Best Bitcoin Miners: the most effective tools for cryptocurrency mining

Best Bitcoin Miners: the most effective tools for cryptocurrency mining
  • The definition of a miner
  • Top-10 mining facilities
  • USB-devices for mining
  • What the cloud-mining is

Why is bitcoin mining hardware highly demanded nowadays? The appearance of bitcoins was unexpected, but the most active users took the bull by the horns, began to move confidently in the right direction and mine cryptocurrency themselves. What do they use in their work? Of course special facility is necessary. It is like an instrument in the miner’s hands.
Miner is a device with high power consumption. That is why the farming minings are settled in the separate buildings near cheap sources of electricity. This facility is working without stops during 24 hour a day and 365 days a year. Billions mathematical processes are analyzed to find the hash.
If someone has decided to engage in bitcoin mining at home, the computer should have a serious stuffing, in particular, a processor and a video card of the latest generation. But solo-mining isn’t actual and profitable nowadays. That’s why users unite their computers into so-called pools to share block rewards and get profit together.
So which miners are the best?

Top 10 bitcoin miners

AsicMiner lock Erupter Cube

AsicMiner is both manufacturer and user of the equipment. Bitcoin forums were the main money sources for the project. While producing the facility the AsicMiner-Allied Control mining technology is used. It means immersible cooling system. Boards are immersed in a 3M Novec fluid that boils at a relatively low temperature, which effectively absorbs heat. It was on the products of AsicMiner that many industrial bitcoins in China were built.


Avalon was the first company which created asic bitcoin miners. Two get-ready batch of miners were sold and the third one with advanced features according to the rumors was ready but this project failed. People made pre-orders and even spent hundreds of bitcoins but the idea failed. Soon Avalon refunded expenses and from that time began to get BTC individually. Nevertheless its machinery is still one of the best. Consumers can buy Avalon Clones constructed on Avalon’s Batch 1. They are supplied with PSU and 110nm processors. The miners are also supplied a web interface.

Bitburner Fury

The device is produced by CryptX, a company from Belgium. Bitburner Fury has got 16 ASIC chips Bitfury. They say that it is the best equipment that uses 55nm chips. It looks like a turret with a cooler on its side. It doesn’t have any power source on it, so its owners must install a 500W PS . Controlling operations are held with Raspberry Pi and cgminer. Bitburner Fury can work on the Linux platform because the commands are given by means of command line.

Bitmain AntMiner S1

This facility is produced in China. The home office is Beijing. As for the quality experts admit its high level. Their initial device item was named as The AntMiner S1. The item has got its separate BM1380 processor characterized with 12mm² 55nm and eight cores. Bitmain AntMiner has got 32 chips. The consumption is 80-200W for speed 180 GH/s. There is also Ethernet connection that’s why it does need an external PSU but the computer plugging in isn’t necessary for its work.

Bitmine Coincraft Desk

Bitmine is a company from Switzerland. It became famous due to the Avalon producing but soon the firm presented its own device named Coincraft with 28nm chip and low energy consumption. Clients can buy a special box Coincraft Desk where they will insert 10 cards with 200 GH/s. The item looks very compact and may be placed on the table. The system is run by Raspberry Pi but in this case it couldn’t be the fastest bitcoin miner. Only after installing the 3kW PS over-lock to 2.8TH/s is possible. To crown it all home circuits will be not enough to deliver 3kW.

BlackArrow Prospero

It is another team from China that not so much time ago started creating its own chips. The announced 20nm chip is not yet introduced into production so the company has devices with Bitfury chips. Buyers are offered an installation costing $ 800 with 16 Bitfury chips on board, with a total capacity of 36-40 GH / S.The firm also produces the Prospero X1, which is supplied with its personal processor, PSU and Ethernet. It doesn’t need any additional settings because it has got its ready web interface and consumes not much power.

ButterFly Labs Miner

The organization is famous the best bitcoin miner hardware manufacturer. It produces desktop equipment. The first model has got a capacity of 10 GH / s while the other offers 25 GH / s. Consumers are looking forward to release of Monarch. This device will have chip 28nm (300 GH / s and 600 GH / s), connect to the video card slot of the personal computer. But there are some doubts as for the enough power capabilities of the PC and cooling. From the legal view the activity of ButterFly Labs Miner is dubious in the USA because there are some legal actions from its clients.

CoinTerra TerraMiner

CoinTerra is specialized on the chip development. The company introduced the new product only on November 9, and by December 28 the assembly of devices in Dresden was completed and they were sent for packaging to Taiwan. Customers are always up to date and thanks to this the company has earned a good reputation, although not a single device has been delivered yet.. ASIC is named Goldstrike I and has 120 hash blocks, the capacity of each chip is 500 GH / s at the output.

Hashfast Sierra

Hashfast is a dynamic developing firm. Is has a professional team and uses advanced technologies in its work. The company very quickly developed and presented their first chip. The facility has got a company's own development on board - a 28nm processor "Golden Nonce". In fact the characteristics are amazing- 400 GH / s on ASIC, with overlock up to 500 GH / s. Power consumption is rather low and equals just 0.67 watts per GH / s. The choice of Babyjet stands (400 GH / s) and Sierra (1,2 TH / s)

KnCMiner Neptune

Andreas Kennemar (Sweden) and Sam Cole (UK) were developing algorithmic training chips but they recently united with ORSoC and joined the development of chips for BTC-miners. Their apparatus is built on a processor, which Marcus Erlandsson invented. He is on of the founders and head of ORSoC. Their first device - Jupiter is out of sales, and now they offer only Neptune. Neptune will be the first item with a 20nm processor and a total hash rate of 3 TH / s. KnCMiner is one of the most reliable in the ICO market.

We have observed the most popular and powerful miners but there are also smaller and cheaper ones which can be used at home or in the office. Bitcoin usb miner is on of them. It will help to study the process but frankly speaking with the help of this facility nobody generates any significant profits. As for the models users can have:

  • Sapphire Miner 330 MH/s
  • GekkoScience 8 GH/s
  • Avalon Nano 3 3.6 GH/s
  • Bitmain Antrouter 5.5 GH/s
  • 21 Computer 90 GH/s

All of them are small, convenient and easy to use. There is another type of miner which is called bitcoin cloud miner. It allows going without any personal machinery. The facility, as well as power source, cooling and so on, will be given by the specialized company. Its clients pay for rent or a certain commission percent so investments are necessary, but all in all he operators have to cover their costs. Users of cloud mining also unite into groups which are called “pools”.