Ankr Network ICO review

Ankr Network ICO review

Project resume

Positive sides

Negative sides

Good hype rating

No plans of development after prototype release

Existing GitHub repository

No finance and marketing participants in team


No business and finance plan published


Unclear purpose of ICO with existing partnership with strategic funds


Strong competitors like MS Azure



Project has a good hype rating but unclear perspectives of development after prototype release; and there are existing strong competitors of it. So, it may have good short-term perspectives in case of lock-up of team tokens and lack of bounties and airdrop (there are no information in open sources about both of it).

How to participate in Ankr Network ICO

For participation you should register in Whitelist via OpenToken account.

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Dates of ICO

Number of tokens

ICO Profit



1000000000 GNT




331,36 million SNM




86,999,784 RLC




Ankr Network ICO is a project of performing distributed calculations on a trusted hardware. Based on Intel SGX mechanisms (which can permit an execution of software into hardware enclave) and Proof of Useful Work (despite of Proof of Work used in existing blockchain solutions).


According to founders’ opinion, Ankr Network solves these issues of existing blockchain products:

  • The inefficiency of resource usage (energy and computer power wasting).
  • Data Insufficiency - lack of trusted data feed services.
  • Low scalability.
  • Inequity in resource distribution.
  • Lack of private information confidentiality.

Ankr Network solves these issues (according its founders’ opinion) with these key innovations and improvements:

  • Novel incentive scheme.
  • Distributed computer power composed of serverless computer units.
  • Reliable oracle services – for connecting to existing businesses.
  • Security and Confidentiality guaranteed by trusted hardware and cryptographic primitives.
  • Speed and Scalability – because of tree-based Plasma protocol usage.



Unlike Bitcoin, Ankr Network will reward every user for contributing his/her computing resources, and user which forms a block will receive extra reward – like it is in existing mining systems.

Ankr Network has an account on GitHub with last post in April 2018.

Ankr Roadmap

According the roadmap, prototype release was planned on July 2018, but there were no information about it.

ICO will be performed in August 2018 and testnet will be launched in September 2018. There are no milestones showed after this period – so the final release date is unknown.

Business Plan

From business and finance section, founders present only token allocation plan. 35% of tokens will be sold during pre-sale (finished) and public sale which will be performed in August 2018. Team and advisors will receive 20% and 40% will be used on mining reward and community support. There is no information about team tokens’ lock-up.

During the pre-sale there were USD 14.5 million raised; during the ICO founders plan to receive USD 3.3. million.

According the information presented on website, there are many funds working together with Ankr Network team – but there are no proofs of it, and there looks very strange – why Ankr Network’s team is planning ICO when it has venture funds as source of investments.

Marketing Strategy

WP and website have no information about Ankr Network’s marketing strategy. But Ankr Network has 55K followers of its Telegram channel, so it shows good hype rating despite of lack of airdrop and bounty information.

Project has no threads on Bitcointalk yet.

Understanding the Target Audience

Ankr Network’s WP and website contains no information about its target audience.

Competitive Advantage

Main competitors of the service are these:

  • Microsoft Azure, AWS – from traditional segment
  • Golem, iExec, Sonm – from blockchain segment

There are no MVP, so we can’t make a conclusion about project’s real advantages over main competitors – but there will be very hard to overrun giants like MS Azure.



Team consists from managers, technical and scientific specialists and blockchain coders. There are no finance, investment and management positions.

There are no financial or ICO advisor in team.

Additional Commentaries

Let’s see on this product through the prism of formalized rating







0 – unknown team

1 – known team without successful ICOs

2 – famous team with successful projects portfolio

3 – famous team with succesful ICOs



Team is completely unknown on ICO market


1 – social networks

2 – game development

3 – mobile applications development

4 – fintech (including new altcoins development

5 – new blockchain applications




Stage of Development

0 – idea only

1 – idea + examples

2 - MVP

3 – alfa version

4 – upgrade of existing entity



No prototype was shown despite of July 2018 finished

Social Network activities

1 for each social network



5K of 55K Telegram followers


Total Benchmark: 10.1

Maximum Benchmark: 16,3 


Total Benchmark is approximately equal 2/3 of Maximum Benchmark, so our position is neutral/positive.



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