7 best ICO investment ideas in 2018

7 best ICO investment ideas in 2018


To understand which cryptocurrency projects are worthy of attention ICObuffer analysed best ICO investment ideas in 2018 according to such large and reputable investors as Boost VC, Compound VC and Pantera Capital. As you know, the growing popularity of the сryptocurrency helped to attract not only large amounts of capital, but also scammers.

So in this article, you will learn about the main trend ICO projects:

  • Quantstamp - “Smart contracts security protocol”
  • Bloom - "Welcome all-inclusive lending"
  • Fold - "Ethereum privacy level"
  • NuCypher - "Redesigning Access Modules in Distributed Systems"
  • Stream - "Streaming decentralization"
  • Origin - "Economics of joint use without intermediaries"
  • Orchid - "Internet for users"

Quantstamp - “Smart contracts security protocol”

Investors repeatedly had to lose their currency because of smart contracts errors. Obviously, the area requires qualitative changes and the new Quantstamp token, that provides a mechanism for smart contracts automated audits.
Quantstamp develops mechanism of smart contracts checking (its amount is measured in millions) by transferring the function to supervisors, using their own token for a reward for the bugs found.
Quantstamp tokens sale started in November, 2017 and will be continued until December 16, unless the 30 million dollars amount is collected earlier. So, we definitely can regard Quantstamp as one of the best ICO investment.

Bloom - "Welcome all-inclusive lending"

It has become clear that centralized storage of personal data is not the best idea. An example of Equifax is particularly illustrative.
Bloom decided to protect people from such leakages in future by developing special decentralized credit rating system.
Bloom tokens public sale will be finished on December 30, or even earlier if $ 50 million sum is collected. Check this one to consider as the best ICO investment project.

Fold - "Ethereum privacy level"

Initially, Fold was developing a solution for a confidential information safe storage, in particular gift cards data.
Fold wants to raise 20 million dollars by ICO. The token sale will be held for two weeks in January. We definitely want you to pay attention to this best ICO investment idea.

NuCypher - "Redesigning Access Modules in Distributed Systems"

The NuCypher token sale will start at the beginning of 2018.
The team has already put on the market a tool for reencrypting the keys, through which the user can encrypt the keys and transfer them to other users without the need for decryption.
In the smart contracts sphere it will be possible to use the dataset until the user meets certain criteria.
The decentralized network will include a lot of engaged in encryption nodes.

Stream - "Streaming decentralization"

According to the rating agency Morningstar content creators often express dissatisfaction with the mechanism for YouTube monetization.
Stream intends to completely rework the system of encouraging content creators by fully decentralizing the process with the help of a blockchain.
Stream allows users who post their content on social media resources to earn money with the help of advertising, receive direct translations from their minds. Steam is doing to develop an extension for Chrome, through which content authors will also be able to make earnings.
Tentatively, Stream token sale will start in January. This project has strong position in our best ICO investment list.

Origin - "Economics of joint use"

The modern economy of common use is built around marketplaces, the organizers of which want to receive interest for intermediary services.
Origin team intend to remove this sphere from intermediaries by decentralizing the economy of common use with the help of a peer-to-peer network based on the Ethereum blocking system, which will link users directly.
The creators suppose similar structures to be built by the users.
At the moment, Origin wants to create a vertical of professional services, for example, designers or programmers.
As the team finishes working on the main product the Origin token sale will be started.

Orchid - "Internet for users"

Make Internet free from censorship – that’s what Orchid team wants to create. The developers believe that their solution in terms of reliability will surpass the Tor, as people will earn money providing unused resources of their throughput channels.
By motivating users for it the Orchid team expects to attract a really big amount of nodes that monitoring them will make no sense.
Orchid has already attracted $ 4.7 million of venture financing.
Investors face increasingly the risk of losing investments because of unscrupulous organizers whose main goal is their own enrichment, rather than developing a product that will solve real-world problems. We hope we helped you with orientation in smart and successful best ICO investment upcoming trends.