation as an intermediary. If more globally, it is a decentralized exchanger, where all users can exchange cryptocurrency and other assets, but this is not all possibilities.


This currency also showed rapid growth. Experts justify the increased popularity of Dash with the release of the Sential update. After that, the level of security increased significantly. The update had a positive effect on the speed of work.
Now the Dash cryptocurrency is on the 7th place in terms of capitalization. The next time, she definitely will not leave TOP 10.


It should be mentioned that the Stratis platform is supported by Microsoft and is well known as the C # equivalent of Ethereum. This allows programmers to quickly create decentralized, smart contracts in the form of applications. Thanks to the programming language, such blockchain is quite simple to use, test and implement. What opens a really broad basis for development and does not require additional training of specialists, which seems an obvious advantage over Ethereum. Stratis also intends to release a balanced version of the long-awaited service TumbleBit. In the third quarter of this year, developers planed to launch smart contracts and a purse “Breeze Wallet”, which will increase the confidentiality of users of Bitcoin and Stratis. Over the past month, Stratis’s price has skyrocketed. At the peak, the purchase price was $ 11, but at the moment the coin is traded around $ 14,88. This is a good opportunity to buy because the price is quite low. By investing $ 1000 in a coin today, you will receive 160 Stratis.


In the article we saw the best cryptocurrency to invest in. In addition to the above coins, there are other promising ones . For example, Waves, Decred, Zcoin, Augur, but, let’s just say. Investment strategies for cryptocurrency are elementary. Work on the principle of “bought and hold”. Cryptocurrency is very liquid. In any exchanger aggregator, you can find exchangers that work in the direction of “Crypto-currency> EPS, the Bank”. Therefore, there should not be problems with conversion.