Best bitcoin miner rig: successful mining non-stop or a passing fancy?

Best bitcoin miner rig: successful mining non-stop or a passing fancy?

Mining bitcoins in our time is on everyone's lips. If some people are only interested in cryptocurrency, the most active and result-oriented users are mining Satoshi and collecting their first bitcoin. Faucets and compact USB miners do not require significant capital investment while the professional mining is impossible without more serious equipment.

In the practice of cryptocurrency mining the so-called rigs are used. According to the definition, rig is a special construction which contains chips and other facilities for mining, namely:

  • frame case or an open air stand
  • power supply
  • a motherboard with a large number of slots
  • some video cards
  • cooling system

The biggest part of the cost is the video card. Today they are one of the best selling products in the world. Shops even do not have time to put the goods on the shelves!

Online retailers offer a wide range of mining rigs. Some models remind computer system blocks. Others have the appearance of strong and stable aluminum frames for installing a large number of high-end equipment, in particular, superfast graphics cards. In addition to the purchase of frame cases and its stuff, you will have to pay significant electricity bills and look for suitable rooms, for example, the technical floor of an office or apartment building. The electrical wiring there should be in perfect condition, as well as sufficient ventilation, desired temperature and humidity.

Ready and hand-made rigs

Manufacturers offer various modifications of rigs. One of the best-sellers in the market is Zcash Mining Rig Gaming 3.6GHz ETH BTC ZEC. The models of this brand have got open air form factors. Rigs are supplied with several GTX (1070,1080 or 1080Ti), graphic cards from 2 to 4 items on each one. These machines are only for bitcoin mining! If you want light coin or any other cryptocurrency mining, then you need special machinery for this type of cryptocurrency.

Ready-made rig can be connected and used immediately, but if you want to make the installation yourself, it will take time and technical problems with setting up. Successful mining also takes time and need your constant monitoring of the situation. Building a rig is not a cheap thing as well as its setting. There are many hot-headed users who took a credit in the bank, tried to construct a farm themselves and after that didn’t continue their start-up project!