Best bitcoin wallet iphone: advantages and security

Best bitcoin wallet iphone: advantages and  security

Users of Apple products start looking for a best ios bitcoin wallet to keep their cryptocurrency in “capable hands”.Bitcoin (BTC) continues to win more and more victorious positions in the world. And although the first time digital coins were generated relatively recently - in January 2009, today a lot of users who several years ago had not even suspected the existence of cryptocurrency, are looking for the best bitcoin IOS wallet.

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  • Benefits of Bitcoin Wallet for iOS
  • Electronic iOS Wallets
  • Security

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software or service that stores unique user keys for financial transactions through the means of a decentralized Blockchain network. Blockchain is a technology of storing and processing of data on all transactions with cryptocurrency.
What happens when you transfer the cryptocurrency? If one user sends, for example, bitcoin or part of it (coins “satoshi”), then the ownership of it passes to another person or organization. To spend coins, the private code must coincide with the public one (coins of the user are tied to it).

After that, the beneficiary's account is increased, and the sender is reduced. The data of a perfect transaction for the transfer of currency is recorded in the locker, while as such, real money (they are called Fiats), no one sends.
The advent of a lot of electronic assets on the market led to the creation of convenient multi-currency wallets. They were appreciated by users working with different digital money.

Benefits of Bitcoin Wallet for iOS

In the modern world, the cryptocurrency has already acquired the status of universal means of payment, which can be exchanged for both goods and services, as well as for other types of currencies. The commission for carrying out BTC-operations is either absent or can be paid by the holder of the cryptocurrency voluntarily (its size can influence the priority system during the processing of transactions).

Another plus of the system is its full decentralization. It works without an administrator, which completely excludes the possibility of public or private management. According to the developer of one of the first Internet browsers Mark Andressen, the importance of the Bitcoin system can be safely attributed to the number of major breakthroughs in the field of computer science. Its development was the result of more than 40 years of research in the segment of cryptography.

Today, anyone can join the number of virtual currency holders, it's enough to get a bitcoin wallet for this. On how to choose the most suitable one, it is better to consult experts, since this decision depends on many factors. In any case, it can be about bitcoin wallet:

  • for PC;
  • Online, which provides the storage of private keys on the network, on a computer that is monitored and connected to the Internet;
  • hardware (on a special device - media);
  • paper (regular paper printout of the key);
  • mobile (on a tablet or smartphone).

Experts are inclined to the fact that for performing a number of everyday operations (such as paying bills, purchasing goods, etc.), the mobile version remains the most convenient. This is a program used to store private keys to access the available virtual currency. It remains to find out which bitcoin wallet is best for iOS.

Although these wallets are not classified as full-fledged clients and are able to work exclusively with simplified verification, which does not involve downloading a complete blockchain, the volume of which can be measured in tens of gigabytes, their main advantages are mobility and comfort of use. The correctness of the available information can be confirmed by contacting the trusted nodes of the bitcoin networks.

Thanks to the mobile application, the owner of the gadget has the opportunity to pay for goods and services directly through NFC technology or QR code on the display, and also to withdraw funds to Yandex Money, WebMoney (WMX-type accounts) or Kiwi accounts.

Electronic IOS Wallets

A number of modern applications allow to get the best electronic wallet for cryptocurrency on iOS for free:


This is a bitcoin wallet for iOS also in Russian, which provides full control over the access code (it has a user-friendly interface and functionality for multicurrency exchange, including Russian currency).


The basic version, designed exclusively for iOS bitWallet, is the best bitcoin-wallets for the iPhone. It is distributed with open source and offers users full control over private keys. The interface here is very simple and pleasant, and allows you to send and receive payments in bitcoins easily.

The breadwallet application is equipped with a large number of functions for managing the cryptocurrency and differs at the same time in a simple and beautiful interface. The speed of the mobile wallet is worth an attention, but at the same time, it is impossible to create new addresses for payments in it, and there is no support for PIN-codes.

The mobile “wallet” breadwallet works only on devices with the iOS operating system older than version 7.1, and you can download the application from iTunes.
Advantages of the “wallet” include simplicity of using and regular cleaning of private keys. More information about the features of the application can be found on the official website of the developer.


It is characterized by extensive functionality that provides security and additional protection for crypto facilities, but for this reason, the use of MyCelium can cause difficulties for a number of users.


This wallet, with a simple and intuitive interface, is called a fairly contradictory player in this market. Its main advantage remains the ability to exchange a significant number of currencies and trouble-free synchronization of Jaxx on various devices.


Bitcoin wallet for iPhone with two-factor authentication and support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone is characterized by high-speed mode when making payments.


The mobile wallet BitWallet is characterized by a convenient and simple interface, as well as the ability to support several wallets to manage cryptocurrency. For each wallet, a separate set of passwords and code phrases is used to access and create backup copies.

BitWallet allows you to install a copy of any “wallet” on any device, using the same password for all devices. For example, a copy of the mobile wallet can be installed from iTunes to another device running on the iOS operating system, Android-smartphone or personal computer.
Thanks to this implementation, the service has many advantages, but its main disadvantage is the lack of web access to coins.

Open source Airbitz

Airbitz is one the best bitcoin wallet app. Its interface is similar to BreadWallet one, also it has a whole set of auxiliary functionality for the beginner.

It should be noted immediately that the process of installing the selected application and creating a mobile version of wallet does not usually take a lot of time. So for its creation in Breadwallet it is enough to download and run this application. Then click on the “new wallet” button that appears on the display and wait for the message containing a list of words or phrases necessary in the situation of absence or loss of access to restore the entrance.

It is recommended that you rewrite the words or phrases to a sheet of paper. It cannot be lost. This will automatically mean the final loss of the ability to manage your own funds.
The next step is to set up a PIN code that opens an access to the account. In a number of iOS-versions there is a function of switching to the mode of access by a fingerprint. After completing these simple steps, the application is ready for use


We should not forget that the mobile version, no matter how modern it is, remains one of the least protected. The gadget can be stolen, damaged or lost. Therefore, it is recommended to use the so-called “cold” wallet and way of storing crypto-resources.

Such cryptocurrency wallets iOS are used to store (for example, on a PC) private keys in an offline system, which makes them virtually invulnerable. This option is optimal for placing significant funds. The mobile version of wallet is great for storing relatively small amounts. Then even the loss of a mobile phone will not create a threat to existing bitcoins.