Aragon - opportunities for crowdfunding, fundraising and venture capital investment.

Aragon - opportunities for crowdfunding, fundraising and venture capital investment.

I would like to discuss the staggering possibilities of the Aragon platform for crowdfunding, venture investment, and fundraising today. Recall that the Aragon platform allows you to create virtual DAO or DAC - decentralized autonomous organizations or corporations

We have already examined in detail the activities of commercial decentralized autonomous structures. Today we look at activities for the non-profit sector, as well as the venture capital investment sector.

The legal status of DAO or DAC allows these structures to work in the online sphere on a decentralized basis. Those. This is a classic virtual organization that operates exclusively in the virtual space, in a similar format with offshore.

There are, of course, some issues with the legal status of such organizations, but the virtual sphere and blockchains allow this activity to be carried out outside any jurisdiction, states and governments. Independently, on a decentralized basis, but in an Aragon environment. Blockchain basis and cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, created using the Aragon DAO or DAC platform, they can be actively used for various forms of raising funds, namely:

  • crowdfunding;
  • venture investment;
  • fundraising.

It is worth noting that the activities of DAO or DAC in Aragon are ideally suited to achieve the above goals, as any form of attracting cryptocurrency funds or making cryptocurrency money transfers is not taxed, does not require any permits and admissions. Why? Because it is carried out outside the jurisdiction of any state, government.

Directly, in our particular case, a small percentage of the commission is deducted from all cryptocurrency payments made by the DAO or DAC in Aragon. This commission is directed to the development and maintenance of the Aragon platform. Aragon has a modular architecture and therefore has the ability to achieve the above objectives DAO or DAC. It is enough to connect the module you need to the basic version of the DAO or DAC platform in Aragon. An arbitration court (arbitration) has been established to resolve disputes arising from DAO or DAC in Aragon.

All this you could already read in our other materials or third-party sources.

Let's now look at all the activities of DAO or DAC in Aragon for crowdfunding, venture investment and fundraising.


So, let's discuss crowdfunding. Everyone has repeatedly, one way or another, heard about the Kickstarter platform, where they are collecting funds for various commercial and, primarily, non-commercial purposes. The ideas of the emergence and development of the DAO or DAC were also launched in a crowpfund cryptocurrency platform. By the way, this project quite successfully raised about 150 million dollars in the USA. But due to the fact that it was carried out in 2016, and the code of these decentralized structures was vulnerable, security problems and the risk of theft of cryptocurrency funds appeared. Fears, however, were not unfounded. At the moment, the Aragon platform has solved all security issues and is able to implement an appropriate level of reliability for the DAO or DAC created with its help.

Therefore, if you have great ideas that would like to attract funding in the form of crowdfunding, feel free to create your DAO or DAC in the Aragon platform, start advertising, promotion, create your own projects, blogs.

With the help of decentralized autonomous organizations, you will be able to implement a large cryptocurrency crowdfunding, which is confirmed by the rich experience of other structures that have already implemented these projects.


Fundraising is the attraction of charitable cryptocurrency funding for non-commercial purposes. With the help of DAO or DAC in Aragon, you can organize and provide a full collection of charitable cryptocurrency funds without paying extra taxes, fees and quibbles. For example, you want to make a fundraiser, which should improve or change for the better anything in our life with you.

Fundraising allows the council to carry out cryptocurrency charitable funds for any socially significant purposes, including on the goals of treatment, training, and so on. Fundraising including modern ICO.

The principles of fundraising are well known: the presence of a clear description of a non-commercial project, the required budget, an understanding of the interest of the target group in donating funds. The target group should be directly interested in the implementation of this project. It is necessary to promote the fundraising project - the implementation of mailings, the availability of the site, as well as created by the DAO or DAC in Aragon.

With the help of this resource, you will be able to organize the receipt of any cryptocurrency on Ethereum, their conversion, direction and distribution to the goals envisaged by the project.

Venture cryptocurrency investments

Why don't you create an interesting cryptocurrency blockchain startup? Practically in any sphere, even in offline.

With the help of the DAO or DAC creation mechanism in Aragon, you will get an excellent mechanism for finding and attracting cryptocurrency investments. Also, the presence of a DAO or DAC created in Aragon will raise, in the eyes of potential venture investors, the authority of your startup. Of course, to achieve good results in attracting venture capital investments, it will be necessary to prepare a good, large and thoughtful startup project. The most important question for finding a cryptocurrency venture investor, this project must be well promoted and popularized. Venture cryptocurrency investors will be able to join and receive a share in corporate rights of DAO or DAC in Aragon, along with you, i.e. become co-owners of your organization, company or corporation. Other conditions for a cryptocurrency venture capital investor may be provided.

For any cryptocurrency venture capital investor, the most important condition will be reliability and guarantees of recoupment, cryptocurrency investments made by it in your project.

We do not want and will not limit you exclusively to these ideas of using DAO or DAC in Aragon. Do it, dare, dream and, most importantly, embody your designs with the help of DAO or DAC in Aragon. Aragon provides almost unlimited opportunities for the non-commercial and commercial cryptocurrencies blockchain sector.