Aragon - new opportunities for virtual business with very real cryptocurrencies.

Aragon - new opportunities for virtual business with very real cryptocurrencies.

Comparatively recently, everyone learned about the possibilities of doing digital business with the help of the created DAO or DAC in Aragon.

Platform Aragon began its activities in 2016 and successfully embodied the idea of creating decentralized autonomous organizations or corporations in truly ideal conditions for the freedom of commercial, non-commercial activities. In their essence and content, DAO or DAC in Aragon are virtual offshore.

The idea is excellent, because the blockchain has enormous possibilities and there are already many businesses that are already successfully operating in the online format. In addition to existing businesses, there are a lot of people and teams that are interested and want to realize their commercial or non-commercial ideas through the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Because the activity is carried out outside any jurisdiction, it is difficult to place DAO or DAC under control of anyone, incl. governments, etc. Accordingly, there are practically no opportunities for raiding.

The Aragon platform provides, for doing business with the help of DAO or DAC, a whole package and a range of services, products that will allow you to fully organize and conduct business in the virtual space using blockchain and cryptocurrency.

According to the main idea of the Aragon product in the virtual online sphere, only virtual digital companies should operate.

The Aragon platform will allow you to perform the following functions:

  • create a DAO or DAC;
  • carry out cryptocurrency transactions using a special wallet;
  • to attract cryptocurrency funds: crowdfunding fundraising and venture investments;
  • to own and dispose of corporate rights in the DAO or DAC;
  • administrative organization and support of the DAO or DAC activities, namely: record keeping, reporting, making cryptocurrency payments and ensuring the activities of the organization as a whole.

The Aragon platform is not intended to receive any taxes and fees, with each cryptocurrency transaction is retained a small percentage of the commission, which is directed to the development and future activities, the maintenance of the Aragon platform.

We provide a far from exhaustive list of activities where DAO or DAC can and should be used:

  • Consulting in the field of jurisprudence, accounting and auditing.
  • Software development companies and so on.
  • Online Games.
  • Mobile application developers, gambling sector.
  • Gambling, online casino, poker and so on.
  • Bookmakers betting.
  • Acceptance of payments on any sites that carry out online sales.
  • Any directions of freelancing.
  • Offline business, where there is an opportunity and it is advisable to organize a cryptocurrency turnover.
  • Services in advertising, marketing and PR.
  • Distance learning.
  • Consulting business.
  • Venture cryptocurrency investment, fundraising crowdfunding.
  • Services for cryptocurrency payments and online conversion.
  • Any field of online services, where there is expediency, the possibility of using DAO or DAC in Aragon.
  • Cryptocurrency credit online institutions.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange services.
  • Purchase and sale of corporate rights using cryptocurrency, incl. in DAO or DAC in Aragon.
  • Cryptocurrency pawnshops. vPurchase and sale of any goods and services.
  • The introduction of solutions for the calculations in cryptocurrency, in online stores and so on.

This is far from an exhaustive list of topics, for created in Aragon DAO or DAC. The opportunities offered by Aragon are simply incomprehensible, as is the business itself.