A brewery as an ICO investment idea

A brewery as an ICO investment idea

ICO investment in the project of the craft brewery “Satoshi Brewery” starts on December,12

ICO investment funds will be needed to build the brewery Satoshi Brewery.Russian businessmen intend to attract funds for the implementation of the new project in the cryptocurrency.

Russian brewers plan to open the most modern enterprise in the country for the production of a beer. The brewery project called Satoshi Brewery will be presented to the public on December 12, 2017 in one of the Moscow pubs – HopHead Craft Beer Pub.

The founder of the project, Andrei Leshchenko, said that the company will produce crafted beer – a drink made in limited quantities and using ingredients unusual for traditional beer (spices, fruits, sugar and even vegetables).

However, the main feature of the project is that in order to implement it, money will be collected in the cryptocurrency, which is actually reflected in the name – “Satoshi”. Satoshi is a cryptomonet worth one hundred millionth bitcoin. In Russia entrepreneurs have never used digital money to start a business.

According to Leshchenko, the construction of the brewery will require an amount equivalent at least to $ 7.2 million: they are planned to be attracted through the ICO investment, which will be launched at the presentation. The company will use the most modern equipment of the world’s leading manufacturer of craft beer – the company ZIP Technologies.Organizers expect that in a year and a half their brewery will produce 8.5 million liters of beer per year, and profits will be over 13 million dollars. Investors are promised substantial advantages: in addition to receiving dividends, they are promised, if necessary, to redeem tokens at a cost of 2 times the prices of their placement.