Aragon - create a real business in the virtual space. The first virtual offshore.

Aragon - create a real business in the virtual space. The first virtual offshore.

More recently, we wrote about a promising and interesting, existing, platform Aragon. Recall that this project proposed a solutions for the creation and management of a DAO or DAC — decentralized autonomous organizations or corporations. In other words, digital virtual commercial companies or organizations that can carry out various kinds of activities and bring you quite real cryptocurrency.


So, consider the possibilities and options for DAO or DAC for commercial use. It is very easy to create a DAO or DAC in Aragon, namely, you need to download and install the app Aragon platform, which, after the installation procedure, will offer to create a DAO or DAC, i.e. enter the name and immediately get the opportunity to do business with your first DAO or DAC company. You will be able to carry out virtually any commercial activity in the digital virtual sphere, get a whole package of online solutions, a complex for performing cryptocurrency transactions, where the owner or owners of the wallet, i.e. DAO or DAC companies will be able to make transfers and receive payment in cryptocurrency from commercial activities, enter into transactions. In addition, the DAO or DAC structures allow to combine various platform participants into a vertical structure, i.e. unite your employees who will work in DAO or DAC. A good function that allows to unite entire teams into a single to carry out work and achieve commercial goals in the virtual space.


The management system established by DAO or DAC in Aragon allows you to organize accounting, to make reports, cryptocurrency payments (receiving or transferring), paying commissions, as well as paying wages and taxes, both for real business and for digital companies. The only thing is that everything is carried out on the basis of blockchain technologies, in cryptocurrencies.


Equally, DAO or DAC created in Aragon can be anywhere registered onshore or offshore companies, and can also be fully operational in the digital virtual sphere of the Internet. There are no restrictions on this.


It is worth starting with the definition of DAO or DAC - a decentralized autonomous organization, another concept of the same meaning - a decentralized autonomous corporation. As Wikipedia defines, it is a private or collective organization that operates in a digital coded program, complies with its established rules, and is controlled by shareholders and other owners. Because DAO or DAC, carry out activities entirely in the virtual space, on the Internet, central governments can not control, regulate, intervene and influence their activities. In other words, it is a virtual commercial (including non-commercial) organization or corporation that operates exclusively on the Internet, in the blockchain. All financial transactions occur in the same place, in the form of cryptocurrency transactions.


Everything operates in a specific environment, in our case it is Aragon, which organizes and provides all the processes of such structures from their creation to the implementation of transfers and acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.


Now anyone, as well as teams, can create and manage their own DAO or DAC in Aragon, through the blockchain capabilities and the Internet. You can quite effectively run an online business, attract and provide venture investment, conduct crowdfunding and fundraising, etc. The Aragon platform was created and operates on the conditions of absolute freedom. Registering a DAO or DAC in it will not require special efforts from the founder, payment for registration, as well as to maintain this structure.


All DAO or DAC activities in and outside the Aragon platform are based on trust in this service, as well as on the individuals and teams of the decentralized organizations or corporations themselves. To resolve disputes and conflicts in the Aragon platform, a relevant arbitration court (arbitration) has been established and is in effect.


Aragon operates on the basis of Ethereum, and also introduced its smart contracts that allow you to carry out DAO or DAC transactions at low commission rates, as well as with high security standards of transactions. Everything happens quickly and safely for all parties to transactions with DAO or DAC in Aragon.


As already mentioned earlier, the Aragon capabilities allow you to connect and use the platform for a real business, including for the purposes of buying and selling goods, carrying out work or providing services outside the Internet. The Aragon platform will help to organize all these processes, since the work of the platform is built on a modular basis. You will need to connect the appropriate module Aragon. All Aragon modules necessary for carrying out commercial activities are located in the corresponding sections of the GitHub cloud storage.


It is worth noting that the Aragon platform, for the implementation of any activities of the DAO or DAC, does not require state registration or the presence of any licenses, permits, fees, etc. In general, the concept of obtaining any permits in Aragon, as such, is absent altogether. There is a requirement to pay a small percentage of the commission, when performing cryptocurrency transactions, directly to the Aragon service. Funds from the payment of the commission are sent to support the activities of the Aragon platform, the development of this environment.


In essence and the content of DAO or DAC in Aragon, they become one of the first virtual offshore companies.


Despite the fact that the legal status of the DAO or DAC has not yet been fully established, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is considered an offer of securities from such structures illegal. Strange. What the commission is talking about is not clear. DAO or DAC, as a rule, do not offer securities, except for this, such a function is not supposed to be there at all. DAO or DAC have no relation to the United States or any other country, because All activities and cryptocurrency transactions are carried out outside the jurisdiction of any countries. Everything is virtual. Also, we note that it is impossible to deprive of property or fraud corporate rights in a DAO or DAC, the options of corporate raiders are practically excluded.



Consider specific areas of use for DAO or DAC that can operate on the basis of Aragon.


1. Creating software development company. Software developers. Activity individually or in a group. DAO or DAC can offer the development of software, applications for various blockchain or mobile resources, gadgets.

It is such a company that will be able to accept payments in almost any cryptocurrency on Ethereum, enter into transactions with customers on formal terms, convert cryptocurrency values, exchange cryptocurrencies. This is a great option for commercial activities.

In addition, such companies can actively participate in the development of gambling tools, i.e. gaming sector on the Internet and offline.

Also, opportunities exist in other areas of the IT sector, for example, for the development of websites, etc.


2. Creation and operation of an online store using and receiving cryptocurrencies. You can organize recive payments in cryptocurrency. The only thing in the online store is better to sell any digital products or services. The creation of such an online store for trade in goods or products in the real sector of the economy, i.e. in offline.


3. You can carry out private practice related to the provision of services in the online format. For example, advice and legal assistance, audit. Do not forget about freelancing services, for example, in copywriting, writing texts, etc. For a long time, many consultants and other freelancers have organized the provision of services and receiving payments online. Aragon allows you to effectively organize these processes, to ensure and improve the reliability of service delivery. In addition, in our opinion, the creation of DAO or DAC, such experts, enhances the reputation and expertise. Customer confidence in such an offer from a DAO or DAC is always better than an offer from an unknown person X.


4. Creation of virtual educational companies, even universities and colleges. DAO or DAC can be used to organize, promote and conduct various online courses, programs, trainings and webinars. With the help of DAO or DAC it will be possible to organize the reception of cryptocurrency payments for services rendered in education. This is one of the most popular destinations, which has a great demand and demand. New knowledge and skills are always needed. For them, people are willing to pay cryptocurrency.


5. It is interesting to create and organize gambling. Online casino bookmakers, poker clubs and so on. Why not? Licenses and permits for DAO or DAC in Aragon are not needed, the main thing is to fully carry out the work online and use cryptocurrency to make payments.


6. Use of DAO or DAC in Aragon for the real sector of the economy, in offline mode. Yes, there are issues with legal recognition in this direction, but if we debate on this issue, in our opinion, it is possible to accept and make cryptocurrency payments, to conduct business, including offline. The only caveat if in a particular state there is no government regulation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.


7. Provision of services in the field of advertising, promotion and PR, on the Internet. This activity is in many ways similar to the provision of consulting and other services, but we are confident that this may become a separate, large and large-scale area.

As a conclusion, we ask you not to be limited to these lists of business ideas. Come up, start, dare. The Aragon platform allows you to implement any ideas related to the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general.